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Struggling with anxiety, depression, or addiction?  You’re not alone.  Overcomers Counseling is here to help.  We have a team of qualified and experienced counselors and nurse practitioners dedicated to your well-being.  We want you to be able to live the life you want – free from the chains of anxiety, depression, and addiction. With our help, we believe you can overcome these challenges and find lasting happiness.  

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Medication Mgmt

Select one of our Nurse Practitioners to book a Medication Management appointment! 

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Caitlin (Catie) deWit, MSN, PMHNP-BC

Bettering the human condition with a nonjudgemental and holistic model of care.

, Colorado

(719) 345-2424

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Kelly Bergstedt, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC

The first step is the most difficult.

, Colorado

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David Geldert MSN, PMHNP-BC

I want you to feel heard and supported.

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Thank you for allowing us to provide you support and comfort on your journey!

google reviews I really loved how fast I was helped by this company, but nothing compares to how helpful Felicia Gray was for me. She gave me so many coping mechanisms until we found something that worked. She stayed so positive throughout my sessions and reminded me to think of myself. I tend to rant a lot and she learned quickly when to redirect me and when to let me go at it. I am so thankful to have had her for the time that I did.
google reviews I went to see Seth Gibson for counseling and I think he is amazing. I got an appointment fast and they also take my insurance. I honestly can’t wait to go back next week again. Exactly what I need to help me walk through this crazy life with support and guidance.
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I came to Overcomers Counseling in search of a new Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner as my current doc was closing his private practice. It was an intimidating process to find someone new! There are so many people out there - who to choose? Well, Overcomers Counseling is wonderful, and I highly recommend them. I chose to see KELLY BERGSTEDT for my med management and I couldn't be happier with her. She is professional, kind, compassionate, and really knows her stuff! I felt that she was interested in me and what I had to say and that she wanted to help me and be a part of my journey to wellness. If you are looking for mental health help of any kind, you really ought to check out Overcomers Counseling. You just might find what you've been looking for. :)

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It was a great experience, I was a little scared to start with it being my first time. I was immediately made to feel comfortable.

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I have struggled with my mental health since I was 12 years old. My codependency has led me into several abusive relationships that compounded more trauma onto what I already had. I came across Overcomers when I was looking for online therapy. After only one session with my therapist at Overcomers and was able to release a trauma that I had been holding onto for almost 20 years. Being able to be matched to a therapist who specializes in your specific needs is a game changer. My story is a long one and telling it over and over in order to find the perfect therapist is daunting. In one week, I feel a million times better. I am looking forward to seeing improvements in the future.

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The nurse practitioner I worked with was super nice and very helpful! Amazing patience with me! Looking forward to follow up appointment!

Common Requested Specialties

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Marta Schmuki, LPC

You are not alone.

Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Barbra Styles, LPC, LAC

There is victory on the other side...

Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Shannon Matlock, LPC, NCC

Imperfections are not inadequacies...

Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Heather Comensky, LPC

Therapy is about you and your goals.

Aurora, Colorado
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Lauren Day, SWC

Empowering my clients to heal, grow ...

Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Naomi Kettner, LPCC, NCC

Therapy is about having a good "fit"...

Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Erin Henrich, CSWC

Helping you obtain the healthy skills...

Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Andreea Felea, LPCC

I'm passionate about helping individuals feel validated...

Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Online or In-person counseling available!

Online counseling (by video) is available to support you through these challenging times. 
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Who is Overcomers Counseling?

Mental Health Professionals

Many of us are often faced with struggles and hardships and finding help can be difficult. However, at Overcomers Counseling, we are here to help you in your time of need. We are passionate about people and we believe that ANYONE can be an overcomer if they are willing to pursue after it. And the first step in your journey is to book an appointment with one of our caring and professional therapists. Don't let another day go by without getting the help you desire.

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Service Categories

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a joint process between a therapist and a person in therapy. Common goals of therapy can be to inspire change or improve quality of life.

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Relationship Therapy

Marriage, premarital or couples therapy is where the couple and the therapist address goals the couple would like to achieve.

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Group Therapy

A form of psychotherapy in which a group of clients meet to describe and discuss their problems together under the supervision of a therapist.

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Support Groups

Join our anonymous community and gain access to many support groups.

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Overcomers Counseling is a mental health care practice that supports individual and relationship counseling.  Take the first step to the new you today!

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