Affordable Counseling & Psychiatry Services

Have you been struggling with feelings of depression, low self-esteem or lack of motivation? If so, know that it's perfectly normal to experience these kinds of emotions—all too often manageable on our own.  That’s where affordable counseling & psychiatric services come into play!  Counseling and psychiatry/med. mgmt can provide tools across many different domains — from emotional regulation to cognitive restructuring — which may help reduce difficult feelings and gain new insight into dealing with uncomfortable emotions. 

$0 - 110/hr

Individual Counseling

Our self-pay rate is $110/session, however, our counselors are in-network with many insurances. Most insurances cover mental health services and depending on your plan, this could result in a $0 copay!

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Couples/Family Counseling

Our self-pay rate is $125/hr for couples/family counseling. Insurance will not cover non-medically necessary therapy, i.e. couples therapy for communication skills.

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$0 - 300


Our self-pay rate ranges from $100-$300/session, however, our providers are in-network with many insurances. Most insurances cover psychiatry services and depending on your plan, this could result in a $0 copay!

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Most Insurances Accepted

We gladly accept most major insurance plans, ensuring that we can provide the support and empowerment you need.

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Copay Questions

Most copays for counseling services have the same copay that you would have when visiting your PCP.  To verify coverage and the amount of your copay/coinsurance, please reach out to our support team!

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Insurance Coverage Questions

How do I know if I have mental health benefits?
Most insurance plans cover mental health, however, to know for sure, you can always reach out to your insurance company or contact our billing department directly.  We will verify your benefits before starting therapy or medication management. 
What is my deductible?
How many sessions per year does the client's plan cover?
Is approval from my PCP for mental health services required?

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Explore local counseling and psychiatry services to find the tailored support you require. Embark on a journey towards resilience and become an Overcomer with the right professional assistance by your side!

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