Overcomers Counseling is proud to serve and be a support to our clients.  Thank you!

Overcomers Counseling is awesome!...

Jessica Barber
google reviews Jessica Barber
  Overcomers Counseling is awesome! When you walk in, they have a nice, inviting, clean waiting room with coffee and tea options. Inside the therapy rooms are comfy couches and pretty murals. The therapists really want to help you and see you become the best you. They truly want you to be able to overcome whatever you are struggling with. I highly recommend Overcomers Counseling.  

I recommend Overcomers Counseling to everyone I can!

Shelby Kinley
google reviews Shelby Kinley
  I have been seeing Jenny for around 2 years now. She is so incredible. She has helped guide me through some of the hardest parts of my life. She is authentic, caring, genuine, understanding, and kind. I recommend Overcomers Counseling to everyone I can! I highly recommend them!!  

... truly have a mission to help others ...

Amber Villaire
google reviews Amber Villaire
  My 11-year-old son visits here and simply loves Jenny! The staff are caring and compassionate and always a pleasure to work with. They truly have a mission to help others and their positivity, caring, understanding and professionalism is truly a blessing. Mental health is crucial to well being and they are on point with the care and help they support. I highly recommend them to anyone or their families that need that extra help.  

...my wife and I could not be happier...

Jim Rosser
google reviews Jim Rosser
  Jennifer Luttman is an excellent therapist, my wife and I could not be happier with her and the progress we have seen.  

Kate is Excellent...

Derek Williams
google reviews Derek Williams
  Kate is excellent. She has a way of getting people to open up that normally wouldn’t and even when you get off track, she’ll bring you back in respectfully. Awesome.  

...Nothing but Amazing Experiences with Overcomers Counseling...

Daisy Vest
google reviews Daisy Vest
  I have had nothing but amazing experiences with overcomers counseling, making appointments are extremely easy to do, I feel absolutely relaxed and trusting with them, I've seen three different counselors and none of them made me feel as safe, warm and inviting. Mrs. Luttman is an amazing counselor, very trusting, kind, understanding, judgment-free, and just beyond helpful. This is honestly the only place I will ever recommend to people because they

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