Discover answers to commonly asked questions about therapy, psychiatry, insurance, and more!

Are all Overcomers' counselors licensed?

Are my therapy sessions confidential?

Can my child and I be seen by the same counselor but at different times?

Can you help me with a specific issue?

Do you have any Spanish speaking counselors?

Do you offer couples counseling?

Do you offer reintegration therapy?

Do you offer therapy over the phone or video?

Do you work with children?

How do I consent to have my child seen by a counselor or nurse practitioner?

How long is a typical therapy session?

How many sessions do I need with a counselor?

Is there a list of all the counselor specialties?

What if I need help filling out the Intake Packet?

What if I need to switch to a different counselor, can I do that?

What will the first session be like for me?

Are psychiatry services offered at Overcomers?

Does Overcomers offer in-person Medication Management services?

What are controlled substances?

How do I book a session with a counselor or NP?

Where are you located?

Which counselor is accepting new clients?

Will I be reminded about my appointments?

Do you accept primary and secondary insurances?

Does Overcomers accept victim's compensation?

Is a prior-authorization required for therapy or medication mgmt?

Is couples/marriage counseling covered by my insurance?

Is Overcomers Counseling in-network with Medicaid in the entire state of Colorado? 

My insurance says that my counselors is out-of-network?

What if Overcomers is out-of-network with my insurance?

What insurances do you accept?

What is my copay if I have Medicaid?

What is the self-pay or private pay fee for a therapy session?

What mental health services are covered by Medicaid?

What will my copay be?

How do I allow my camera and microphone access for Telehealth (virtual) sessions?

How do I join my Telehealth (virtual) session?

How do I troubleshooting my telehealth/virtual connection?

How do I access gain access to all my records?

How do I access the client portal?

How do I add a new credit/debit card to the client portal?

How do I cancel my appointment in the Client Portal?

How do I change to a self-pay client and not use my insurance?

How do I make a payment on the Client Portal?

How do I request a new session on the Client Portal?

How do I request a new session on the Client Portal?

How do I reset my password on the Client Portal?

How do I send my medical records to my provider?

How do I sign a document in the client portal?

How do I update my insurance information?

How to make a prescription refill request?

My Client Portal link expired, how do I request another one?

What is a prescription prior authorization?

When are my prescriptions sent to my pharmacy?

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