What is Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy? Does it Work?


Let's talk about EFT therapy at Overcomers Counseling in Colorado.

I'm passionate about helping couples learning how to strengthen their emotional bonds through emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT).

Emotionally focused therapy is a structured approach to couples therapy that addresses the emotional responses and attachment needs of partners.

Our amazing EFT therapists are dedicated to guiding couples through this evidence-based method, which has proven effective in creating secure attachments and improving relationship satisfaction.

Katie (Kate) Castillo, MS, LPCC

Katie (Kate) Castillo, MS, LPCC

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Margot Bean, LCSW

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Randal Thomas, SWC

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Emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT) can work wonders for couples experiencing various challenges.

For example, I recently spoke with a couple struggling with emotional disconnection.

Through EFT, they were able to identify their unmet attachment needs and restructure their interactions to foster a secure emotional bond.

Here are some common scenarios where EFT is beneficial.

  • Relationship distress - Partners feeling distant and disconnected
  • Marital distress - Frequent arguments and unresolved conflicts
  • Insecure attachment - One partner feeling insecure and unloved
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder - Trauma affecting relationship dynamics

Emotion Focused Therapy Process

The EFT process is designed to help couples move through three stages: de-escalation, restructuring interactions, and consolidation.

Each stage focuses on transforming negative interaction patterns into secure bonding interactions.

If a couple focuses on working with an eft therapist, they can achieve a deeper understanding of their emotional experiences and attachment needs.

  • De-escalation - Identifying and reducing negative interaction cycles
  • Restructuring interactions - Creating new, positive emotional responses
  • Consolidation - Strengthening the secure attachment bond

How to Get the Most Out of Couples Therapy

To get the most out of emotionally focused couples therapy, it's important to be open and honest about your emotional experiences and attachment needs.

Regular sessions with an eft therapist can help maintain progress and foster a secure connection.

Individual therapy can support personal growth and enhance the overall therapeutic process.

  • Open communication - Sharing feelings and needs with your partner
  • Consistent sessions - Attending regular couples therapy appointments
  • Individual therapy - Addressing personal mental health problems

Emotionally Focused Therapy Terms to Know

I tend to think that getting to know the key terms related to emotionally focused therapy can enhance your experience and outcomes.

These terms reflect the core principles of EFT and the dynamics of emotional attachment in relationships.

  • Attachment theory - Framework for understanding emotional bonds
  • Secure attachment - A stable and healthy emotional connection
  • Negative cycle - Repetitive, harmful interaction patterns
  • Emotional arousal - Intense emotions triggered in relationships
  • Positive cycles - Constructive interactions that build secure bonds

Frequently Asked Questions about EFT Couples Therapy

Who can benefit from EFT couples therapy?

EFT couples therapy is beneficial for couples experiencing relationship distress, marital issues, or emotional disconnection. It is suitable for partners looking to improve their emotional intelligence and create a more secure attachment.

What is the role of a licensed mental health professional in EFT couples therapy?

A licensed mental health professional guides couples through the EFT process, helping them navigate their emotional experiences and fostering positive change. The therapist facilitates understanding and connection between partners.

How does EFT differ from other forms of relationship therapy?

EFT focuses specifically on the emotional bonds and attachment needs in relationships. Unlike other therapies that might focus on behavioral changes alone, EFT addresses the deeper emotional experiences and underlying attachment issues.

Can EFT couples therapy be used alongside family therapy?

Yes, EFT couples therapy can complement family therapy by addressing the emotional dynamics within the couple relationship, which can have positive ripple effects on family members and overall family well-being.

What are the common outcomes of EFT couples therapy?

Couples who undergo EFT often experience improved emotional connection, reduced conflict, and a stronger secure attachment. The change process promotes healthier interactions and greater satisfaction in the relationship.

How does EFT couples therapy address negative emotions and interactions?

EFT helps couples identify and de-escalate negative emotions and interactions, replacing them with positive cycles of communication and support. This process fosters a deeper understanding and emotional responsiveness between partners.

Are there scientific foundations supporting EFT couples therapy?

Yes, EFT is supported by research in behavioral and brain sciences, showing its effectiveness in improving relationship satisfaction and emotional bonds. Studies highlight its impact on creating lasting positive changes in couples' relationships.

What should couples expect during an EFT session?

During an EFT session, couples can expect to explore their emotional experiences, attachment needs, and interaction patterns. The therapist will guide them through exercises and conversations aimed at fostering secure emotional bonds and resolving conflicts.

Can EFT help with long-standing relationship issues?

Yes, EFT is effective in addressing long-standing relationship issues by focusing on the underlying emotional and attachment needs. It helps partners break free from negative cycles and build a more secure and satisfying relationship.

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Emotionally focused couples therapy is an effective therapy for couples facing various relationship challenges.

If a couple continues working and focusing on emotional responses and attachment needs, the EFT can help those partners develop secure bonds and navigate negative patterns.

The eft therapists at Overcomers Counseling are committed to guiding couples through this transformative process to achieve lasting change and healthier relationships.

If you are experiencing relationship distress or marital issues, consider reaching out to Overcomers Counseling for support. 

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