How to Be More Honest With Your Partner

How to Be More Honest With Your Partner

The first step towards a successful relationship is honesty. 

The saying that honesty and trust are the foundation on which every healthy relationship depends is true. 

You may find it difficult to stop yourself from withholding information either intentionally or unintentionally from your partner; however, It is vital to learn ways to be more honest with your partner.

When you want to be honest with them, pick a convenient time and place to talk. It is crucial for you and your partner to be in the right mood when you want to discuss things you haven't told them before. 

Take note of your partner's emotions before starting the conversation with them.

Equally, you should understand that you need to be true to yourself first before being to your partner. 

Being honest with yourself allows you to recognize your true feelings and helps you communicate them better. It also encourages your partner to accept the real you.

Communicating your flaws is essential in your relationship because it will make you feel more comfortable with your partner.

It reduces the feelings of anxiety and stress you might feel around them. 

When they understand your triggers and flaws, they are more likely to avoid making hurtful statements.

Remember, deceit and lies ruins relationship fast, so to learn how to be more honest with your partner, consider this overview:

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Pick a Proper Place and Time 

When you want to have an honest discussion with your partner, it is vital to pick the right place and time. 

Timing is essential as it can determine your partner's response and reaction. 

Hence, if you want to be more honest with your partner, consider doing it at a proper place and time.

It is necessary to know if your partner is in a suitable condition to listen to your truth.

For instance, notice if they are grumpy, hungry, or tired from work to avoid being disappointed with their reaction. 

Take note of their body language as their discomfort or unavailability could enable them to act differently from how you expect.

Also, when you want to have an honest conversation with your partner, be cautious of their mood.

Avoid telling your truth in the middle of an argument because you are hurt. 

Doing this will hurt them significantly, and it might be difficult for them to forgive you. 

Ensure they are calm, relaxed, and happy before you proceed.

Gentle communication is key in every relationship, especially when you're about to tell them the truth. 

Think about how your words will affect your partner and restructure your words gently.

You can include jokes to lighten the mood and maintain eye and body contact.

Be Honest With Yourself 

Take some time to self-reflect on actions and decisions. It is easy to accept whatever treatment you get from your partner because you hate confrontations or love to please people. 

Thinking of what makes you truly happy and fulfilled allows you to recognize who you are in the relationship and be more honest with your partner.

It takes courage to be completely honest about your true self to your partner; however, you should know your partner can only love you for who you are when they know the real you. 

When you stop pretending to your partner, you become more comfortable, secure, and happy in the relationship.

Your partner can also trust you because they know the real you.

Also, to be honest with yourself, you should be sincere in your words and your actions. 

Retract your steps and correct them when you find yourself doing things differently from how you feel. 

Realize that your feelings are as important; thus, you should say no when you think so and yes when it only seems right to you.

Furthermore, avoid playing the blame game. 

When you disagree over something, it is more important to have a healthy conversation than to win the argument. 

Start your sentences with "I's" and own up to your feelings without blaming them.

React Honestly 

It is a fantastic feeling to be able to tell your partner how you truly feel about something they have done.

While pretending to your partner might feel more comfortable with you if you don't want to hurt them, be assured that they will hurt more when they realize you lied to them.

If you're going to be more honest with your partner, react honestly to them.

Sincerity doesn't mean you need to be harsh when responding to them. 

Be gentle and choose the right words and gestures because your response matters to them. 

Communicate with them softly about how you truly feel without being judgmental, harsh, or rude.

Also, there's no such thing as loving your partner too much, and expressing gratitude when you feel the need doesn't make you a lesser human being. 

Be honest when your partner does something you like and tell them about it.

Reacting honestly will allow your partner to be more open to you. 

When you respond truthfully without being judgmental, your partner will be able to share more with you because they know they will get the truth from you. 

Your partner will also respect your opinions more when you live an honest lifestyle.

Talk About Your Flaws 

Talking about your flaws is vital if you're trying to be more honest with your partner. 

The first thing to do is accept and recognize your flaws. 

Let your partner know whether it is a behavioral flaw such as jealousy, anger issues, or physical scars you have. 

No one is perfect, and you are not supposed to be.

Be patient with yourself when you decide to be more open to your partner. 

Honesty takes courage and lots of effort. 

Don't rush yourself into it; instead, be patient with yourself when trying to express yourself. 

Also, ask your partner for patience in return as you gather the right words.

Similarly, you should know that it's okay to be vulnerable with your partner. 

Be willing to express how you feel without fear of rejection. 

Vulnerability about your feelings and true self increases connection and intimacy with your partner. 

Avoid holding back and putting up a front around your partner.

Expect Positive Responses 

When you overthink being truthful with your partner, your mind can create scenarios where your partner rejects you. 

Take asides such thoughts and be open-minded about expressing yourself. 

When you want to be more honest with your partner, set yourself in a good mood and expect positive responses.

To sustain a happy relationship, both partners should be able to express themselves freely to each other. 

You must remember that while you are chasing your happiness by being honest, your partner also wants to be happy. 

Ask them if there are satisfied with the relationship and discuss ways you can be better.

Also, avoid being defensive and offensive. In fear of your parters reaction, you might be tempted to be defensive from the upfront.

Note that this is a wrong form of communication as it sets the mood off. 

You need to create an atmosphere for your partner to be emotionally connected to you when you communicate with them.

Furthermore, there are healthy expectations you can have in your relationship. 

For example, you can expect your partner to treat you with love, kindness, respect, and dignity. 

Therefore when communicating your feelings with them, treat them the same way you expect them to treat you.


Honesty with your partner enhances trust, encourages healthy communication, and builds a strong relationship; thus, it is essential to learn ways in which you can be more honest with your partner.

You can be more honest by picking a proper place and time, being honest with yourself, reacting honestly to them, talking about your flaws, and expecting a positive response.


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