Couples Counseling and Therapy – Counselors in Colorado

Couples Counseling and Therapy – Counselors in Colorado

Despite being one of the greatest sources of joy in our lives, romantic relationships are incredibly hard work. Often, it is those we love most who can become the source of our greatest disagreements, and left unaddressed, these disagreements can grow and fester over time to become one of the greatest sources of pain in our lives. 

Given the emotionally charged nature of romantic conflicts, couples often don't know how to effectively and respectfully address the constant demands of their relationship. These issues can become overwhelming, and sadly, many loving couples lash out at one another as a result. In some cases, these relationships may, sadly, end.

Many couples delay getting therapy to resolve their issues.  A belief that couples should be able to "work things out" on their own, combined with a lack of understanding of the nature of couples therapy, unfortunately, delays the process of seeking help and serves to raise the risk of significant damage being done to the relationship. 

Available Marriage/Couples Counselors in Colorado

"The average couple in therapy has spent around six years struggling before seeking help."

The average couple in therapy has spent around six years struggling before seeking help -- an unbelievably long amount of time for a solution that can be so easy and effective.

If you've experienced unresolvable strife with your significant other, don't worry-- there's a better way. Through couples counseling, many of these seemingly devastating issues can be amicably and effectively resolved. 


Is Couples Therapy Right for Me and My Significant Other? 

Given common societal attitudes surrounding couples therapy and entrenched attachment patterns, many view couples therapy as a "last-ditch" effort to save a relationship. 

Likewise, many couples think their type of relationship isn't "appropriate" for therapy. The truth is, couples therapy can be a great choice for couples of all ages, and at all stages of conflict. 

Married couples can be great candidates for couples therapy, as can young adults still exploring their first serious romantic relationships. Interracial couples, or couples with significant age gaps are all likewise great candidates for couples therapy.

The reasons for seeking couples therapy are as varied and diverse as the types of couples themselves. Common sources of conflict addressed in couples therapy can include, but are certainly not limited to:

Whatever the cause of the conflict, couples therapy can help you and your significant other reach a solution and grow as a couple. Typically, therapy sessions are structured in a very specific way, with clear goals of the therapy established from the very beginning. 

Therapists take a compassionate view and treat the relationship as a unit in and of itself, rather than treating each relationship member individually. 

Occasionally, the conflict at hand may require that one or both of the relationship members seek additional treatment on their own. 

The goals of each couple will differ, but whatever course of treatment is needed in your relationship, you can be sure that couples therapy will help you identify that course of action and, at the very least, get you started on that path.

Couples Counseling and Therapy @ Overcomers Counseling

Benefits of Couples Therapy

Whatever your reasons for seeking help, couples therapy can provide you and your significant other an incredible amount of benefits. In addition to a happier, healthier, and more trusting relationship, couples therapy can help you in ways such as:

  • Clarifying your wants, desires, and expectations in your relationship
  • Resolving emotional blocks from your past
  • Deepening intimacy and connection with your partner
  • Helping you better understand yourself and your needs in a relationship
  • Fostering a greater sense of trust and direction for the future

Regardless of where you are in your relationship or what your struggles are, couples therapy can be a life-changing option for any couple. 

Here at Overcomers Counseling, our qualified, compassionate team has helped countless couples transform their lives and relationships through our supportive therapy sessions. 

If you're ready to take your relationship to the next level, send us an e-mail or leave us a phone call. We can't wait to you help you get started. Call 719-345-2424. 

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Hello me and my husband are looking for a marriage counselor

Hello me and my husband are looking for a marriage counselor
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