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When life's challenges seem insurmountable, we are here to provide you with the support and guidance you've been looking for.  If you live in the 80906 zip code and are looking for counseling near you, we have an office conveniently located near the intersection of Janitell Rd and Circle Dr.   We offer in-person or virtual therapy from this office or you may check out one of our other therapy locations in Colorado Springs

No matter where you decide to seek counseling, rest assured that our seasoned counselors provide compassionate guidance and support, helping you navigate through life's hurdles.  With our judgment-free, safe counseling environment, we're dedicated to helping you find your path and overcome obstacles. Be at ease knowing that financial worries are alleviated, as we accept a wide range of prominent insurance plans, including Medicaid (Health First Colorado).  Experience the benefits of professional counseling and start your journey toward healing today.

Counselors in Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Kristen Yamaoka-Los, LPC

Kristen Yamaoka-Los, LPC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 481-3518
Megan Brausam, LPC

Megan Brausam, LPC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 481-3518
Joseph Anders, LPCC

Joseph Anders, LPCC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 481-3518
Noah Suess, MA, LPC

Noah Suess, MA, LPC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 481-3518

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Understanding Therapy and Psychiatry

Therapy and Psychiatry both play critical roles in mental health care, yet they serve distinct purposes. Therapy, also known as psychotherapy, is typically offered by psychologists. It revolves around engaging patients in verbal conversations aimed at enhancing self-awareness, addressing behavioral issues, and fostering mental well-being. Therapists employ a variety of strategies, including experiential relationship building, dialogue, and behavior modification, to assist individuals in navigating their challenges.

Conversely, Psychiatry is a medical field dedicated to diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Psychiatrists, who are medical doctors, have the authority to prescribe medications for treating mental health conditions alongside offering psychotherapy. Therefore, while therapy primarily concentrates on the emotional and behavioral aspects of mental health, psychiatry encompasses a broader approach, targeting the medical aspects of these conditions.

In essence, therapy offers a pathway to explore and heal the emotional dimensions of mental health, whereas psychiatry provides a comprehensive medical framework for addressing mental health holistically, blending medication with psychotherapeutic support.

Inside the Office at 2860 S Circle Dr Suite G45, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Therapy Services at Overcomers Counseling Colorado Springs

Discover a wide range of therapeutic services available at Overcomers Counseling, designed to empower individuals on their journey to healing and personal growth. Our comprehensive offerings include individual counseling, couple's therapy, family counseling, trauma-focused therapy, and more. Whether you're seeking support for anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or trauma recovery, our team of compassionate therapists is here to provide you with the personalized care you need. Take the first step towards overcoming life's challenges and unlock your full potential with Overcomers Counseling.

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Psychiatry Services at Overcomers Counseling Colorado Springs

At Overcomers Counseling Colorado Springs, we provide exceptional medication management services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest level of care and support throughout your treatment journey. With our comprehensive approach and personalized attention, you can trust us to help you achieve optimal mental health and well-being. Discover the difference of our medication management services at Overcomers Counseling Colorado Springs today. 

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To begin your journey with Overcomers Counseling, take a moment to explore our comprehensive directory of experienced counselors and dedicated nurse practitioners. Utilize the convenient filter options to narrow down your search and find a provider who perfectly aligns with your unique needs and preferences. Once you've found the right match, simply click on "Schedule Appointment" to take the next step toward your well-being and growth. We are here to support you every step of the way! 

Overcomers Counseling Colorado Springs, CO 80906

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Explore local counseling and psychiatry services to find the tailored support you require. Embark on a journey towards resilience and become an Overcomer with the right professional assistance by your side!

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