7 Parenting Tips to Protect a Bullied Child

7 Parenting Tips to Protect a Bullied Child

There have been countless incidents of bullying violence over the years now and it is still a widespread problem. 

Millions of children suffer tragic consequences just because they fall victims to bullies at schools etc.
In fact, it is not only the bullied children who suffer, but it affects their families, schoolmates, and ultimately the community at large too. 

Bullying does immeasurable damage to children: from ruining their health to destroying their self-esteem.
Bullied children have to needlessly grapple with unimaginative pain, suicidal though, mental and physical issues, and anger. 

The worst part is that despite the countless tragedies that have occurred of bullied children doing irrecoverable harm to themselves, this problem is still uncontainable.

So what can parents do to curtail the damage or protect their bullied young ones? In this article, we will discuss some parenting tips to offer as much protection as possible to your children.

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1.  Look for Signs of Bullying

Most often, the bullied children are unable to share vocally what's happening with. The fear that the bullies instill, the threats they deliver, all tend to tongue-tie the poor victims. But as parents, you must be vigilant for any signs that could indicate a problem.

Start by acknowledging that bullying relates to aggressive behaviors. If your child is uncharacteristically exhibiting aggressive behavior, you must go on guard immediately. Your child can suffer bullying in uncountable ways.

It can be name-calling, threats, exclusion, malicious teasing, obscene gesturing, physical violence and other forms. Even cyberbullying is possible and violence your child may be experiencing may result in behavioral changes on his/her part.

Note it and start investigating the root cause immediately. 

2.  Start Searching for the Perpetrators

Do not waste time hunting down the perpetrators of your child's suffering. It is also important to remember that bullies can be both boys and girls. They could even be your child's friends and yet be inflicting pain on them emotionally, sexually, physically, and mentally.

Bullying usually results when the other kids feel insecure themselves or are simply frustrated with their own shortcomings. They target others because they revel in the false sense of power and superiority. Others may be bullying just to follow a crowd and belong among the "powerful".

Start by observing the circle of people your child comes into contact with daily. Start from his/her own friends, school maters, classmates to the others in their social circle. 

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3. Take Action

Once you have hunted down the bullies, do not waste time in taking them to task. There are strict policies and departments that particularly deal with bullying cases and you must approach them post haste.

If you know the names of the bullies, contact their teachers, parents, counselors etc. Do not hesitate in involving the school authorities so they can take a stricter action and ensure there is no repeat episode when your child is attending school.

In case you feel the bullies are a serious threat to your child's safety, you may even approach the legal authorities to take a firm action. 

4.  Teach Assertiveness

Train your child to be assertive and capable of taking his/her own stand against the bullies. The first form of protection is to arm them with confidence, courage and comebacks to stand their ground when bullies try to attack.

Teach your child to clearly say no to pressure and threats, not fight back violently but hold their sensibility and confidence and walk away. Even in dangerous situations, teach your child comebacks like, "That wasn't very nice", "Back off" or "Leave me alone".

The key is to teach your child comebacks that will not aggravate the oppressor but also help your child extricate neatly out of the potentially dangerous situation.

5.  Listen and Provide Unlimited Support

First of all, you must establish an open line of communication with your child from the start. Let them know that they can discuss everything and anything with you without ever hesitating of feeling uncomfortable.

When the child does discuss bullying problems with you, listen very carefully. It is never easy for children to discuss bullying problems but if your child approaches you for support, devote every moment possible to listen.

Let them pour out without interrupting them, provide utmost assurance of your maximum support and take actions swiftly. Let your child know that any potential danger to them is a situation of utmost concern to you. Also prove to your child that you will leave no stone unturned in protecting them. 

6.  Reach Out

When you observe your child behaving uncharacteristically, such as depression, temper outbursts, consistent loss of appetite or any unusual behavior, reach out. Make sure to talk them and gently encourage them to open up and share it all with you.

Do not brush off or ignore any unusual behavior in your child because it could be indicative of a lot of things.

7. Start Educating Early

When you observe your child behaving uncharacteristically, such as depression, temper outbursts, consistent loss of appetite or any unusual behavior, reach out. Make sure to talk them and gently encourage them to open up and share it all with you.

Do not brush off or ignore any unusual behavior in your child because it could be indicative of a lot of things.

Final Thoughts

Bullying is a widespread disease and it is more prevalent in educational institutions than anywhere else. At tender ages, bullies can do irreparable damage to innocent children who lack the courage to fight back.

Bullying can cause untold devastation and many young victims have even ended their lives because of it. As parents, you can play an active role since your child's early age to protect them and arm them against the negative impacts of bullying.


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