How Depression Affects Relationships

How Depression Affects Relationships

How depression affects relationships depends on the relationship. 

The type of relationship will affect the person depressed and the person who loves them differently. 

A parent with a depressed child will be affected by depression differently than a person whose romantic partner has depression. 

This article describes how depression affects relationships, from parents and children to couples to friends.

No matter what the type of relationship, one thing many people who have a loved one who suffers from depression is to internalize their behavior. 

It's important to remember that it's not your fault! 

It doesn't mean that the person doesn't love you or care about you: it means that they're depressed and they could use your help.

Make sure to take some time to take care of yourself too. 

Often how depression affects relationships is to make the non-depressed person overcompensate for the lack of interest or activity of the other person. 

Don't wear yourself out trying to cure someone's depression.

Take the steps to understand how depression affects your relationship which will give you the knowledge to help.

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Rebecca Johnson, LPCC, NCC

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Carrie Nelson, MS, LPCC

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How Depression Affects Parents and Children

How depression affects parents and children is that it can often sever the bond. 

In fact, if you have a parent or child who suddenly seems distant, that might be because they are suffering from depression.

Parents may notice that normally socially engaged children lose interest in their friends or hobbies. 

They may be earning worse grades or procrastinating about doing chores. 

While this can be frustrating and frightening, don't let it get to you. 

It's important that your child who is struggling with depression knows that you love and approve of them.

Don't treat their depression like a failure - either yours or there's. 

Blame is often part of the depression cycle and it's important that you demonstrate to your child that help is possible.

Children who suspect that their parents might be depressed can see how depression affects relationships from a dependent point-of-view. 

It can be particularly frightening to see a parent that you rely on emotionally or materially struggling with depression. This might make you feel insecure.

A good first step for a child who has a parent dealing with depression is to speak to another adult family member or an older member of the family that you trust. 

Depression can't be handled by one person.

It's not your fault and reach out for the help that your parent needs. 

How Depression Affects Couples

How depression affects couples might be the most serious or emotionally difficult. 

A person whose romantic partner is struggling with depression might have the largest tendency to internalize their pain. 

You might feel like your partner's feelings have changed, but it might be depression that is affecting your relationship.

Depression often results in a loss of libido or sexual arousal. 

If this is happening in your relationship, consider the possibility that it might be depression. 

A romantic partner might also see a difference in interest in their children or their home. 

Is your partner struggling to do basic chores, ignoring your children's needs, and neglecting their duties as a spouse? 

This could also be because of depression.

If you've noticed changes in your partner that present as a lack of interest, it's not that their feelings have changed, they are probably dealing with depression. 

How Depression Affects Dating

How depression affects dating is a great question: especially since dating involves getting to know someone. 

You might be wondering how to tell a date that you're suffering from depression. 

Or, you might wonder if someone you're dating is suffering from depression.

If you're struggling with depression, a new relationship might seem enticing. 

Who doesn't enjoy the endorphins that you feel when you fall in love? 

While a romantic relationship might seem like it could solve all of your problems, you should be cautious. 

You may be trying to use relationships to mask your pain.

You should make sure that you're mentally ready to seek a relationship or risk bringing unhealthy patterns into your dynamic. 

If you struggle with depression, then you should make sure to be in treatment and get the go-ahead from your counselor. 

This is important to keeping depression from affecting your new relationship.

How Depression Affects Friendships

How depression affects friendships might be more subtle than the ways in which it affects other kinds of relationships. 

This is because friends do not typically live together and changes in behavior may be more difficult to notice. 

This means that often it will take a friend longer to notice that someone is depressed.

One sign of depression that a friend might be most sensitive to is a loss of interest in hobbies or activities. 

Is a friend of yours frequently canceling plans or not showing up to activities that you used to do together? 

This might be a sign that they're depressed.

Depression can definitely affect a friendship because you're not around them enough to see all the signs. 

All you see is that it doesn't seem like they want to be your friend any longer. 

Don't believe that - before you assume that they're ignoring them, ask them if they need help.


How depression affects relationships depends on the type of relationship. 

No matter the kind of relationship, it is important not to blame yourself.

The one thing that every good parent and child and partner and friend has in common is that they support the person who is struggling and assist them in getting the help that they need.

You can't cure someone else's depression - no matter how hard you might try! 

The best thing that you can do is encourage them to get professional treatment. 

This is the most important step you can take to prevent depression from ruining a relationship.

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