Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Spouse

Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Spouse
It may be easy to take your lover's good deeds for granted because of the many years of being exposed to them. 

However, if you realize the excellent effects of gratefulness on a good doer, you will learn to show appreciation to your spouse.

One way of letting your partner feel appreciated is spontaneously reminding them of your love for them. 

You can send a sweet, romantic text or profess your love on paper. 

The reminder of love for what they do for you will surely spark feelings of love in them.

You can also appreciate your partner by thanking them for what they have done for you. 

Your thanks may be directed at specific deeds such as doing your chores for the day, getting your favorite chocolate, or giving you some insight about work.

Also, you can show your gratitude to them by insisting they take an off day at home.

Instead of them doing anything that day, you may inform them that you want them to rest while you do all the chores as thanks for their great deeds.

You can show appreciation to your spouse by doing these things:

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Remind Them of Your Love for Them 

The age-long tradition of professing love to your partner is instrumental when you want to show appreciation to your spouse. 

Reminding them you love them will have some overarching influence on how well they will treat you.

You can also remind them of your love by flirting with them and saying how you feel in short, witty remarks. 

You can speak sexual jokes and input punchlines of how you want them because you love and admire them.

You can also plan dates to tell them of your love. 

During the dates, you can slip notes filled with your declaration of love and desire to spend eternity with them. 

Planning the dates on your lonesome will show your spouse how much you appreciate their efforts.

Similarly, you can plan displays of love tailored to their love language.

If they love words of affirmation, you can write paragraphs containing compliments for them and how much you love them. 

If they love acts of service, you can help them with their specific duties. 

If they fancy gifts, you can get the things they would appreciate. 

Regardless of their love language, there's always something you can do for them. 

Thank Them

Thanksgiving can be an essential part of any relationship because it gives a partner to appreciate the efforts of the other while making the other feel loved and appreciated. 

Hence, if you want to show appreciation to your spouse, you have to thank them.

You can start by thanking them for the general things they have done.

You can also thank them for their general qualities like honesty, trustworthiness, good communication skills, listening ears, motivational speeches, financial skills, and love for you.

Similarly, you can thank them for the identifiable things. 

Generally, the thanks given for specific events are better because they can easily see why you thanked them.

When thanking them, be sure you do it properly. 

Avoid making your thanks all about sacrifices they make since that will make them believe you only care about them putting themselves in extreme situations to help you. 

Give Them Off-Days 

Getting off days can be a fantastic experience for anyone because it means there are fewer responsibilities on that day and more free time to enjoy peace or engage in fun activities. 

Thus, you can show appreciation to your spouse by allowing them to enjoy off-days.

The off-day can start with the chores to do in the morning. 

Despite the structured house chore plan you may have, it will be fantastic for your partner to awaken to your voice, telling them not to worry about the chores for the day because you are trying to appreciate them.

With their off day, they can go to town and have fun alone. 

Doing this can allow them to clear their head and think of personal things. 

Getting that chance from you will make them appreciate you in return and push them to reciprocate.

If they have personal development classes or books to catch up on, the off day will be an excellent opportunity to get by with the pursuit.

You will be helping them pursue their goals when you initiate this idea. 

Cook for Them

If you don't have a passion for cooking, it can be a stressful affair for you. 

Even if you have a passion for it, cooking on purpose for your partner will make them feel loved.

You can consider doing it if you want to show appreciation to your spouse.

Instead of cooking just any meal, you can cook their favorite meal, ensuring that they will be delighted with it.

And if you want to experiment with something else, you can try to remember meals they have mentioned in the past. 

The more you can blend their desires into the meal, the happier they'll be.

If you aren't so good at cooking the meal, you can check for videos online to follow their recipes and cooking methods. 

Doing this can help you gain confidence in your cooking and sound cute to your spouse when they hear how you learned it.

When you appreciate your partner with this method, it will show how much you are willing to keep the marriage kicking.

It will also enable them to show more love to you. 

Show Them Love for No Reason 

Unexpected displays of affection are usually the cutest because they happen without visible indications. 

When you show appreciation to your spouse unexpectedly, they are sure to remember the moments multiple times and feel giddy all over.

You can get them a surprise spa appointment, ensuring that they get some luxurious treatment for their body. 

You may follow them for the treat, allowing them to enjoy your presence while enjoying your surprise gift.

You can also send them a food basket without any reason. 

Just attach a general thank you note to the food and watch how happy they will be.

If they are busy at work for longer hours, you can surprise them with a visit, carrying sweet things and homemade food. 

When you do all these acts, they will be happy and likely reciprocate.


When you show appreciation to your spouse, you will get a continuous cycle of good deeds from both of you in the marriage, resulting in a sweeter relationship.

You can appreciate your spouse by reminding them of your love for them, thanking them, giving them off-days, cooking for them, and showing them love for no reason.


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