Ways to be Playful With Your Spouse

Ways to be Playful With Your Spouse
You might get bored in the relationship after a few years of being together when you get married.

It is vital to keep up the excitement in your relationship as you cant stay in the honeymoon phase forever.

However, you can rekindle that spark without much effort when you learn to be playful with your spouse.

One way of being playful is by being flirty with your spouse. 

Bring back the long-gone romance by touching your partner, listening to love songs, stealing kisses, or flashing them. 

This might take your partner by surprise if you haven't done it in a while, but it will surely get them excited.

Also, engaging in fun activities with your spouse allows you to be playful with them. 

Marriage comes with many responsibilities, and at times, you can get roped in them and neglect partaking in activities where you can have fun with your partner and create lasting memories.

Similarly, you can stop being too careful around your spouse. 

You get to have a lot of fun and be playful with them when comfortable with yourself. 

Relax, lower your guard and chill around your partner.

Read on to gather knowledge on ways to be more playful with your spouse:

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Flirt With Your Spouse 

When you have been married for a long time, it is natural for the thrill, fondness, and excitement you felt at the beginning of your love story to get slowly overwhelmed by work and family responsibilities.

However, if you want to learn ways to be playful with your spouse, you need to regain the habit of being flirty.

Flirt with your spouse by complimenting them. 

Complimenting your spouse will make them feel good, noticed, and confident. 

Maintain eye contact while telling them what you like about them and go into details, if you may.

Make sure to let them know you notice and admire them.

Also, teasing your spouse about their looks and style can rile up their emotions.

Call them soothing and flirty names while you kiss or playfully tickle your spouse.

You would get them blushing and in anticipation for more.

Furthermore, you can surprise them with a romantic date.

Fully plan a romantic date at home or in their favorite place and invite your spouse to it. 

Accompany the invite with flowers and a love note professing your love for them all over again. 

Engage in Fun Activities With Your Spouse 

Being married doesn't mean you can't create fun memories and enjoy the moment with your spouse. 

In fact, it should be more fun because you get to partake in adventurous activities with your partner all the time. 

Want to be playful with your spouse?

Engage in fun activities together.

A fulfilling relationship is filled with thrilling experiences and fun memories; thus, it's vital to include adventures with your spouse into your routine. 

You can create a bucket list of all the fun and romantic activities to engage in monthly or yearly.

Equally, you can take the initiative to plan games night at home with your spouse.

There are several games such as romantic scrabble, truth or dare, never have I ever, drinking roulette, this or that, and many more you and your spouse can engage in. 

While at it, grab a few drinks, snacks, and ice cream and enjoy the night playing together.

Similarly, you can watch a comedy show or romantic movie with your spouse. 

Comedy shows are a fun way to escape reality and share peals of laughter with your spouse.

If it's a romantic movie, you get to learn new things from the romantic characters and discuss them later on. 

Loosen Up Around Your Spouse 

When with your spouse, avoid being too self-conscious and worried about your looks.

Being tensed and uptight all the time will create an unpleasant atmosphere in your marriage.

Loosen up and be chill if you want to be playful with your spouse.

Be aware that your mood at home can influence your spouse's mood and determine the communication flow for the rest of the day. 

Likewise, your partner will feel more comfortable communicating with you when you radiate positive energy.

Also, being chill around your partner eases the tension during disputes. 

When you get moody during a fight with your partner, you slow down the forgiveness and reconciliation process. 

Being calm and chill during conflicts shows you love your spouse, even when upset.

Similarly, get up and dance with them if you want to be playful.

Play some music while you take their hands, and spin them around. 

Dancing will bring you closer to your spouse, thus increasing your connection with them. It is also a great form of intimacy. 

Have a Sense of Humour 

Having a positive sense of humor eases tension and stress in your marriage. 

Sharing light jokes and laughs with your spouse keep your marriage exciting, fun, and enjoyable. 

In essence, you can be playful with your spouse when you have a good sense of humor.

When you want to crack jokes with your spouse, ensure they are in a happy mood to listen.

It is correct that cracking jokes when your spouse feels down can lighten up the air; however, there are situations where your spouse might not find anything funny.

Also, it is essential to be sensitive towards your partner when you want to play with them.

Avoid cracking jokes about their flaws and insecurities, as you could hurt their feelings by doing so. 

Crack jokes your partner will appreciate and resonate with.

Humor can also be a valuable tool to contain conflicts in your marriage.

It allows you to communicate with your partner without hurting them or making them defensive. 

Your partner will also share their thoughts with you freely when they know you are lightheaded. 

Build Intimacy 

As the years go by in marriages, the energy put into physical touch tends to decrease. 

Physical contact allows you to communicate emotions and maintain a connection with your partner.

It is also an excellent way to tease and be playful with your spouse.

Hugging and holding hands with your partner is a great and natural start to physical touching.

Playfully give them a lingering hug and kiss them on different parts of their bodies while whispering sweet words.

Sensual touches allow you to reignite the passion with your partner and build excitement.

Public display of affection is also a good practice to participate in with your partner. 

Holding their hands in public, slightly stroking their hair, and caressing their face makes them feel connected and special to you.

Besides making your partner giddy and excited, physical touch enables your partner to feel loved and safe, thus creating a deeper bond for your marriage. 

When things get tough, an embrace from you would mean a lot to your spouse. 


Despite having many responsibilities and facing life difficulties, finding ways to rekindle your connection with your spouse is essential.

However, once you learn ways to be playful and lightheaded, you can ease your marriage and create an even stronger connection.

The ways to be playful with your spouse include engaging in fun activities with them, being flirty, loosening up around your partner, having a sense of humor, and building intimacy.


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