Inspiring Ways to Put Effort into Your Marriage

Inspiring Ways to Put Effort into Your Marriage
Achieving a happy marriage after years of being in it requires you to put effort into your marriage so you may see it grow and thrive.

If you use inspiring methods to put effort into, it will motivate your partner to utilize similar strategies to make you happy and improve your emotional connection.

One of such inspiring ways is to ensure that you are their biggest fan every time. 

Make sure you are their faithful companion and give them the necessary support for every goal they may have.

If your partner has a business or a social media channel, try to put effort into being their No 1 customer or fan.

Similarly, you can put effort into your marriage by spending quality time together. 

Although you may pursue different interests and hobbies, it's essential that you create some shared hobbies so you can spend time together.

Sharing interests will help you strengthen your emotional bond.

You should also ensure that you communicate with them regularly to keep catching up with things happening with them. 

The communication will also allow them to know things going on with you.

The more you communicate, the more you can trust each other since you know what you can do.

You can read on to learn more details about inspiring ways to put effort into your marriage:

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Be Their Biggest Fan 

Being your partner's biggest fan involves having their back in every endeavor they venture into and motivating them to achieve their greatest goals.

When you strive to be their biggest fan, it shows that you have put effort into your marriage, which is an inspiring way to make them do the same for you.

You can become their biggest fan by giving them specific compliments on their accomplishments. 

Praise them for their 5th customer, their first blog post, their third interview, and how they balance work and home duties well.

Specific compliments go a long way toward validating their exact actions.

Similarly, you should also ensure you celebrate their wins. 

When they come home, bearing good news about work or their hobbies, ensure you get into a celebratory mood with them. 

The good news could also be on a task they have been trying to complete in the house; just make sure to celebrate whatever it is when they tell you.

Also, you can be their biggest fan by telling other people about them.

If your spouse has a business, be sure to help them with your way of marketing. If they are looking for a job, try to tell potential employers about them.

Regardless of your partner's goals, make sure you constantly tell people about their abilities and accomplishments.

Spend Time Together 

Spending quality time with your partner is a great way to know each other more and strengthen the marital bond. 

When you are at the forefront of suggesting when to spend time together, it shows that you put effort into your marriage.

If you want to spend more time with your partner, you can plan to try new things together.

You can have both of you take a language or music class together, so it becomes a shared interest.

Trying new things together will help you seek emotional support from each other and improve your comfort with each other.

Another way to spend more time together is to hit the gym. 

Exercise is vital for good physical and mental health, and it becomes more thrilling when you have your companion do it with you. 

You can put some effort into registering both of you at a local gym and watch your partner beam with joy.

Similarly, you can have a fun time together over food. You may engage in cooking at home or going out to dine. 

As the initiator, you can buy the required ingredients and set the pace for your partner to keep up. 

You can also book dinner reservations so you may go and explore food with your partner.

Communicate With Them Well 

Another way you can put effort into your relationship is to learn how to communicate well with your partner. 

Excellent communication involves you letting them know what's going on with you and hearing what's going on with them. 

This allows your marriage to grow in trust since you know what's always going on with your partner.

To communicate better with your partner, you need to know more about things around them. 

Thus, you should ask them open-ended questions so they may have the opportunity to talk more about things.

If you ask them closed questions with definite options, they will only answer within the provided limits.

Furthermore, you can put effort into communication with your partner by making sure to learn how to pick up on non-verbal cues.

Usually, communication is not only about words, as it also includes the movement of body parts and the modification of tone. 

Therefore, your partner may say something but mean another thing, and you have to decode the proper idea from their non-verbal cues.

Despite your knowledge of non-verbal cues, you shouldn't assume that you can read their mind.

If you are unsure of how they feel and what's going on in their minds, it's better to ask them rather than offer unsolicited advice on the perceived problem.

Surprise Them

Sometimes, it can be easy to fall into the routine of completing home and work duties and forget to take care of your partner. 

When you notice you are falling into the routine, you can put effort into your marriage by surprising your partner.

You can surprise them with a spa treatment at home. 

You can do this by preparing a warm bath, putting rose petals in the water, playing some relaxing music, and offering a massage after the bath.

Similarly, you can surprise your partner with a romantic dinner consisting of their favorite meal and favorite person (you). 

A romantic meal is sure to show them you are putting some effort into making the marriage a blissful one.

Moreover, you can bring home a framed photograph of both of you on a trip.

This is a pleasant surprise because most people won't expect a framed portrait on a regular day.

Satisfy Them Sexually 

Understandably, no one was born with a well of sexual knowledge. 

Therefore, everyone has to learn how to have sex at some point.

To be a better partner, you can put effort into your marriage by learning how to satisfy your partner sexually.

If you have noticed a decline in your partner's sex drive, it may be because they have not been sexually satisfied. 

To rectify this, you can initiate a change in your sexual routine. 

You can make some effort to change the regular time, place, and position.

You can equally make some effort to satisfy them sexually by engaging in foreplay to create the necessary ambiance before the real action.

You can start the foreplay at work by sending them randy texts before continuing with some physical touch at home.

If your partner loves the dirty talk during sex, you can also satisfy them sexually by talking dirty to them and not holding back because of shyness.


When you use inspiring ways to put effort into your marriage, you build a happier home and invite your partner to do the same.

The inspiring ways you can use include being their biggest fan, spending time together, communicating with them well, surprising them, and satisfying them sexually.


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