How to Spend Quality Time with Your Partner

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Partner

You could spend all your work-free hours with your partner and still feel distant from them and disconnected from the relationship. 

This is because merely having daily encounters doesn't equal spending quality time together. 

Learning to spend quality time with your partner strengthens your emotional connection and bond with them.

Exploring new activities together keeps the romance alive in your relationship. 

Trying things you are both new to or have done long ago encourages marital friendship and creates fun and exciting memories, which builds a healthy relationship.

Also, keeping the gadgets away is an excellent way to focus and communicate with your partner. 

Ensure to make conscious efforts to talk with your partner, listen attentively, catch up on their daily activities and share yours with them. 

This simple act strengthens your communication and closeness.

Similarly, enrolling in the gym together allows you to motivate each other and achieve fitness goals side by side. 

Staying fit with your partner inspires you to be physically healthy, have self-discipline, and have fun times together. 

Ultimately, achieving body goals with your partner creates an avenue for you to spend more time together.

You can read on to learn tips on how to spend quality time with your partner:

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Explore New Activities Together 

At the beginning of any relationship, both partners are interested in spending time together and trying new things; however, as time goes on, there's a possibility for the urge to begin to dull. 

Keeping the spark alive by exploring new activities helps you spend quality time with your partner.

You can explore new activities by trying a new restaurant together. 

Take a break from the routine of cooking meals and eat out with your partner. 

It could be at a restaurant you haven't tried before or one few miles from home. Besides trying different foods and flavors, dining together is romantic, fun, and brings you closer to your partner.

Similarly, you could try out outdoor activities such as hiking, stargazing, rock climbing, or going to the beach with your partner. 

These adventurous activities help create exciting memories and allow you to connect with your partner on a deeper level,

Also, you could take up a new hobby with your partner. 

Share your interests and try out the ones you will both enjoy. 

Having mutual interests improves your friendship and relationship satisfaction and motivates you to rely on another for emotional and physical support.

Schedule a Gadget-Free Time 

Communication is vital for the growth of every relationship; thus, focusing more on technological gadgets than your partner reduces communication and connection in your relationship. 

It also induces stress in your relationship and can make you lose touch with your partner. 

Schedule a gadget-free time to spend quality time with your partner to avoid those effects.

When with your partner, paying more attention to your gadgets deprives you of enjoying the present with them. 

When with them, make conscious efforts to take time off using your devices, enjoy the moment with them and have fun together.

The time you take off technology enables you to be in your best state of mind while communicating with your partner. 

You will be able to think and share your thoughts with your partner because your mind is recharged and refreshed. 

It removes the stress of saying the wrong things or upsetting them.

Similarly, scheduling a gadget-free time enhances better communication and bond in your relationship. 

Face-to-face conversations with your partner where you listen to them and endeavor to provide emotional support improve interpersonal communication.

Become Workout Partners 

Regardless of your fitness goals, the advantages of exercising with your partner are surplus; thus, becoming workout partners will allow you to spend quality time with your partner and improve your relationship.

Working out with your partner improves your sexual life with them. 

Sex is a vital part of a fulfilling and healthy relationship. 

Exercise reduces sexual and erectile dysfunction, improves body fitness, and increases arousal and intimacy.

Also, working out together improves your accountability and support for one another. 

It provides an opportunity to motivate each other to achieve higher goals, support each other and hold each other accountable, thus strengthening your bond with your partner.

Similarly, working out together increases the trust you have for one another. 

When you hit the gym together, you improve your teamwork while understanding more about your body and your partner's body. 

In doing so, you have deeper trust and intimacy with your partner.

Prirotize Your Partner 

When one partner places more importance on hobbies or friends over quality time with the other, they may begin to experience a lack of connection, trust, and intimacy in their relationship. 

It is essential to spend quality time with your partner by prioritizing them.

Humans have time for whatever they make a priority. 

When your partner comes first, they have an importance in your life which lets you focus on their wants and needs alongside yours. 

Making each other utmost priority improves teamwork and mutual understanding in your relationship.

Likewise, you can prioritize your partner by involving them in your decision-making process. 

Involving them should not be seen as asking for permission; instead, it is simply placing a high value on your partner's opinion.

Similarly, you could create goals to achieve with your partner. 

Have a monthly mission to accomplish with your partner.

It could be saving up for a new home, learning a new language, taking online courses, or home improvement projects. 

Sharing goals builds your teamwork and allows you to grow together.

Go On a Romantic Trip 

A trip for a day or two can help you rekindle the romance and connection in your relationship. 

Scheduling a romantic trip with your partner keeps your relationship fresh and lively and allows you to spend quality time with your partner.

A romantic trip with your partner does not have to be elaborate or detailed. 

Have fun planning the location and spots to visit during your trip so you don't get too engrossed in details and miss out on the point of the trip. 

The planning stage is where all the fun should begin.

Going on a romantic trip sets you free from all distractions and the roles you play at home.

You get to enjoy your privacy from work, house responsibilities, and extended family. 

It also helps you focus on your partner and dwell on your happy moments.

Similarly, going on a trip with your partner deepens intimacy and adds a spark to your romance. 

Being together in a beautiful place away from stress increases intimacy and improves your sex life, thus leading to happiness and satisfaction in the relationship.


Sometimes people may lose interest in a relationship because they don't feel close enough to their partner and don't know how to go about it. 

However, you should realize that spending quality time with your partner is a stepping stone to a happier and healthy relationship.

You can spend quality time with your partner by exploring new activities together, scheduling a gadget-free time, becoming workout partners, prioritizing your partner, and going on a romantic trip with them.


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