Clever Ways to Make the Honeymoon Stage Last

Clever Ways to Make the Honeymoon Stage Last

We fondly recall our honeymoon stage as the most blissful part of our relationship because of the newness to each other, the overwhelming desire to satisfy our partners, and the high intensity of love involved; thus, we usually look for ways to make the honeymoon stage last after years of marriage. 

An effective tactic for maintaining attraction is to periodically give each other space to properly tune your interests, emotions, physical qualities, and growth, allowing you to be an independent individual in the marriage without losing the qualities that endeared you to your partner. 

Similarly, a yearly staycation can be an excellent opportunity to re-ignite your honeymoon stage and get the emotional spark back as it involves you going out of your daily routines and embarking on an adventure with your partner. 

Another clever way to make the honeymoon stage last is to understand your partner's primary love language, be it gifts, touch, words of affirmation, quality time, or acts of service, and show them love the way they desire. 

Furthermore, you can try the exciting idea of a pleasure hunt, which involves you creating a type of treasure hunt for them in the house where they have to follow notes and clues and pick up your well-thought gifts along the way to the final destination, which should be you. 

This is a comprehensive overview of different ways to make the honeymoon stage last:

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Give Each Other Space Regularly 

Taking time to be alone in your relationship allows you to develop a sense of individuality within the marriage, preventing you from becoming one person and getting so used to each other that there’s no new or intriguing feature you see.

A way to implement this is to create physical and time-based zones where you don’t disturb each other; such a zone can be the toilet where you will get to relax in privacy and be yourself for about an hour, or it may be a private evening walk around the block.

You can add some craving to your relationship by texting less as it would allow you to use the texting time to work on other relationships, pursue personal hobbies, and have the opportunity to bring back intriguing stories to your partner.

A vacation without your partner is also a great way to make the honeymoon stage last as it allows you to spend time with your friends and get happy feelings from being with them while you miss your partner and long to see them.

Get a Staycation Every Year 

One or more staycations yearly can help you make the honeymoon stage last as it draws you closer to each other and recreates the feelings of adventure, newness in a new place, and fun present in your initial honeymoon.

During the staycation, you can plan a food tour and move from old restaurants to modern restaurants, eating the local cuisine and supporting the restaurants in the area while enjoying the rewarding experience with the love of your life.

You can also go out to watch live performances by street performers, stage plays by theatre actors, and music performances in concerts organized by top-rated musicians, enjoying the wild energy of the crowd with your partner.

Another idea to try out during your staycation is taking a cooking class with your partner, granting you the opportunity to gain a skill together, learn the behind-the-scene making of your favorite dishes, meet other couples who share a love for cooking, and create positive memories.

Use Your Partner's Love Language 

Using your partner’s love language to show them love can help you make the honeymoon stage last therefore initiating sex, snuggles, cuddles, kisses, hugging, and hand-holding with a partner whose love language is physical touch can help them feel more emotionally connected to you.

If your partner’s love language is receiving gifts, it would be awesome if you expressed love to them by getting them gifts on their birthdays, memorable holidays, or even ordinary days, with gifts ranging from flowers, meals, pastry, and books, to electronic devices.

In case your partner values quality time, you should try to spend time with them in a meaningful way to encourage your romance with activities such as working on a home decoration task together, shopping, exploring the neighborhood, and watching movies.

Your partner may be someone that loves acts of service, and your approach has to change to you performing chores and tasks in the house like going grocery shopping, cooking dinner, or mowing the lawn.

A partner with words of affirmation requires words that convey positive feelings towards them so they may feel loved and appreciated.

Organize a Pleasure Hunt 

Another fantastic way to make the honeymoon stage last is creating a pleasure hunt, an indoor treasure hunt that ends in your partner getting the big prize after going through a series of tasks and clues.

The first step in planning the hunt is to plant the first clue in a place that your partner goes to every day around the timeframe you want the hunt to begin, such as the tabletop where they drop the car keys upon arriving from work or on the bathroom dresser they brush in front of every morning.

Then, plan the rest of the clues to form an orderly sequence your partner can follow, with you placing them all over the house and in suggestive spots like your underwear or under a pack of condoms.

Finally, ensure you plant the treasure hunt prize, which will be you, in a seductive position to reward their tireless pursuit of the hunt’s prize.

Continue to Help Them Towards Their Goals 

If your partner is trying to achieve specific goals, your encouragement and motivation can help them achieve those goals and make the honeymoon stage last.

With the journeys to dreams and goals being so windy and long, your partner may hesitate to start, but you can encourage them to start small and achieve milestones in tiny bits.

When they start, they may hit some frustrating periods and feel discouraged about the goal; they will greatly appreciate you acknowledging their accomplishments and telling them how incredible their abilities are.

Despite their need for praise, you should be careful not to overdo it because they may begin to regard your pep talk and praise as insincere if you do it too much; thus, try to limit the number of times you gush about their achievements.


Notwithstanding the busy schedules that may cause couples to drift apart, you can still make the honeymoon stage last in your relationship.

Simply try these clever ways: giving each other space regularly, going on a staycation every year, using your partner’s love language, organizing a pleasure hunt, and helping them reach their goals, to be one of the marriages with an unending honeymoon. 


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