5 Habits of Couples Who Have Great Sex in Marriage

5 Habits of Couples Who Have Great Sex in Marriage

Finding ways to be passionate and intimate with your spouse will help your married life

Sex is essential to marriage as it increases your bond, connection, and security with your spouse. 

To keep the flame and the passion burning, you can follow in the footsteps of couples who have great sex in their marriage.

For one, couples with a good sex life are always tender towards each other. 

Displaying love and care to your spouse at every point of the day builds your physical and sexual intimacy. 

Show your partner you love them outside the bedroom.

Sometimes, discovering ways to pleasure your partner can take a long process, so when you eventually get it, you tend to make it a routine due to the fear of ruining the good time. 

While doing what your partner likes might work, it can get boring and slowly lose its edge; thus, it is essential to be open-minded to trying new things.

Similarly, taking care of your mind and body by eating right and protecting your energy will boost the physical and emotional connection with your spouse. 

Feeling good about your body will boost your confidence during sex.

Read on to gain insight into the steps couples who have great sex take:

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They are Tender Towards Each Other 

Expressing feelings of love and affection towards your spouse outside the bedroom allows them to feel loved and cared for; thus, increasing marital happiness and ultimately boosting intimacy in your marriage. 

Couples who have great sex are tender towards each other.

When you make an effort to see your partner happy and reaffirm your love for them, they derive emotional satisfaction in the marriage.

Couples who are comfortable with each other and satisfied in the marriage tend to lead a better sex life.

Also, you can show your spouse some tender loving care by surprising them occasionally with gifts.

Giving your spouse meaningful gifts will excite them and make them cherish you more. 

Accompany such gifts with notes filled with loving words, and watch your spouse spoon.

Similarly, couples who practice healthy communication habits during marital disputes are happier and closer to each other—finding healthy ways to communicate with your spouse even when upset creates an atmosphere of trust and love.

Settling disputes before going to bed will create the atmosphere for a steamy night together.

They are Flirty 

Flirting with your spouse allows you to build up the sexual tension between you two, thus making them seek physical intimacy with you. 

When you flirt with your partner, you give them sexual thoughts and encourage them to take the lead on sex. 

Being flirty with each other is a habit of couples with great sex.

Flirting doesn't have to be a forced exercise. It's supposed to be fun, natural, and exciting.

A simple way couples can flirt with each other is by sharing compliments. 

When your partner dresses up or does something desirable, compliment them on it.

This will make them feel noticed and want to put in more effort for you.

If you feel secure in your marriage, don't be afraid to share your dirty thoughts with your spouse by sexting. 

If you are new to this, it is absolutely easy to sext. You start by telling your partner something sexy you are putting on, and if they respond with the same energy, go-ahead to be explicit. 

You don't want to sext with your spouse while they are having a bad day at work.

Similarly, it is always exciting when you flash your spouse.

It doesn't matter if your spouse has seen every inch of you; flashing them will renew their interest.

Catch your partner off guard and show off some cleavage.

They are Open-Minded to Trying New Things 

It is a good idea to deviate from the regular sex routine with your spouse to spice things up in bed. 

Sex in marriage doesn't have to be boring and orgasm-seeking. 

Couples should find new ways to pleasure themselves all the time. 

Couples who have great sex life are open-minded to new things.

Trying new sex positions with your spouse will help you find more ways to pleasure each other during sex.

There are countless sex styles and positions you can try with your spouse.

Switching up locations is also a good idea.

Take it from the bedroom to the kitchen, couch, or any comfortable corner of your house. 

New styles and experiences will add an exciting touch to the atmosphere during sex with your spouse.

However, It is essential to communicate with your partner to know if they are uncomfortable. 

Start slowly and ask your spouse question to see if they are okay. 

Ensure they are emotionally present during the course and stop if they get uncomfortable.

They Live a Healthy Lifestyle 

Certain practices and behaviors can influence your sex life negatively. 

It is crucial to keep your mind and body healthy to connect with your spouse on intimate levels. 

Living a healthy lifestyle is of the ways couples who have great sex flourish.

Excessively eating fatty food, refined carbs, and simple sugars can affect your blood flow and performance during sex. 

You will have more energy for sex when you fill your body with vegetables, plant-based protein, and fruits.

Also, spend time daily actively moving your body.

You can sign up for the gym with your partner or take a 30 minutes walk daily.

You can do pelvic floor exercises, push-ups, and crunches to activate your muscles.

While taking care of your body, give your mind some attention.

You need to be in a good mental space to gain the full pleasures of sex with your spouse.

Constantly protect the energy you receive and communicate with your partner when they offend you.

They Take Their Time During Sex

No rule states how long you should have sex with your partner. 

As long the couples derive pleasure from the act, it could go on for as long as they please. 

Couples who have great sex take their time during the act.

Foreplay is usually the first step during sex; however, how it is done determines how great the sex will be.

You can arouse your partner by kissing and slowly touching their sensitive parts.

Taking time to stimulate your spouse leads to incredible sex.

 If correctly done, it could be the main dish.

Also, add fun and spice to sex. 

Avoid being too serious and focused on giving or getting an orgasm.

Light some candles, play love songs, sing to your spouse and crack relatable jokes to lighten the mood.

You build emotional intimacy with your spouse when you do this.

It is vital to note that the beginning of sex is just as important as its end. 

When couples make love to each other, catering to each other's needs after sex is necessary.


Making love to your spouse should be a pleasurable and fun experience. 

Sex is important as it brings you closer to your spouse, relieves stress, serves numerous health benefits, and can improve your marriage

It is also very easy to retrace your steps to having great sex in your marriage.

Couples who have great sex are tender to each other, flirty, open-minded to new things, live healthy lifestyles, and take their time during sex.


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