Alarming Signs Your Partner Doesn't Understand You Even if They Love You

Various factors can determine the longevity of your relationship.  This is because love isn't sufficient to have a happy and fulfilling relationship. Understanding each other is one of those fact...

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How to Talk to Your Partner When They Shut Down

Table of Contents 1). Approach the Conversation with an Open Mind 2). Acknowledge the your Partner is Probably Feeling Overwhelmed 3). Don't Take their Shutting Down Personally 4). Ask Questions to Tr...

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Things to Do When a Partner Blames You Constantly

Many factors can make a happy marriage deteriorate into a ghost of itself. Unsurprisingly, one of such factors is a regular blame game by a partner, leading to the other partner seeking what to d...

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What to Do When You Feel Neglected by Your Wife After Having A Baby

As a husband, when your bundle of joy comes into the world, you feel ecstatic to become a father, especially when you have been anticipating the moment. However, as thrilling as fatherhood can be...

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How to Deal With a Partner Playing the Victim

Table of Contents Avoid Accusing Them Create Space for Yourself Avoid Getting Emotional Change the Subject Matter Don't be a Constant Fixer What Does it Mean to Play the Victim Resources Introduction ...

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Steps To Take When Your Partner Disrespects You

Table of Contents 1) Assess the Situation 2) Talk About Your Pain 3) Set Your Boundaries 4) Try to Connect with Them 5) Respect Them 6) Examples of Disrespect 7) Resources Introduction Respect matters...

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Why Your Spouse Needs Space and What to Do

There are few things scarier in a marriage than hearing your spouse tell you they need space.  It is normal to assume the worst when you hear your spouse needs space but this is not always a...

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How to Help a Spouse with Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem can be a tricky topic to navigate. For some, it comes naturally. But for others, including spouses of those with low self-esteem issues, can be a difficult challenge. Here are four ways yo...

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How to Prioritize Your Spouse in Your Marriage

When you prioritize your marriage, you place your partner above everything else in your relationship.  This way, your partner comes first to you, and you make daily attempts to give them attentio...

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How to Tell Your Spouse They Drink Too Much

No one ever wants to think that they might be drinking too much, but if you're worried that your spouse may have an alcohol addiction it's important to be honest and open about the issue. This ca...

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Ways To Stop Accusing Your Partner About Infidelity

There is no easy way to tell your partner you think they are cheating on you. Most relationships are built on love, respect, and trust. Suggesting your partner is cheating on you is essentially saying...

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5 Types of Cheating in Marriage

Being cheated on can make you begin to seek the reasons they cheated and what could have prevented the occurrence, leading you to a position where you desire to understand the types of cheating in mar...

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5 Habits of Couples Who Have Great Sex in Marriage

Finding ways to be passionate and intimate with your spouse will help your married life.  Sex is essential to marriage as it increases your bond, connection, and security with your spouse.&n...

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Mental Illness and Abusive Behavior in Relationships

It's important to take note of how mental illness can be associated with childhood trauma and learned maladaptive behaviors, but how much of those symptoms are attributed to abusive behavior, if at all?

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Ways to be Playful With Your Spouse

You might get bored in the relationship after a few years of being together when you get married. It is vital to keep up the excitement in your relationship as you cant stay in the honeymoon phase for...

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