7 Free Programs for Troubled Youth in Colorado



Support systems play a pivotal role in the lives of troubled youth, offering a foundation upon which they can rebuild their lives and envision a future filled with hope and possibilities.

These networks of care and assistance include family, educators, mental health professionals, and community programs, all working in concert to provide the necessary tools for personal growth and rehabilitation.

Exploring the resources available, troubled youth and their families can access comprehensive support, fostering an environment where change and progress are not just possible but expected. 

Teen Violence Therapists in Colorado

Jennifer Wilson, LPCC, NCC

Jennifer Wilson, LPCC, NCC

(720) 437-9089
Emily Murphy, LPC

Emily Murphy, LPC

(719) 345-2424
Kelsey Maestas, LPCC

Kelsey Maestas, LPCC

Pueblo, Colorado
(719) 696-3439
Margot Bean, LCSW

Margot Bean, LCSW

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 345-2424
Jenifer Seas, LCSW

Jenifer Seas, LCSW

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 452-4374
Marta Schmuki, LPC

Marta Schmuki, LPC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 203-7021
Deja Howard, MSW, SWC

Deja Howard, MSW, SWC

(719) 345-2424
Sherry Rice, LPCC, ADDC

Sherry Rice, LPCC, ADDC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 452-4374
Heather Comensky, LPC

Heather Comensky, LPC

Aurora, Colorado
(720) 449-4121
Abigail Corless, LPCC

Abigail Corless, LPCC

(719) 345-2424

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1. I Matter Program

The I Matter program offers an opportunity to engage with a therapist through up to six complimentary virtual counseling sessions, with some options for in-person meetings as well.

These sessions are entirely private and confidential, providing a safe space to discuss your feelings and concerns. Initiating this process is straightforward; simply select "Youth" to access a brief questionnaire designed to capture your current state of mind.

For individuals aged 11 or younger, participation in the questionnaire requires the presence and assistance of a parent or guardian.

This ensures that younger participants receive the appropriate support and guidance throughout the process.

Website: I Matter 

2. Bryson's Chase

Founded in 2018, Bryson's Chase emerged as a crucial resource for families seeking financial assistance to access mental health care for their children.

Recognizing the significant costs associated with obtaining quality mental health services, this organization dedicates itself to alleviating the financial burden on families.

By doing so, Bryson's Chase ensures that more children and teenagers can receive the care they need without the added stress of financial strain.

In addition to financial aid, Bryson's Chase offers free camps specifically tailored for teenagers grappling with mental health challenges.

The goal is to create a supportive community that encourages open communication, mutual support, and personal growth.

Activities at these camps are carefully planned to promote relaxation, self-reflection, and social connection, offering participants a valuable opportunity to recharge and gain new perspectives in a nurturing setting.

Website: Bryson's Chase

Second Wind Fund

If you're looking for help with mental health resources for a young person in need, the Second Wind Fund offers a vital service by connecting teens at risk of suicide with essential therapy sessions. To qualify for assistance from the Second Wind Fund, the young person must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 19 years old or younger
  • Identified as being at risk for suicide
  • Lacks insurance coverage, is underinsured, or faces financial challenges that prevent access to therapy, including transportation issues to mental health services
  • Has not previously been referred to Second Wind Fund for services

For those who have Medicaid, CHP+, or private insurance that provides sufficient mental health treatment coverage, the Second Wind Fund can still offer guidance by narrowing down a list of suitable therapists through their referral process, though an official referral will not be issued.

Get More Information: Second Wind Fund

4. Youth on Record

Music has a unique power to heal. 

This program is not exclusively for troubled youth, however, it is a fantastic free resource for youths who need access to a way to express themselves through music. 

The core mission of Youth on Record is to inspire and activate young minds through the power of music and creativity.

The organization offers a wide range of programs, from music production classes to leadership training, all designed to provide young people with skills and confidence.

Through these opportunities, Youth on Record not only aids in the emotional and psychological well-being of Colorado's youth but also equips them with the tools to shape their future positively.

Website: Youth on Record

5. Urban Peak

Assists homeless youth and those at risk of becoming homeless by providing an array of services including emergency shelter, a daytime drop-in center, education & employment programming, and supportive housing. 

The Drop-In Center is a remarkable space offering a wide array of essential services for free, operating seven days a week to provide unparalleled support. Here's a quick overview of what makes this program so invaluable:

This center not only offers a broad spectrum of services aimed at meeting basic needs but also provides a safe and supportive environment, making it an essential resource for the community.

Operating Hours - Open weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm, weekends from 10 am to 8 pm, with specific closure times for breaks.

Comprehensive Services Include

  • Three nutritious meals daily
  • Laundry facilities
  • Shower access
  • Support from trusting case managers
  • Computer use
  • Secure lockers for personal items
  • A music studio, available at set times during the week

Additional Benefits:

  • A sheltered space away from adverse weather conditions

First floor of 2100 Stout Street, Denver, CO 80205.
Contact: For more details, reach out at 303.974.2900.

Website: Urban Peak


TGTHR is dedicated to supporting the community's youth, offering a variety of services to help individuals regain control and transform their lives. Here's a quick guide to what they offer:

  • We're Here for You - Whether you need immediate shelter or assistance with job interview preparations, TGTHR is ready to assist. Call them at (303) 447-1207 for more information.
  • Inclusive Community - TGTHR provides a safe, inclusive community for all genders, identities, races, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations.

Free Daytime Drop-In Center - Open Monday-Friday, 12:30-5:00 PM for ages 12-24.

Services Offered

  • Meals & Internet Access
  • Showers & Trusted Mailing Address
  • Employment Help & Access to Medical Care
  • Mental Health Support & Legal Help
  • Education Programs & Housing Assistance
  • Activities, Groups, & More

Free Overnight Shelter - Available every night at 5 PM for ages 12-20.

Location & Contact Information:

  • Address: 3080 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304
  • Phone: (303) 447-1207 (Call, No Text)
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Social Media:

For further details, visit their website or reach out directly through the provided contact information. TGTHR is committed to providing the support and resources needed for youth in their community.

Website: TGTHR

7. Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention

The Susan Golding Counseling Program offers free mental health services, including suicide counseling and therapy for suicidal ideation. This program was established in honor of Susan Golding, a key founder of PPSPP, to support individuals affected by suicide, those under-insured or without insurance, and anyone in need of short-term help between providers.

  • Free Counseling Services - For individuals impacted by suicide or experiencing suicidal thoughts.
  • Eligibility - Under-insured or uninsured individuals, those impacted by suicide, or anyone needing short-term assistance.
  • Professional Support - Services provided by Master Level Therapist and interns, supervised by a licensed clinical social worker.
  • Process - Begins with an initial intake appointment to match individuals with suitable providers.
  • Waitlist System - Participants are placed on a waitlist after completing their sessions, with referrals to community providers as needed.

Types of Therapy Offered

  • 10 Free Individual Therapy Sessions
  • 5 Suicide Loss Survivor Sessions
  • 3 Stop-Gap Sessions

This program aims to reduce suicide risk by increasing access to care and supporting the community through dedicated therapeutic services.

WebsitePikes Peak Suicide Prevention.

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Addressing the needs of troubled youth through supportive programs is an important endeavor that impacts not only the individuals directly involved but society as a whole.

These programs offer more than just immediate relief; they provide the tools and resources necessary for long-term growth, resilience, and success.

Colorado serves as a testament to the commitment to support young individuals, highlighting the positive outcomes that can emerge from comprehensive and compassionate intervention.

As these efforts continue, the hope is that every troubled youth finds the support they need to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential. 

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