Christian Counseling For Teens That Works

Christian Counseling For Teens That Works

How can you help your teenager go through the upheavals and pressures of life without compromising their faith?

One of the best ways is to seek the help of trained Christian counselors for teens.

Unfortunately, you might not be able to do this effectively because teenagers usually do not communicate their feelings and problems very well.

But providing Christian counseling for your teenager would be a win-win solution for everyone.

A Christian counseling session for teens includes a safe and compassionate environment where a professional who understands teenage development and the challenges they face can help your teenager develop their capacity for self-understanding.

The professional would also help teenagers develop coping mechanisms that ensure they thrive and survive.

Many teenagers feel ashamed of what is going on in their bodies. 

Christian counseling for teens would help them appreciate their qualities and the person they are. 

Christian-Based Therapists in Colorado

Annalise Saylor, LPCC

Annalise Saylor, LPCC

(720) 449-4121
Kelsey Maestas, LPCC

Kelsey Maestas, LPCC

Pueblo, Colorado
(719) 696-3439
Kimberly Nefflen, LPCC

Kimberly Nefflen, LPCC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 602-1342
Mackenzie Batson, LPCC

Mackenzie Batson, LPCC

Aurora, Colorado
(719) 345-2424
Seth Boughton, SWC

Seth Boughton, SWC

(720) 449-4121
Tracey Lundy, LCSW

Tracey Lundy, LCSW

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 452-4374
Randal Thomas, SWC

Randal Thomas, SWC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 602-1342
Shannon Hamm, LPC, CCTP

Shannon Hamm, LPC, CCTP

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 452-4374
Heather Comensky, LPC

Heather Comensky, LPC

Aurora, Colorado
(720) 449-4121
Meghan Purcell, LPCC

Meghan Purcell, LPCC

Pueblo, Colorado
(719) 696-3439

What Happens In A Counseling Session?

Some behaviors serve as red flags that should motivate parents to seek Christian counseling for their teens.

One of the most obvious is an extreme tendency for the teen to be isolated from family and friends.

Also, when a teen mentions self-harming behaviors or harming themselves, that should be a cause for concern. 

Another red flag is unusual moodiness, or rapid weight loss and gain.

But, again, professionals involved in Christian counseling for teens should step in and help.

Trained Christian counselors for teens know how to help your teen open up.

Many teens are hesitant to talk to strangers when asked about their problems. 

But the counselor knows that what the child needs are understanding and empathy.

That is why they take it as a process knowing that it takes time for change to happen. 

Christian counseling assures your teen that it's normal to be apprehensive about the counseling process, and the teen is allowed to participate at their pace.

Christian counseling for teens involves the faith of the individual. 

This plays a significant role. Faith in God and the ability to trust in the scripture are two pivotal elements in the therapy session.

Your teen would understand how to appreciate 

God's presence and love even when going through hard times. 

Then, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic psychotherapy, family therapy, or interpersonal therapy are integrated. 

How Christian Counselors Help

Here are some ways Christian counselors for teens help your teenager during a counseling session.

Christian family counseling can be a beacon of hope for many parents and teenagers grappling with mental health issues during the tumultuous teenage years. 

Professional counselors, steeped in Christian faith, leverage counseling sessions to address emotional distress, learning disabilities, physical changes, and other challenges, viewing the teen as a whole person within God's design. 

Learn more about what the Bible says about counseling

By fostering trust in God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, these counseling sessions can empower teens to better navigate daily life, understand their values, and build healthy relationships with other teens.

They Offer Creative Ways To Help Your Teen Socialize

Experienced counselors in teenage problems are familiar with several issues teenagers face. 

They understand that withdrawal can manifest in inexperienced teenagers while facing these issues.

So, Christian counselors for teens will suggest several ways to improve your teenager's emotional intelligence. 

Some suggestions would be doing Zoom activities, art classes, having dinner with a loved one or friends, group boxing classes, or even yoga.

Sometimes, Christian counselors for teens incorporate the family into these activities so that everyone can join in helping the teenager. 

Involving Your Teenager In Community Activities 

Many counselors have ties to community centers and health care organizations. 

They can involve your teenager in these activities. 

They would help the teenager realize that more joy comes from giving than receiving.

For example, some counselors have suggested that teenagers make cards for health workers, provide a plate of cookies to first responders, visit a recent widow and leave flowers or help in kitchen activities, or visit orphanage homes to give the kids some encouragement.

These counselors emphasize the Christian quality of the greater joy of serving others. 

They Help The Teenager To Believe In Themselves  

Most teenagers only need a little encouragement and self-belief for their life's upliftment. 

Christian counseling for teens provides just that. These counselors sit down with your teenager and talk about their future.

They try to make them believe in their dreams and show them that they have a lot ahead of them, especially with God looking with favor on them. 

When teenagers receive this support, they tend to live up to what others believe in them most times.

These are some of the ways Christian counseling for teens help teenagers.

Christian counseling for teens is about approaching issues teens are afraid to address themselves. 

Here are some common issues a counselor will help the teenager with. 

Common Issues Addressed By Christian Counselors For Teens  

Minor Issues Like Insomnia

Parents should not wait until a significant issue develops before seeking the help of a trained counselor for their teenager. 

Minor issues like insomnia or anxiety could develop into more important concerns if left untreated or addressed by a counselor.

For example, anxiety usually causes distress in teenagers.

In the case of insomnia, a physician should also provide help, but a counselor would give emotional support. 


Teenagers, unfortunately, are prone to depression. 

Any sign of this should be taken seriously and reported to a Christian counselor for teens.

Most teens are usually susceptible to depression which could cause them to become withdrawn.  

Behavior Problems  

When teenagers begin to act funny in school or the home, this is by causing problems or engaging in fights in school. 

Then, Christian parents should seek Christian counseling for their teens. 

These counselors work with school counselors and doctors to ensure a troubled teen receives timely help.

There are other issues that Christian counseling for teens will address, like stress, substance abuse, low self-esteem, and trauma and grief. 


Christian counseling for teens solves several problems before they become a major concern for teenagers.

First, they are using the scriptures and the teenager's faith to help restore the confidence and trust of the teenager.

But parents should ensure that the Christian counselor is trained to work with teenagers.

Word of mouth referrals can prove to be invaluable when seeking a counselor. 

Finally, parents should check the accreditation of any counselor they approach to help their teen.

Parents have the huge responsibility of helping teenagers look up to God. 

The Christian counselor is one aspect of that help. 

A Christian counselor who works with teens knows that only God has the answers to life's problems. 

They always merge this belief with the training they have received professionally. 


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