Divorce Counseling and Therapy – Counselors in Colorado

Divorce Counseling and Therapy – Counselors in Colorado

Divorce is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult things an individual experiences. When we make our vows, the intention is that they are forever. Unfortunately, this isn't always the way it works out, and with the divorce rate increasing around the world, many people are faced with a form of loss that they never thought they'd have to deal with: the loss of their marriage.

Make no mistake, the loss of one's marriage is a serious event that often requires a period of grief and reconciliation to recover from. The loss of a marriage is not unlike the death of a loved one, although it is not often considered as such. Many who go through a divorce do so without adequate support and are left dealing with feelings of grief and pain that they don't know how to wrangle with.

Divorce is never easy, but at Overcomers Counseling, we seek to mitigate some of that pain and help you get over your loss as smoothly as possible. 

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Difficulties of Going Through Divorce

Divorce is almost always difficult for those involved. No matter the cause, no one is prepared to deal with the dissolution of a relationship that was meant to last a lifetime. When dealing with divorce, it is important to treat it with the gravity and seriousness it deserves: marriages should be mourned as gravely as the death of a loved one, and a proper amount of time is necessary to process this loss.

Despite the seriousness of divorce on the psychological well-being of those involved, the dissolution of a marriage is not often treated as seriously as other forms of loss. Additionally, stigma against the practice of divorce itself can lead to feelings of shame among divorcees, which only serves to make the pain that much worse.

Does Child Therapy Help With Divorce?

Divorce isn't easy on anyone. This is especially true for the most vulnerable members of the family unit: children. In fact, divorce of their parents is one of the most stressful events a child can endure.   The breakdown of a normal family structure, even if it's for the best in the long-term, can leave a child with significant psychological ...

Complicating factors such as infidelity, custodial rights, and the division of financial assets can further lead to stress that amplifies the pain that comes with divorce. As each relationship is unique, each divorce is likewise unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for those dealing with divorce. Additionally, certain populations may be more susceptible to the negative effects that come with divorce.

Divorced men, in particular, are often at a higher risk of experiencing loneliness and all of its negative health effects that come after a divorce. 

Keeping this in mind, it is crucial for those going through a divorce to seek out the support of friends and loved ones wherever they can.

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Benefits of Divorce Therapy

Given the enormous obstacles that face those going through divorce, therapy is often a much needed coping method for those experiencing the end of a marriage. 

Many divorcees find themselves unable to open up to friends and family about their marriage, an issue which serves to make the divorce process that much more emotionally difficult. 

Being able to talk about the divorce and its effects on your psychological well-being is a vital part of the grieving process, and in the absence of trusted confidants who can help you process these feelings, divorce therapy is often a necessary alternative.

With divorce therapy, we can help you make sense of your feelings and help keep negative, self-destructive thoughts at bay. 

Divorce is something that no one should go through alone. If you've been struggling with your feelings during divorce, we're here to help see you through the grieving process. Call 719-345-2424.

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