Lovely Ways to Remember Your Deceased Ones

Lovely Ways to Remember Your Deceased Ones

When someone we love dies, we often try to hold on to memories shared with them and honor the life they lived.

Experiencing loss is never easy; however, there are several ways you can remember your deceased ones to keep them alive in your heart forever.

For one, you can keep something of theirs to remind you of them.

It could be a teddy bear, their favorite shirt, a mug, or anything of sentimental value they used to own that will help you remember them.

You can also establish a grant or charity in your deceased loved one's name.

You can fund a cause your deceased loved one was passionate about, create a grief support fund to help others who lost their loved ones, or raise a fund to give back to the community in your loved one's name.

Similarly, planting a tree in honor of your deceased loved one is a long-lasting way to cherish their memory.

You can plant their favorite tree from their garden or choose a tree seed with symbolic meaning to represent the life your loved one lived.

A great example is the oak tree which symbolizes longevity and strength.

Read on to learn five lovely ways to remember Your deceased ones:

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Keep Something They Own 

When we lose a loved one, it can be difficult to say goodbye to their presence and the time spent together.

However, you don't have to.

An excellent way to remember your deceased ones is to keep something they own to remind you of them even years after they have passed.

You can choose their favorite items- something that reminds you of them or an item you both enjoyed together- something that reminds you of the time spent with them.

You can also create a keepsake from some of their belongings.

Parting with all they own is not always easy, as they are a tangible connection to your lost loved one.

You can select a few articles of clothing or their favorite clothes and turn them into something you can keep.

You could make pillows, hats, patchwork quilts, towels, napkins, stuffed animals, etc.

Keeping something that belonged to your loved one helps you feel close to them though their presence is no more.

You can take your keepsake everywhere with you, so you never have to forget them.

Establish a Grant or Charity 

Another heartwarming way to remember your deceased ones is to create a grant, charity, or scholarship in their name.

By doing good for others in the name of your loved one, you get to honor their memory and celebrate the life they lived.

You can choose a charity or cause that focuses on something your deceased loved one was passionate about.

For instance, If your deceased loved one loved sports, you could create a merit-based scholarship for athletes.

In another instance, If your deceased loved one died from a disease, you could fund medical research or make an award for medical students to further their education.

Likewise, If you want your loved one to be remembered in their local community, you can donate to an orphanage around the area or fund a student in their name.

Year after year, you can give back in their name to keep their memory vibrant in the community and their legacy lasting.

Several people are in need of donations and support, and giving to them in your loved one's name will not only help you remember them but also improve the lives of others. 

Connect With Others 

When your loved one passes away, it is easy to feel lonely and isolated.

It's important, then, to remember you're not alone in the grieving journey, and it can be helpful to connect with others experiencing the same loss.

This way, you get to remember your deceased ones communally.

You can plan a picnic together where you prepare your loved deceased ones' favorite meals and sit around with friends and family to celebrate them.

You can share each other's stories, memories, and personal experiences with the deceased.

Chances are that you get to learn about other awesome sides of your deceased loved one.

Also, you can plan an adventure with other people grieving the same loss to a place your loved one loved to visit.

You can see your deceased loved one favorite spot or visit their favorite trails.

You can play their favorite sport while at it, share their favorite drink and celebrate the life they lived together.

Shared affection is a wonderful way to remember your deceased ones together.

You can connect with others to celebrate the lived day lived yearly, perhaps on their birthdays or passing date, to remember them.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree is one of the best ways to memorialize your deceased loved ones and honor the life they lived.

It stands as a physical reminder of your lost loved one and can also help in your grieving process.

You can decide to plant your deceased loved one's favorite tree in their memory or choose trees with symbolic meaning to honor them.

For instance, an apple tree is a sacred symbol of love, a cedar tree symbolizes eternity, a cherry tree symbolizes rebirth, a hazelnut tree symbolizes wisdom, and the magnolia tree symbolizes majestic beauty.

Trees serve as a living memorial to represent the well-lived life of your loved one.

They are also more life-affirming than other traditional death reminders like urns and memorial tombstones.

You can select a location that is convenient to visit for the entire family.

It lasts for several generations, so you and your family can always gather to celebrate your loved one.

Create a New Tradition 

Another lovely way to remember your deceased ones is to start a new tradition in their name.

You can gather with others sharing the same grief as you to execute this tradition in honor of the deceased.

The tradition could be as simple as coming together on your deceased loved ones' birthday to visit their grave or attending their favorite yearly show together.

You can also consider holiday traditions like lighting a candle, holding a candle ceremony, giving to charity, having a moment of silence, or adding an extra plate to the dinner table to represent your loved one's presence.

Creating new traditions provides the perfect opportunity to remember loved ones and honor them during special days.

It allows the deceased to live on in the hearts and minds of well-wishers years after they might have passed. 


When our loved one passes away, we may want to celebrate the life they lived and the memories they left with us.

Choosing memorials that honor the values they held and the legacy they left behind can be an excellent way to heal through your grief and provide grief support for others suffering the same loss.

Here are five lovely ways to remember your deceased ones: keep something they own, plant a tree, create a new tradition, establish a grant and connect with others.


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