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Despite the city's economic growth, the need for rental and financial assistance remains a critical issue for some individuals and families striving to maintain stability in an ever-changing financial landscape.

Access to these resources is more than just a temporary relief; it's a crucial step towards ensuring that all community members have the foundation they need to thrive.

By providing support during times of need, Colorado Springs demonstrates a strong commitment to fostering a community where everyone has the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their current financial situation.

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Rental Assistance in Colorado Springs

Rental assistance can be a lifeline for individuals and families struggling to keep up with housing costs. 

In Colorado Springs, there are several programs designed to help residents afford their rent, ranging from federal and state initiatives to local non-profit efforts.

Government ProgramsSection 8 Housing Choice Voucher

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is a federal initiative administered by local public housing agencies (PHAs).

This program aids low-income families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities in securing affordable, safe, and hygienic housing within the private sector.

Participants are free to choose any housing that meets the program's requirements.

More Information: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Colorado Springs Housing Authority Programs

The Colorado Springs Housing Authority offers various programs aimed at assisting residents with housing needs, including the administration of Section 8 vouchers in the local area.

More Information: Colorado Springs Housing Authority

Non-Profit Organizations Offering Rental Aid

Several non-profit organizations in Colorado Springs provide rental assistance to those in need. These organizations often offer additional support services, including counseling, financial planning, and legal advice.

Utility and Energy Bill Assistance

Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

LEAP, a program supported by federal funding, is aimed at assisting households with low income to cover their winter home heating expenses.

This initiative is designed to ensure that eligible families can afford the necessary warmth during the colder months.

Colorado Department of Human Services LEAP

Utility Company Hardship Programs

Many utility companies offer hardship programs for customers struggling to pay their bills, including payment plans, emergency assistance funds, and energy efficiency programs.

Visit the website Colorado Springs Utilities, and look for sections on billing assistance, customer support, or community programs.

Silver Key Senior Services

Provides various forms of assistance to senior citizens, including help with utility bills.

For up-to-date contact details, check Silver Key Senior Services' official website

Food Security Services

The Marian House Soup Kitchen

Operated by Catholic Charities of Central Colorado, this kitchen provides meals daily to anyone facing hunger.

Phone: 719-866-6551

Colorado Springs Food Rescue (CSFR)

CSFR focuses on reducing food waste while increasing access to nutritious food in underserved communities through various programs.

Springs Rescue Mission

Offering a range of services including meals and food boxes, this mission supports the homeless and hungry in the area.

Springs Rescue Mission

Mercy's Gate

Providing neighbor-to-neighbor services such as food assistance, Mercy's Gate supports El Paso County residents facing financial hardship. 

Financial Counseling and Debt Management

  • National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) - NFCC is a prominent figure in the realm of financial counseling within the United States. Its mission is twofold: to provide comprehensive financial counseling and education to all segments of the American population and to advocate for high-quality financial education and counseling services.

  • Pikes Peak United Way 211 - This service can connect you with local financial counseling services and debt management resources. Simply dialing 211 can help you find tailored assistance.

Employment and Career Development

In Colorado Springs, individuals seeking employment and career development opportunities have access to a range of resources designed to support job seekers. 

Workforce centers and job training programs play a crucial role in this ecosystem, offering services such as resume assistance, career counseling, job training, and placement services. 

Pikes Peak Workforce Center (PPWFC)

The Pikes Peak Workforce Center is a vital resource for job seekers in the El Paso and Teller counties. It provides a comprehensive suite of free services aimed at connecting employers with job seekers and offering training and development opportunities.

Services Offered:

  • Job Search Assistance - Help with finding job openings, resume writing, and interview preparation.

  • Career Counseling - Guidance on career choices based on skills, interests, and labor market trends.

  • Training Programs - Access to job training programs that can improve employment prospects, including on-the-job training, apprenticeships, and certifications in high-demand industries.

  • Workshops - Regularly scheduled workshops on various topics, including job search strategies, networking, and using LinkedIn effectively.

Goodwill of Colorado

Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs offers several programs focused on career development, job training, and employment services. 

Their mission includes helping individuals overcome barriers to employment, such as disabilities, economic disadvantages, or lack of education.

Services Offered:

  • Career Development - Personalized career counseling and planning.

  • Job Training Programs - Skills training in areas like retail, hospitality, and custodial work, aimed at building employability in sectors with high demand.

  • Employment Services - Job placement services and support in finding suitable employment opportunities.

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The array of rental and financial assistance resources available in Colorado Springs serves as a critical lifeline for individuals and families navigating financial difficulties or facing housing instability.

These resources, including emergency rent aid, utility assistance programs, and financial counseling services, are designed to provide support and stability to those in need, preventing homelessness and easing financial burdens.

It is essential for residents to recognize the value of these resources, reaching out for help without hesitation. 

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