Christian Counseling Services: Difference Between Biblical Counseling And Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling Services: Difference Between Biblical Counseling And Christian Counseling

Are you curious about Christian counseling services and what it entails? 

Here is what you should expect when signing up for any counseling.

If you're looking for Christian counseling services, you've probably noticed that there are different approaches to getting that help.

One is called "biblical counseling" and the other is known as "Christian counseling." 

But what's the difference?

With both approaches, the counselor will use a Christian perspective when interacting with you and will typically be a Christian themselves.

Yet there are some differences between the two.

Generally, biblical counseling is more narrow in its focus on using specific passages from the bible to address issues that you discuss with your counselor.

Some people may prefer this method because it's focused on addressing specific issues with direct and straightforward advice.

On the other hand, Christian counseling will take into account your personal struggles and experiences in addition to any biblical texts that can be related.

The approach is more holistic, taking a variety of factors into consideration when helping you work through issues in your life.

Asking questions about the types of approaches used by different counselors can help you understand which might work best for you if you're seeking Christian counseling services.

Christian-Based Therapists in Colorado

Seth Boughton, SWC

Seth Boughton, SWC

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Abigail Corless, LPCC

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Sarah Munk, LPC

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Samantha Zavala, LPCC

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Noah Suess, MA, LPC

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Randal Thomas, SWC

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Amber Chambless, LPC

Amber Chambless, LPC

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Shannon Hamm, LPC, CCTP

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 452-4374

What is Counseling?

Counseling is the process of guiding a person through a stage in life when it becomes necessary to e-evaluate or make decisions about themselves and their course of life. 

Some Christians aren't aware that there are different kinds of counseling in Christendom.

Christian counseling services contribute to the happiness of family and society by helping individuals to discover themselves based on a Christian worldview. 

Christian counseling services help them to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually as a whole to restore family relationships and improve interpersonal relationships.

In Christian counseling services, there are two (2) types of counseling, they are; Biblical counseling and Christian counseling.

Let us define these terms before looking at their differences.

What is Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling is a counseling or*psychotherapy based on the Christian faith. 

It may describe different ways and methods of counseling and may be offered by individuals with different backgrounds and credentials.

*Psychotherapy: It is a general term for treating mental health problems that entail discussing with a psychotherapist.

Or, the acceptance of psychological knowledge into the foundation of Christianity. 

What is Biblical Counseling?

Biblical counseling informs that true comfort and satisfaction can be found only in a relationship with God and the goal of attaining godliness and restraining from sin.

Key Differences Between Biblical Counseling and Christian Counseling

While you might think of Christian counseling as a type of biblical counseling, that's not always the case. 

What is the difference between the two?

Biblical counseling is based on specific teachings and principles found in the Bible. 

Biblical counselors are trained to apply these teachings to their clients' situations. 

For example, they may teach clients to pray or to meditate on specific verses in the Bible. 

They might ask clients to choose a verse that has particular relevance to them, and then read it out loud each day as part of meditation practice.

In contrast, Christian counselors come from a variety of backgrounds and educational programs. 

Some may have studied psychology or sociology in addition to theology or scripture. 

While they will incorporate some biblical principles into their practice, they will also use secular methods like cognitive behavioral therapy or motivational interviewing.

Christian counselors may also be more likely than biblical counselors to explore clients' past experiences and how those events might contribute to current issues. 

A Christian counselor might ask a client about her relationship with her parents, for example, whereas a biblical counselor might focus on how she can forgive or rely on God instead.

You don't need to be religious to benefit from Christian counseling. 

Some people find that it helps them explore questions about meaning and purpose in life.

Source Of Knowledge

This is one of the key differences between biblical counseling and Christian counseling.

For biblical counseling, the source of knowledge is the Bible, while the source of knowledge for Christian counseling is psychology. 

Some Christian counselors avoid the use of the Bible in the course of counseling, everything is viewed psychologically.

Know that biblical counselors can effectively provide counsel to people without any knowledge of psychology. 

Biblical counselors, unlike psychotherapists and some Christian counselors, consider the Bible to be the only source of a comprehensive and detailed approach to counseling.

Some people prefer Christian counseling to other types of mental health counseling and treatment because they are more comfortable dealing with mental health or personal issues in a religious context.

 Causes Of Problems

Biblical counseling has a place for spiritual concepts such as God, the Holy Spirit, sin, and satan. 

Therefore, they have a way of explaining the cause of a problem from a spiritual perspective. 

Meanwhile, Christian counseling often boils down to two (2) primary categories which are; Nature and Nurture.

The nature explanation states that the problem the individual is facing is due to inherent biological problems. 

In this counseling, the problems are said to be in the DNA of the individual.

If this turns out to be true, the Christian counselor just advises the individual to seek medical help, while the Nurture explanation states that the problem might be a result of the upbringing of the individual or how the individual was taught to think while growing up.

The solution often offered by Christian counselors in this Nurture case is to re-train the individual to think differently or teach them new behavioral patterns to alter their environment.

True biblical counseling points individuals to Christ and the Word of God.

Biblical counseling seeks to let God speak for Himself through His Word. 

Different Qualification

Biblical counseling is a pastoral activity, the fruit of the spiritual gift of exhortation. 

Its purpose is not self-esteem, but sanctification. 

Meanwhile, In Christian counseling, some medical professionals such as Doctors and nurses can get a certificate of qualification from the states to be a Christian counselor due to their field of expertise.  

Different Approach

As part of the biblical counseling process, each session will include time for conversing and praying together. 

Counselors in Biblical Counseling not only solve your dilemma but come to be your buddy.

As a helper, the counselor will express genuine concern for the individual and the problems the individual is facing.

The first few sessions in the biblical counseling process will have a great amount of time committed to inquiry. 

The biblical counselor will ask a lot of questions to gather enough information to understand the root cause of the problems the individual is facing.

While Christian counseling services deal with individuals professionally. 

All forms of therapy are carried out in a professional manner that involves less talking and quietness for effective psychotherapy. 

The field of Christian counseling uses the scientific knowledge of human psychology to provide qualified support and assistance to a person. 

The purpose is to build an environment where the individual feels safe sharing their struggles and downfalls. 


The purpose of biblical counseling is to help people deal with any problematic circumstances in a way that is consistent with Scripture and to help develop an inner character that matches the character of Christ.

While The specialty of Christian Counseling services is to teach various approaches to increase the effectiveness of an individual, family, or group. 

It also provides opportunities to understand and practice a wide range of problems and coping methods, including counseling for children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. 


It is important to know that Christian counseling and biblical counseling are on the same page. 

The main purpose of both of them is to proffer solutions through their different means.

During any of these counseling, especially Christian counseling, the individual needs to be honest and forthright.

If the counselor is unable to properly diagnose the root issues due to false or misleading information, he/she won't be able to provide the best solutions possible.

Do not allow pride or fear to stop you from being open and honest about the struggles you are facing. 

The goal is to have an accurate understanding of the problem.

Be informed that a bible will serve as a reference in biblical counseling, so it's important to bring a Bible each week. 

Biblical examples will be studied, Scriptures from the bible will be memorized and homework /assignments designed to help you become a doer of God's Word in your particular situation will be given. 


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