Can Christians Have Depression? 5 Steps To Decrease Depression

Can Christians have depression?  Christians can experience depression just as easily as someone who does not proclaim to be a Christian.  The complexity of depression can overwhelm and even try to rob one of their joy like a dark rain cloud about to open up and pour out. Depression can feel like the plague of death overcoming one quietly ...

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To The Parents Seeking Christian Counseling For Teens

We live in an increasingly non-Christian world, so how do parents seeking counseling from a Biblical worldview pursue Christian counseling for teens?  First, the parent must be able to spiritually discern for themselves whether a counselor is Christian in their approach, and, second, whether or not the teen needing services iden...

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Laughter, Is It All That It Is Cracked Up To Be?

Laughter, Is it all that it is cracked up to be?  People always hear, Laughter is the best medicine, yet did one ever wonder, is it really?  Well, It is true, laughter arouses your body to respond in ways that improve one's mental and physical health. With this said, I have gathered together many sections of some great ways to get your la...

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What is Christian/Faith-Based Counseling?

As obvious as the combination of its words may appear, Christian Counseling (and Faith-based Counseling more broadly) entails more than meets the eye, so what is Christian/ Faith-based Counseling?  The obvious answer is that Christin/Faith-based Counseling is the approach to a client's needs through the lens of their religious and sp...

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The Words I Say vs. The Words He Says - Spiritual Truth to Negative Talk

When you can’t choose or control your circumstances, you can still decide how you’ll respond to them. Paul was in prison when he wrote,

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