Ways to Help Dispel Negative Self-Image of Autistic People

Ways to Help Dispel Negative Self-Image of Autistic People

The way people react to people with autism might affect them in tremendous ways.

From weird looks and hostile treatment to exclusion from activities, autistic people tend to develop negative self-images about themselves.

As they interact with others, they tend to see how different they are, and this might affect how they see themselves.

Hence, it is vital that you help to dispel the negative self-image of autistic people around you.

You can achieve this by treating them with love and support whenever you are around them.

You can achieve this by including them in social activities as much as possible.

Their disability should not deter you from involving them in social activities.

Paying attention to their feelings will also help reinforce in them a positive mindset.

Creating a safe environment for them to express themselves will also help them greatly.

Therapy and counseling also offer a great way to help them with any negative self-image they might have about themselves.

Read on to gain insights on how you can help dispel the negative self-image of autistic people.

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Joel Harms, MA, LPC

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Treat Them With Love and Support 

You can dispel the negative self-image of autistic people by treating them with love and support.

It is essential for you to create a loving and supportive environment for them.

The way you treat them would affect how they would see themselves.

Where all they receive is affection and support, it would make them feel loved and safe.

This would boost their self-esteem.

Treating them with love involves displaying affection when attending to their needs and disciplining them with love.

For instance, when they display inappropriate behavior, you can reprimand them gently.

Your attitude also goes a long way to determining the image autistic people would develop about themselves.

Support also comes in various forms, such as listening to them, helping them with their daily activities, showing interest in their passions, and encouraging their interests.

Autistic people need all the love and support they can get from their families, friends, and colleagues.

When you treat them with love, you help to dispel the negative self-image of autistic people.

Include Them in Activities 

Many autistic people may be overlooked from activities.

Even where they wish to participate, a negative image of themselves may prevent them from doing that.

Be it family time, school, or work activities, they should be allowed to participate in these activities.

When you treat them like they belong, they are able to dispel negative self-image and develop a positive image of themselves.

Excluding them from activities usually reinforces their disability or that they are not fit to take part in normal activities.

It is therefore important to include them in activities so that they can see themselves as people who can also live normal life.

Participating in activities gives them an opportunity to connect with others and develop positive self-esteem.

This would help dispel the negative self-image of autistic people.

Allow them to participate in activities they like with people that share their interests.

Ensure the activities are such that they can participate in them without difficulties.

Be Attentive to Their Feelings 

Autistic people may find it difficult to recognize and express how they feel.

You need to be patient with them while they express how they feel.

When they can express how they feel and their worries without judgment or fear, you can help dispel the negative self-image of autistic people.

Assure them that their feelings are valid and find ways through which they can effectively resolve those feelings.

When they express how they feel about their disability or how other people treat them.

Let them know that is not their fault or anyone's fault, that they are whole people regardless.

And that what other people think about them should not define how they feel about themselves.

Always address the source of the things that trigger the negative self-image.

You can also remind them of positive experiences and their strengths rather than their disability.

This will go a long way to help them feel good about themselves.

Create a Safe Environment for Them

Many autistic people are vulnerable to negative self-image due to the wrong perceptions people have about autism.

Talking about autism in a positive way would impact how autistic people see themselves.

Being in an environment that accepts and supports them as they are would help them live a wholesome life.

An environment that promotes their value and self-worth would help dispel the negative self-image of autistic people.

You can also encourage them to create relationships with the autistic community.

When they relate with other autistic people, it would comfort them to know they are not in this alone.

Joining healthy physical or online communities offer opportunities for social interaction and a positive image.

Having people with shared experiences will help dispel the negative self-image of autistic people. 

Talk to Professionals 

Some of these methods may work for some autistic people, while they may not work for others.

In that case, seeking professional help can help dispel the negative self-image of autistic people.

Professionals are trained to provide solutions on how to help them improve their life and well-being.

By talking about the challenges they face, they can work with professionals to solve those problems.

For instance, a particular behavior from others may trigger a negative self-image.

You can teach them how to respond by removing themselves from the situation or how to manage such situations well.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a great way to help dispel the negative self-image any autistic person may have.

It helps them recognize negative thoughts and how to change them for positive ones.

The therapist will teach them how to take control of their feelings and thoughts and how to perceive themselves in a positive light. 


A negative self-image can have damaging consequences like low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression in autistic people.

By treating them with love and support, including them in activities, paying attention to their feelings, creating a safe environment, and seeking professional help, you can dispel the negative self-image of autistic people.


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