Why Parenting Is Important

Why Parenting Is Important

Are you a new parent worried about parenting responsibilities or someone wondering if parenting the right way is that important?

In both cases, this article will help you understand why parenting is important and what you can do to ensure that you are on the right track.

As parents, you have to remember that you are the first people your children interact with during their infant years. Whether you are a father, mother, or caregiver, your attitude and behavior will leave a long-lasting impact on your children’s psychology.

Therefore, you must do your best to nurture your children. This does not mean just physically taking care of them, but also working on their emotional and mental development.


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Importance of Parent-Child Bonding

Almost all parents wish to have a stronger relationship with their young ones, but many struggle to achieve this goal. Hence, as a parent, it is your responsibility to find ways to bond with your children.

The relationship you form with your children will determine their personality, behavior, emotions, and overall perception of life and the choices they make. Moreover, it can help them become independent and face social situations in the outside world.

This is only possible by finding the right parenting style. Here is how that can help:

  • The right parenting style will help you enjoy strong bonding and healthy relationship. This, in turn, will allow your children to feel secure, confident, and content.
  • With healthy parenting techniques, you can teach your children to regulate their behavior and emotions in stressful situations.
  • Parenting and supervision can help instill mental and linguistic growth.
  • Healthy parenting involves intervention in your children’s daily lives to help your kids build academic and social skills.


Positive Parenting is the Key

No matter what age group you belong to and where you live, positive parenting is the answer if you want your children to do well in life. Yes, you will have to change your methods and adapt as you grow, but some principles will stay the same.

  • Treat your children with respect; interact with them on a personal level.
  • Show warmth in your gestures and expressions and encourage two-way communications.
  • Set boundaries because children need a structured lifestyle with guidance. This will help them respect authority and follow the rules.
  • Always remember, punishment is not the solution if they make mistakes; instead, speak to them about the actions and consequences.
  • Always be a good listener and empathize with your children. Let them know that you know and understand how they feel. Reassuring them that you are always there to help them will make them feel safe and confident.
  • Positive parenting is not about doing it all by yourself. Let your children solve some of their problems while you stay available if they need guidance.
  • According to research, children try to copy their parents. Therefore, walk the talk and be a role model as they will learn more from your actions than words.

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Can You Learn Parenting?

Yes, it requires practice to become a responsible and caring parent. However, if you feel isolated and find yourself struggling with the stresses of parenting, you can definitely benefit from some guidance from a counselor or professional therapist.

Learning about parenting skills and styles will eventually help you bring up your children with strong chances of leading a successful life.

According to Laurence Steinberg’s book “Beyond the Classroom,” supportive, warm, and structured parenting can help your children stay away from at-risk behavior, and they are more likely to succeed.

  parenting quotes

How Learning to be Parent Can Help

If you wish your children to be successful, it will help you enormously to learn some basics. Here are some aspects of it.


1.  Creating Strong Foundations

No matter what your education, professional, and socioeconomic background is, learning to bring up your children in a positive way is a common parenting concern. Parenting guidance can help you understand your children better and prepare for years to come.


2.  Learning to be Involved

Research shows your children are more likely to do better socially and academically if you check-in on them, help with homework, and attend school and sports events.

Attending school events can also help you broaden your social network and connect with teachers and other parents. This way, you can share strategies and advice on parenting your children in the healthiest ways possible.


3.  Adapting Parenting Style that Helps Your Children’s Personality

Parenting is all about teaching your kids and nurturing them emotionally, physically, and mentally. You may have learned several parenting techniques to disciple and raise your children. However, you have to make sure that your parenting style is serving your kids right.

Thus, you must find a balanced parenting style that suits your child's personality. After all, it is going to determine how your child will think, feel, and behave for the rest of his/her life.

According to a study by the University of Washington, parents using ill-suited parenting techniques on their children double their chances to develop mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, etc.


4.  Being Confident

You must feel confident as it is crucial for positive parenting. There will be times when you will feel emotionally, physically, and mentally challenged by your children’s behavior. However, you will need to be a confident parent to muster up the courage to stay on track.

Your children need to respect you, and for that, you have to make them believe that you know what you are doing.



According to research, an authoritative parenting style is the best way to bring up your children. This style involves setting up rules with high expectations. However, you also display high affection, praise, and love towards your children.

Be an authoritative parent and encourage your children to communicate. Speak to them if they even falter in their behavior. Moreover, try to see things from their perspective and be as understanding as you can.

In case you are struggling with an aggressive young one, seek help from a professional counselor to find out what you can do differently to create a better bonding.

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