When Parenting Gets Easier...Really, I Have To Know

When Parenting Gets Easier...Really, I Have To Know

 Do parenting hardships make you wonder when parenting gets easier?


Do you fear that this is what your life will be for countless years to come?

You are in the right place, as this article will give you a perspective of why parenting can be hard for some and how does it get easier - if it does.

Parenting a child right from day one is both a strenuous and grueling task. The weight of expectancy by your own conscience to get it right is one of the most daunting parenting struggles you wish you can get over.

Most parents feel this is never going to end. They dream about the day when parenting gets easier, and their kids can be wiser and more responsible.

You may have heard a lot that it will get easier, but you just do not want to haste your way there. As a parent, you wish to ensure that your child gets the best physical, emotional, and mental nurturing.

For that purpose, you go through a plethora of books, sessions with your doctor, and whatever guiding principles you can find on good parenting. 

Good Parenting Can Lead to Easier Parenting 

To be an effective parent, you need to learn to find the right balance between your parental instinct to nurture your child and the necessity to discipline them. Of course, you have to make sure to steer clear of certain negative behaviors such as neglect, abuse, and overindulgence.

A study found children who received parenting styles that combined sensitivity, love, and clear behavioral grooming to be at their best behavior. The study also suggested that a parent must focus on the following four responsibilities.

  • Nurturing their child's emotional well-being
  • Working on a child's intellectual development
  • Maintaining a child's health and safety
  • Developing a child's social skills.

As a parent, you must be affectionate while maintaining a stable emotional environment for your child. Moreover, allow your child to make their own choices and teach them about the rewards and repercussions of their choices, i.e., the pros and cons of everything they do. 

Four Styles of Parenting

There are four parenting styles found in our society; here is a quick look at what they are and which ones you must adopt.

  • Authoritarian – This parenting style involves a high level of control with strict disciplinary principles and lesser affection and warmth toward a child. An authoritarian parent will offer limited flexibility and negotiation with a child and demand to measure up to high expectations.
  • Authoritative – As an authoritative parent, you will practice both high levels of control as well as affection towards your child. You are a reasonable parent who likes to nurture your child but sets a high bar for them when it comes to rules and obedience.
  • Permissive – If you are a permissive parent, you display a low level of control while showering your child with a high level of warmth and affection. Your parenting style involves fewer rules, lower expectations. Sometimes, you even allow your children to solve their problems without much parental feedback.
  • Uninvolved – This is the parenting style that you must avoid as it indicates that you are least interested in being a parent. As the name suggests, you display low to no involvement in your child's nurturing or development with a low level of control. This type of parenting may cause several behavioral issues in your child.

Child's Development and When Parenting Gets Easier 

As a parent, you will be an influential figure and a role model for your children. Therefore, you must work from the earlier years of their lives to give them a healthy ground to develop. However, it would help if you also accepted the fact that your child has his or her own personality, goals, and emotions.

As a parent, you may direct them in a certain direction. Still, you must also provide opportunities for your child to prepare for complete emotional and psychological independence when the time comes.

It may take a lot of effort in your early days, but once the rules and values you ingrain into your child become their second nature, this is when parenting gets easier for you.

What parenting style you have will definitely play a significant role in your child's behavioral, emotional, and psychological development. However, you can take a flexible approach in your parenting style and find a balance between strictness, love, warmth, and discipline.

Some parents give up control on purpose because they are mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, trying to deal with a troublesome child. However, do not give up just because you are a parent of a difficult or aggressive child. The best way is to get help and look into options for the child's anger management therapy.

You will have to be extremely selfless, patient as well as emotionally and mentally resilient to give your children a good foundation. Consistent focus, guidance, teaching, and investing in your children can make your need to steer them almost obsolete.

As your kids grow up, a time comes when they do not need you around to discipline them or answer every question they might have. However, you are there in the background as a go-to person if and when they need you for something new that comes their way.

This is your time to relax because this is when parenting gets easier. Simply stay persistent in your approach, and it will get better with time. However, you must remember that there is no set formula for parenting; just because something worked on one child does not mean it will work on all of them.

Every child is different, so you will have to alter your approach slightly while keeping some basic rules and practices in place. 

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So it is safe to say that the consistency of your parenting style will determine whether and when parenting gets easier for you. However, you must seek to find out how your children perceive your parenting style. That said, if you can master being an authoritative parent, you can instill positive behavior in your children with self-confidence and self-esteem.

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July 20th, 2024

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