Top 20 Parenting Books

Top 20 Parenting Books

Parenting is never an easy process, not even for some of the most experienced parents out there. Each child brings unique challenges and mind-boggling situations that most parents are often unable to cope with. Parenting books help you better understand your child and their needs. But with the onslaught of information on the internet, which ones do you place your absolute trust in?

The truth is that parenting does not work with a single formula. While some parents may want guidance to co-parent with an ex, others may seek help for coping with tantrums.

Here are our top 20 parenting books that will help you through major parenting struggles:


1.  Your Two-Year-Old

Your Two-Year-Old: Terrible or TenderThe late authors of “Your Two-Year-Old” include Frances L. and Louise Bates Ames. Both individuals share their authority on parenting as if they are describing a friend they observed closely. It’s like an encyclopedic and colloquial explanation, but each word will resonate with and relate to your child and your parenting experience.

This book discusses what you’re dealing with, what might and might not work, etc.

2.  Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Laura Markham

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids WorkbookA psychologist, Laura Markman, shares her expertise to help parents foster an emotional connection with their child. This book helps you build a vital connection with your child without threatening, bribing, pleading, or nagging them.

3.  The Explosive Child

The Explosive Child Is your child chronically inflexible? Then this book by Ross W. Greene will help you respond to outbursts like hitting, swearing, yelling, crying, etc. This book takes a compassionate, practical, and positive approach to gain control over your child and diffusing destructive behaviors.

4.  Daring Greatly

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and LeadBrene Brown addresses the vulnerability of parents in her book. She shows parents how to embrace their vulnerability while raising hopeful, confident, and courageous children. The book also teaches parents to step back and let their children learn to tackle conflicts, disappointments, and self-assertion. However, parents should be around them with a watchful eye.

5.  All Joy and No Fun

All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern ParenthoodJennifer Senior leads parents through a modern parenting journey with a broad and deep perspective in her book. She addresses the one question every parent has on their mind, “Did we pick the wrong time to raise a child?”


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6.  Live Love Now

Live Love NowRachel Macy Stafford addresses the greatest challenges kids face today. She also equips the parents to deal with their struggling children in a compassionate, humane, and honest way.

7.  How to Raise Successful People

How to Raise Successful PeopleEsther Wojcicki proves her exceptional parenting skills in her book. She combines her personal stories along with proven research to help parents relax and raise their children. Her parenting skills ensure that children grow up with kindness, collaboration, independence, respect, and trust.

8.  Positive Discipline

Positive DisciplineJane Nelsen is the epitome of positive discipline. In her book, she gives practical strategies to parents for raising their children with love, kindness, consistency, and firmness. She emphasizes mutual respect as the key to positive discipline and not resorting to punishments.

9.  Helping Your Anxious Child

Helping Your Anxious ChildThis book is a collection of stories from parents from all over the world. Their children suffer from societal anxiety, panic attacks, and various similar problems. This book helps parents learn to cope with troubling problems in their children.

10.  When Partners become Parents

When Partners Become Parents: The Big Life Change For Couples Paperback – June 1, 1993The co-authors of this book reflect on the ups and downs that relationships experience. It especially analyzes the crises of new parenting pressures and their effect on different relationships. This book helps relationships between parents, allowing them to survive and cope with their parenting struggles.

11.  Cribsheet

This book is an economist’s take on the parenting process as a data project. She provides statistical data for parents to cut through the noise and decide for themselves appropriate times for essential milestones. It can include the best time to potty-train, whether or not breastfeeding your baby is necessary, and other important milestones.

12.  Permission to Feel

Marc Brackett outlines a strategy in his book that helps parents cultivate their children’s emotional intelligence while also deepening their own.

13.  Mindset

Carol S. Dweck reflects on the mindset that relates to the parenting process. This book has all the guidance parents would need to be successful in their parenting journey and raising successful kids. He associates the parenting process with the abilities and talents parents possess. With these abilities and talents in mind, along with a growth-focused mindset, they’d find the parenting process much easier.

14.  The Whole-Brain Child

The authors of this book present twelve strategies that are a revolution in nurturing the developing minds of children. The book features age-appropriate strategies that parents can use to positively impact their child’s brains. These strategies help in cultivating healthy intellectual and emotional development that is essential among children.

15.  No Bad Kids

Janet Lansbury provides a simplistic, wholesome, and simple approach to help parents treat their children with respect. She helps parents realize that the best way to raise children is by helping them blossom into their most authentic selves.

16.  What to Expect the First Year

This book is especially insightful for first-time parents. It helps them learn what behaviors may surface soon and what milestones their baby should be hitting in the first year. Parents can also learn of certain symptoms they should treat as red flags and when to approach doctors etc.

17.  Middle School Makeover

Michelle Icard provides an excellent guide not just for parents but educators too. This book will help you guide your tweens in better navigating their challenging middle school lives. Many tweens tend to lose their confidence and miss golden opportunities due to socially fraught cafeterias, gyms, hallways, etc.

A book is a broad approach to tackling neurological developments in tweens and much more.

18.  The Second Shift

This book is a groundbreaking portrait of how working parents can divide their household tasks while raising kids successfully. As old as this concept is, it is still relevant to modern parenting, and every parent can find it useful.

19.  The Conscious Parent

Dr. Tsabary brings a much-needed book that helps parents align their own emotional and psychological awareness. The author helps parents look into a mirror and assess their own histories. This self-reflection will help them choose what they want to or do not want to pass on to their children.

20.  How to talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will talk

The co-authors have given parents everywhere a gem that will help them find balance amid their struggles for power. This book helps you practically resolve power conflicts with your children while improving your cooperation as well.

Final Thoughts

As parents, you can use all the help you can get, and our parenting books will provide you plenty. Empowering your children to overcome challenges, and learning to divide household tasks as working parents, are just a few things these books can teach. These books will each help you tremendously in your parenting journey.

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