How We Approach Play Therapy for Colorado Springs Kids



At Overcomers Counseling, we take pride in our unique approach to play therapy for children in Colorado Springs.

Our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where kids can explore and express their feelings through play.

Here's how we make this happen.

Parenting Therapists in Colorado

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Mackenzie Batson, LPCC

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Seth Boughton, SWC

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Randal Thomas, SWC

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Whittney Romero, MA, LPCC

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Abigail Corless, LPCC

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Kimberly Nefflen, LPCC

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Jenifer Seas, LCSW

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Winnie Siwa, LPCC

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Jessica Titone, LPCC

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Stephanie Kol, LPCC

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Creating a Safe Environment

Our licensed professional counselors and registered play therapists work closely with children to create an atmosphere of trust.

This setting allows kids to feel secure enough to open up.

A variety of toys and games are available during each session.

These include dolls, art supplies, and sand trays, chosen to reflect a wide range of life experiences.

Observing and Guiding Play

During therapy sessions, our play therapists carefully observe the child's play behavior.

This observation helps us gain insights into the child's mental health challenges.

While the child leads the play, the therapist may intervene to guide the process or provide necessary structure.

Some examples of this may include suggesting new ways to play with a toy or encouraging the child to express their feelings through their chosen activities.

Play therapists are trained to use play as a form of communication, allowing children to express themselves in ways that may be difficult for them verbally.

By observing and guiding play, our therapists can help uncover underlying issues and provide effective support and intervention for the child's mental health.

In addition to traditional talk therapy, using play as a therapeutic tool has been shown to be highly effective in helping children process and cope with difficult emotions.

Children often struggle with expressing their feelings and thoughts through words, especially when going through challenging situations such as trauma or family issues.

Through play therapy, they can externalize and explore these emotions in a safe and non-judgment environment

This balance allows children to explore their feelings and replay traumatic or stressful events while feeling supported.

The Methodology Play Therapists Utilize

Play therapy in Colorado is a structured process that starts with assessing the child's needs.

This often involves interviews with parents or caregivers.

Based on this assessment, we create a customized treatment plan for each child.

Sessions typically occur weekly, allowing the child to engage in play with minimal interruptions.

In non-directive play therapy, the child leads the way, expressing their thoughts and emotions freely.

In directive play therapy, the therapist takes a more active role, guiding the play and introducing specific therapeutic activities.

Both methods aim to help children develop healthy coping skills and improve their self-esteem.

Common Approaches to Play Therapy

  • Non-Directive Play Therapy - In this approach, children lead the play while the licensed professional counselor observes. This method allows kids to express their feelings and thoughts freely.

  • Directive Play Therapy - The play therapist takes a more active role, guiding the play with specific therapeutic activities designed to address difficult emotions and experiences.

  • Sand Tray Therapy - Children use a sandbox and miniature figures to create scenes that reflect their inner world. This approach is effective for those who have experienced trauma.

  • Art Therapy - Utilizing various art supplies, this method helps children and adolescents express their emotions and cope with stress through creative expression.

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Play Therapy - This approach combines play with cognitive-behavioral techniques to teach children how to manage challenging thoughts and behaviors.

  • Filial Therapy - Involving family members, this method helps families understand and support their children better, fostering healthier relationships.

  • Puppet Play Therapy - Puppets are used to help children articulate difficult emotions and experiences in a safe and controlled manner.

  • Narrative Play Therapy - Children create stories during play, allowing them to process and make sense of their difficult experiences.

  • Group Play Therapy - Multiple children engage in play together under the guidance of a therapist, promoting social skills and peer support.

  • Animal-Assisted Play Therapy - Incorporating animals into therapy can help children feel more comfortable and open up about their feelings and experiences.

These popular approaches in Colorado play therapy can help children and teens reach their full potential by teaching them how to cope with difficult emotions and stress.

Families encountering these challenges can find effective support through therapy in Colorado Springs. 

Tools and Activities

We use a variety of carefully chosen toys and materials to encourage creative expression and exploration of issues.

Common items include sand trays, puppets, dolls, and art supplies.

For example, a child might use a dollhouse to recreate a troubling event or a sand tray to depict feelings of chaos or control.

Our activities range from drawing and painting to role-playing scenarios.

Each activity is designed to help children explore emotions, develop social skills, solve problems, reduce anxiety, and learn new ways of thinking and behaving.

Emotional, Cognitive, and Social Benefits

Play therapy offers a multitude of benefits for children's well-being.

Emotionally, it provides a safe space for kids to express and understand their feelings.

Cognitively, it enhances problem-solving skills and stimulates creativity.

Socially, play therapy improves communication skills, helps children understand others' perspectives, and fosters healthier relationships.

  • Encourages emotional expression and understanding

  • Develops problem-solving skills and promotes creativity

  • Enhances communication abilities and understanding of others' perspectives

  • Fosters healthier relationships and social interactions

  • Reduces anxiety and promotes a sense of control

  • Supports the exploration of emotions and development of social skills

This is important because it allows children to develop a strong sense of self and emotional intelligence, which are crucial for their overall well-being. 

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Why Choose Play Therapy in Colorado Springs?

For our neighbors in Colorado Springs seeking play therapy for kids, our approach addresses a wide range of mental health challenges.

Whether dealing with behavioral problems, difficult emotions, or low self-esteem, play therapy offers constructive ways to improve your child's mental health and well-being.

We are dedicated to providing new clients with solution-focused therapy that makes a real difference.

If you're looking for effective play therapy in Colorado, trust Overcomers Counseling to provide the support and expertise your child needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and start your child's journey towards better mental health.


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