How New Parents Can Make Time For Themselves

How New Parents Can Make Time For Themselves

Life is tough but life with kids is tougher. 

When you are new to the parenting scene, navigating life while caring for another other than your spouse can pose a challenge. 

New parents have to share every minute of their time with their new baby. 

This new development will definitely affect the mental, emotional and physical health of new parents

They would have little to no time for themselves. 

In order to keep themselves in the best frame of mind, parents must make out time for themselves. 

This may seem like an impossible feat, but it isn't. 

Here's how to make time out for yourself.

Be Ready To Adjust 

Pre-baby life offered more time to indulge in certain unnecessary activities.

Although these activities may not have seemed unnecessary at the time, they definitely are now.

Having clean laundry takes precedence over folding laundry. 

A clean pantry takes precedence over one where items are arranged by color. 

Doing the things mentioned above helps you save time. 

So the time you would usually spend doing those things, use it to rest or practice some self-care. 

If you love preparing your meals from scratch or going to buy fresh foods and vegetables from the store, you may want to consider less time-consuming options. 

Sometimes you can order in or get someone to assist with cooking. 

Understanding that you may have to give up some simple pleasures, will make it easier for you to adjust. 

Make A To-do List 

Making a list of what you need to do will go a long way in helping you manage your time. 

It's important you add your self-care time or "me time" to the list.

This list will free up space in your mind, so you won't have to worry about what you have to do and what you haven't done. 

Schedule Personal Time

If you are someone who has time management as a soft skill, you will understand how important scheduling is. 

Another thing as important as the schedule is taking measures to ensure you keep to your schedule.

Measures to be taken include; talking to your partner and planning how he can watch the baby for an hour or two.

The services of a babysitter could be employed or a family member could care for the baby while you take some time to yourself.

Remember No Time Is Too Small

When you feel exhausted, you think you need hours of rest but most times just a few minutes of peace can make a huge difference.

It could be when you are taking a bath, and someone else watches the baby. 

Do not hesitate to lock the door and take those few minutes to really relax. 

You can even stay in the bathroom a little longer. 

If you happen to have a few minutes of free time, don't think it's too small to do something you enjoy.

It could be reading a book, watching TV, or anything that helps you feel relaxed. 

Get Help

People say it takes a village to raise a child.

You may not need an entire village but you do need people. 

You need a support system especially when the baby is just born. 

Even if we live in a society that glorifies being up to your eyebrows at work, it is okay to accept help. 

You can get a nanny, babysitter, or maid.

Pick whichever works perfectly for you is fine.

You don't need to feel guilty or ashamed about needing help.

There is no shame in it.

 Learn To Multitask

It is a way of life for all mothers. 

They always multitask. 

You can feed the baby while watching a TV show or reading a book.

Play with the baby while doing your skincare routine or baking.

You can even exercise while watching the baby

. Or even with the baby if possible.

Multitasking involves you doing something that calms and relaxes you while caring for your baby. 

As long as you can pull this off without much stress, do it as much as you can. 

This will make things so much easier for you. 

Invest In Baby Accessories 

These accessories include baby carriers, baby wraps, bouncy chairs, etc. 

When you have these accessories you can do a lot more and still care for the baby. 

You can bake, cook, fold the laundry and even bathe whilst still caring for your little one. 

Do Your Beauty Treatments At Home

Get your hair, nails, pedicure, and manicure done at home if possible.

This saves you time and energy. 

You don't have to start figuring out how to get to a salon. 

This time can also pass as self-care time. 

Visit Family And Friends

Parenting can make it difficult to keep up with your friends and family and understandably so.

So once in a while take your little bundle(s) of joy on a short trip. 

You get to catch up with friends and family and give yourself a break from the baby. 

These kinds of visits usually end with your host taking care of the baby during your visit.

So you can relax, have some drinks and enjoy a good conversation. 

Sleep When The Baby Sleeps

When you can finally get the baby to sleep, it is not the time to find work to do. 

It is time to sleep as well. 

Every second counts when you have a baby. 

So don't waste it. 

Even if you can't bring yourself to sleep, do something relaxing. 

It is important to remain in the best frame of mind mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

So never miss out on an opportunity to enjoy some me-time. 


The first few months of parenthood are usually the hardest. 

But once you find what works for you, parenting gets easier with time. 

Plus the smile on your little one's face makes it all worth it. 


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June 21st, 2024

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