20 Parenting Tips to Encourage Good Behaviors

20 Parenting Tips to Encourage Good Behaviors

Every parent wishes their child to be on their best behavior but they rarely come true. 

Do you ever see a child behaving like the perfect angel and you wonder, what do their parents do, what is the secret? 

Well, let us help you out and tell you that there is no secret. The world is not conspiring against you by hiding the best-kept secret of raising well-behaved children.

All you need to do is take a hard look at your parenting style and see if you are doing it the right way. Do you think there are things that perhaps you can do better? 

We think so too!

To make your life a lot easier, here are 20 parenting tips that can help you instill good behavior in your children.

20 Parenting Tips to Encourage Good Behavior

Give Them Independence but Be Careful

Your children are indeed children and some independence will surely help them bloom. Human beings are not animals to cage and tame. 

They have a working brain and the inherent need to follow their thoughts. Instead of navigating every aspect of your child's life, it is best that you give them enough independence and space to help them make their own decisions. 

However, it is important to remember that you are the adult here. Do not go overboard with the freedom.

Let Them Pave Their Own Way

When you constantly tell your children what to do, they get tired of you bossing them around. 

Make sure your children know that they can take charge of their lives, partially if not completely. 

This will help them stay calm and not act out.

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Isolate Discipline From Punishment

Disciplining and punishing your children are two separate things. 

You must never do both at the same time as it will completely defeat the purpose of you trying to do either. 

If you want to discipline your child, it is best if you do it before you are forced to punish them. Establish boundaries as a part of discipline. 

Once you do that, you will not feel the need to punish them.

Spend Quality Time With Them 

Your children are indeed your children, it is you who is the main focus of their existence. 

If you do not spend quality time with them, they will surely feel neglected. 

Once a child is under the impression that they are being neglected they will look for ways to grab the attention of those around them. 

These ways of getting attention are often negative and can be considered ill behavior.

Read Together

Reading is a great activity that a parent can do with their child. This way you will be able to spend quality time together. 

Not only that, but you will also be able to bring a bit of calm into the life of your child.

Set An Exemplary Example

Monkey see monkey do. Your children are often mirroring everything that you do. 

You can't really blame them for poor behavior if it is you they are adopting it from. To ensure good behavior in your children, you must yourself, be at your best behavior.

Be Truthful

As previously discussed, children learn the most from their parents. 

The biggest parenting tip to raise truthful children is to be truthful yourself. If you are truthful, your children would only know to speak the truth as that's what they see you doing.

Don't Quarrel In Front Of Them

Spats between parents can have a very negative impact on children, you mustn't let them be the audience to a lover's spat. 

Make sure they are not present while you sort out your problems.

Listen To Them

Bad behavior can sometimes depict an underlying issue. 

Listen to your child and see what exactly is wrong with them. Help them out and you will be able to fix their bad behavior just like that.

Be Appreciative Of Efforts

Human beings crave appreciation like a moth is drawn to the flame. 

You must take notice of the efforts that your child is putting in. Let them know that you acknowledge it and appreciate it. 

This will mean the world to them and they will be motivated to work in the same manner.

Encourage Positive Behavior

Encouragement does the same magic appreciation does. 

If your child is behaving in a manner you would like them to, let them know and see how they do it over and over again.

Give Your Children the Time They Need

Children demand attention and one way they can get the attention they need is through your time. 

Give them as much time as you possibly can to tell them you're there for them.

Be Conversational

Children have lots of stories to tell but hardly anyone to tell them to. 

Be all ears when your children have something to say. 

Pay attention and respond to them however way necessary.

Channel And Address Their Emotions

Misplaced emotions are often the root cause for misbehaviors. 

Let your children express their emotions to you freely. Once they can express their emotions clearly you will see a great difference in their behavior.

Hold Them Accountable For Their Actions

In the real world, all actions have reactions. 

Teach your children that and hold them accountable for the actions they make. This way they will know better the next time and make better choices.

Teach Them Values, Use Different Methods!

Teaching your children values is as important as teaching them how to eat. 

You must however choose different ways to get your point across. You can either read them bedtime stories with values or give them a one on one talk about them.

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Eat Together As A Family

Family meals are very important as they keep the whole family connected with one another. 

To regulate any pent up emotions it is a great idea to dine as a family.

Show Affection to Them

Hugging your ward or pecking their cheeks every once in a while can contribute to their good behavior. 

They will feel loved and that will help them keep their behavior in check.

Keep Them Occupied

An empty mind is the devil's workshop. 

Keep your child invested in different activities so they do not get ample time to busy themselves with wrong activities or bad behavior.

Make Sure They Sleep Fine

Most children misbehave when they are irritated. 

This irritability may come from a lack of sleep. Certify that your child is getting the sleep they need so that they do not slip into irritation influenced bad behavior.


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