10 Fun Indoor Activities For Toddlers That Encourage Good Behaviors

10 Fun Indoor Activities For Toddlers That Encourage Good Behaviors
Teaching your children good behaviors are giving them an integral part of the cornerstone to the foundation of their life. As parents, when we educate our children on how to behave, both in public and at home, we are helping to lead them onto the path of kindness and caring. Here are some great indoor activities that will help to encourage good behavior in your children.

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1. Read To Them

Toddlers love it when their parents read to them, it teaches them how to recognize letters and words and make sounds. But not only that, but it also can be a teachable moment for your child. You can find some really great books on manners at your local library. You could even make it a fun "journey" for you and your child to embark on, to find a book that your child can relate to, and teach them good behavior at the same time. They will enjoy it, and you will love watching them learn!  

2. Sing A Song

Toddlers can really relate when it comes to music and play. They learn through dancing and singing. Singing a song with them, like the "Please and Thank You Song" can help them to learn what to say when they want or need something, and how to respond when they receive it. Then, after the song, you can give them easy examples of scenarios of when to say "please" and "thank you."

3. Paper Bag Puppets

Puppets make it easy for children to pretend to be someone else. This is a great way to explore their emotions and how to handle them. You can make simple puppets from brown paper lunch bags. Draw various faces with different emotions on them, and give them to your child to play with and encourage them to put on a puppet show with them. They can easily mimic the emotions that are shown on the face. For example, if it is a mad face, then you can talk to your little one about what we do when we are mad.

4. Throw A Tea Party

This is a wonderful way to teach all about proper etiquette at the table. Have your child set up the tea party  in whatever way that she or he wants to, and join the party! Find teachable moments within the party, like how to set the table, how to ask for something, and how it is important to behave. Then, when the tea party is over, show them the importance of tidying up their space when they are done with something.

5. Watch A Video

With the internet at our fingertips this day and age, we parents can access all kinds of educational content online. This includes educational videos that can help to teach your child etiquette, manners and good behavior. There is a plethora of free educational content that can be found on YouTube. From Blippi to Super Simple Songs, there are plenty of resources that you can find and watch with your child. This would make for a great rainy day activity!

6. Tell Stories 

A good way to help your child to learn integral skills such as mindful listening and taking turns is to sit and tell each other stories. They can be any kind of story, real or fantastically imagined in your little one's mind. You can share tidbits of information about each other, or listen to what went on during their day. This can also help to teach a child empathy, as they can feel for you or a character in one of these stories.  

 7. Have A Scavenger Hunt

Children absolutely adore scavenger hunts. For good reason, too, they are a whole lot of fun, looking for clues to ultimately find a prize! We can use this to our advantage as parents. By putting together a fun scavenger hunt for your children, you are teaching them about teamwork and how to work well with others. It also helps them to learn decision-making skills, like whether or not they should split up or work together. It's a fun and educational experience for all! 

8. Practice Table Manners  

You can start your children off with small little chores, like helping to set the table. This will make them feel like they are responsible enough to do so. Plus, it is a great way to show them how a table is set. Once dinner is served, practicing manners like "please," "thank you," and "excuse me" are a great way to weave a little bit of learning and playtime into dinner time.After dinner is over, have them help by letting them take their own dish to the sink, and that's to help teach them how to clean up after themselves.  

9. Play Emotion Charades

This is a great game to play when you want to teach your child about different emotions. Draw different emotions and faces - like sad, mad, happy, surprised, etc. Toss them all into a bowl and have your child pick one. After they have chosen, they should show you with their face and body what that emotion is, and you have to guess it. When you get it correct, talk a little bit more about that specific emotion and the body cues used to share that emotion. When you're done with one, move on to the next! It's a fun little game that will get your child thinking.  

10. Play A Board Game 

  Playing simple board games are a great way to not only bond with your children, but to help show them proper behavior as well. Board games can help children to learn about how to deal with losing without having a tantrum, and how to wait their turn. It also helps them to learn how to follow directions. Some simple games include Candyland, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, and more. It not only provides teaching moments, but it also gives you quality bonding time with your children, which is invaluable to us as parents! We soak up all these kinds of moments that we can, and if our children learn from it, all the better!


When it comes to teaching your children about good behaviors and manners, it can be done through a variety of ways, such as the games, crafts and activities listed above. These great indoor activities make for fun and engaging play and learning. You can also learn more about helping with behavioral issues by reaching out to one of our counselors.




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