How to Find a Narcissistic Personality Disorder Therapist

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Many people with narcissistic personality disorder sometimes go undiagnosed and untreated.

And for some who have been diagnosed, it is rare for them to seek professional help.

Once you're diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, seeking the appropriate treatment is essential.

This would provide you with the support for narcissism that you need and help you to live a healthy life.

It is essential to find a narcissistic personality disorder therapist around you that would help you to understand your diagnosis better and make the necessary lifestyle changes.

You can find a narcissistic personality disorder therapist by speaking to your healthcare provider or a mental health professional for referrals.

You can also find therapists through online directories and websites.

Also, look out for narcissistic personality disorder therapists within your locality. Inpatient recovery programs also provide therapists for patients.

Getting admitted into the program for narcissism personality disorder can help you find a suitable therapist.

And you can enlist your family members to help you find a therapist.

Here are ways to find a narcissistic personality disorder therapist.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Therapists in Colorado

Denise Itule, LPCC

Denise Itule, LPCC

(719) 345-2424
Shannon Matlock, LPC, NCC

Shannon Matlock, LPC, NCC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 203-7021

Healthcare Provider

Your healthcare provider or mental health professional is your first choice and one of the best people to help you find a narcissistic personality disorder therapist.

Once you've been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, and after undergoing all the necessary mental health assessments and physical examinations, they can refer you to a licensed therapist or psychiatrist.

Your healthcare provider would also know best which therapist would suit your unique personality traits and diagnosis.

Depending on how severe your symptoms are or your underlying health condition, they can work with your therapist to offer support and help you deal with negative personality traits and behaviors.

This helps you develop healthy traits and a positive self-image.

Online Therapy Services

There are numerous online therapy services that are affordable and easily accessible.

These platforms help you find a narcissistic personality disorder therapist by matching you with online experienced therapists that would suit your needs.

Some medical websites also have a directory of licensed and experienced narcissistic personality disorder therapists around you.

Online therapy is best if you can't find a narcissistic personality disorder therapist around where you live.

With an online therapist, you can bridge the distance gap and save yourself the time of commuting to meet a physical therapist.

This helps you get the best therapy service even from a distant location.

It is also more flexible, especially if you have tight schedules or work long hours.

You can communicate with your therapist anytime, anywhere, once you have a stable internet connection.

This makes online therapy highly convenient and cost-effective while offering you privacy.

Online therapy services are also convenient if either you or your therapist have to change location.

Since therapy for narcissism can take an extended period, you can still maintain the relationship with your therapist regardless of a location change.

Suppose you're also the kind that finds it challenging to communicate with a new therapist face to face.

In that case, it removes the challenge by providing an alternative communication method with your therapist.

Local Therapists

You can also find a narcissistic personality disorder therapist who stays within your locality to provide therapy.

You can find them through referrals from family, friends, or support groups.

Your hospital may also have a brochure or directory where you can find them.

They could also be found online using your location to find narcissistic personality disorder therapists around you.

When you do this, ensure you run background checks on them or double-check with your healthcare provider.

Local therapists give you a more personalized and engaging therapy experience.

Personal interaction makes it easy for your therapist to track your progress and improvements.

It also makes you accountable and dedicated to the service since you have a fixed schedule with your therapist.

You can also opt for online therapy services if you prefer them.

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In-Patient Recovery Programs

People who have just been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder and other health conditions may need to be admitted. 

In-patient recovery programs help you find a narcissistic personality disorder therapist targeting your narcissistic traits and providing focused therapeutic experience and treatment services.

This is coupled with intensive treatment for the symptoms of any co-occurring health conditions.

Inpatient recovery programs help you find a therapist and provide a calm and stable environment where there are no distractions or interference during your admission.

This helps you to focus on your treatment and quick recovery.

With in-patient programs, you're confident you're getting a licensed and experienced therapist.

There's also the confidence that you're getting the most suitable therapist for your peculiar treatment needs.

Look for people that were diagnosed with narcissism who went through in-patient programs.

They can assist you in finding a suitable one.

Your Family Can Help

Your family can also help you to find a narcissistic personality disorder therapist.

You can all choose family therapy or couples therapy if you're married.

This is particularly important if you have abusive tendencies or your narcissistic personality has caused a strain on your family relationship.

Family therapy sessions help to bring your family together so that you can understand how your behavior affects them.

It also allows you to explore with your family your negative behavioral patterns, conflict, and communication problems that you need to resolve.

This helps you create an intimate, long-lasting relationship with your family members and other people.

And it puts you on the best possible path to recovery.

You necessarily do not have to undergo family therapy with your family.

Your therapy could be personalized, but you're getting enough support from your family members.

Depending on your choice, your priority should be to improve yourself and live a healthy life.


A person with narcissistic personality disorder needs to go for therapy for narcissism as soon as possible.

You can find a narcissistic personality disorder therapist by speaking to your healthcare provider, going online, looking at locally available therapists, inpatient recovery programs, and enlisting the help of family members.


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