How to Deal With a Narcissist

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Depression, anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and fear are some of the things you could go through with having to deal with a narcissist.

Living with, working with, and having to relate to or deal with a narcissist, which could be a family member, friend, or co-worker, can be challenging.

People with narcissism don't necessarily want to harm or hurt others intentionally.

Instead, they are just persons who lack a consistent, reasonable sense of who they are and lack support for narcissism.

They are persons who instead seek attention and self-esteem from others rather than themselves.

However, don't be overwhelmed or discouraged; there are ways of handling this.

Although there is no standard way of dealing with a narcissist, there are ways of making life with one tolerable and enjoyable.

It gets better in dealing with them if you have knowledge of their symptoms or how the Narcissistic personality disorder manifests in them, as you're able to handle the situation better.

Knowledge of how their narcissistic tendencies affect you also helps you in dealing with them.

Building your confidence and having high self-esteem also would also help your relationship with a narcissist.

You can also deal with a narcissist by redirecting your focus from them to yourself.

Surrounding yourself with positive energy and setting clear boundaries can also be a great mechanism.

Therapy is also an essential mechanism for dealing with a narcissist.

In your interactions and relationship with narcissists, you should avoid criticizing them and watch your words.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Therapists in Colorado

Shannon Matlock, LPC, NCC

Shannon Matlock, LPC, NCC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 203-7021

Know Their Symptoms

In as much as there is a tendency to overlook the characteristics of Narcissist personality disorder in a person because they tend to possess outstanding qualities, it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms peculiar to the person so that you can deal with them.

This knowledge would help you in handling the situation better and preempt it.

It also helps in being able to accept and tolerate them.

It can be challenging to recognize that you're a victim of narcissistic abuse and thus unable to seek professional help early, which may affect your self-esteem or confidence.

Being able to identify the narcissistic abuse early helps you in preventing lifelong damage to your own mental health.

Anticipating what they may say or how they may react to a situation or challenging circumstance can help you handle problems better and respond accordingly. 


You can deal with a narcissist by being assertive, speaking for yourself, and reassuring yourself that it is just a disorder and not necessarily intentional.

Instead of focusing on a narcissist, focus on your own needs, aspirations, and desires.

Note that their perception of you doesn't define, make or mar you because they already tend to be focused on themselves.

You should be able to speak for and defend yourself because they thrive on others' weaknesses and attention.

It is also essential that you're able to stand up for yourself, restate your boundaries, acknowledge their unacceptable behaviors, and push back against their violations.

With these, you'll be able to navigate their deception.

Narcissists tend to lack empathy for others and are less considerate towards others, so it is best to provide these for yourself when you have to deal with one.

In situations where you have to deal with a narcissist, you don't necessarily have to constantly react to their actions because the more you react, the more you fuel them.

Although not reacting does not necessarily mean you should not respond or address issues that need to be, you must as much as possible avoid them projecting on you or deflecting from the topic and vice versa.

Also, always try to remain focused on the issue on the ground.

Set Boundaries

People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder tend to break the rules and cross boundaries set by others habitually.

However, they tend to secure their boundaries dearly.

To be able to deal with a narcissist effectively, it becomes crucial for you to set your boundaries and guard and maintain them.

Also, constantly reiterate these boundaries you have set for them and make no room for breakage.

Also, make unacceptable behaviors known to them.

Surrounding yourself with positive energy is also an important mechanism to deal with a narcissist.

These friendships provide avenues for you to express yourself, rub your minds, and a getaway ticket.

You can get support from these relationships you have with other people.

Revive your relationship with old friends and build or make new friends, which can be from your community, social media, or even from your already existing friendships.

You should also ensure that you are and feel comfortable around these friends, and you should also be clear on your intentions. 

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Therapists in Colorado

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Therapists in Colorado

Shannon Matlock, LPC, NCC

Shannon Matlock, LPC, NCC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 203-7021

Therapy for Narcissism

You can deal with a narcissistic loved one or co-worker, as the case may be, by getting help through therapy.

This would help you to deal with them and form healthy connections with them.

Through therapy, you would be able to recognize the selfish behavior and patterns, remember how it affects you, and identify that you aren't the problem and that nothing is wrong with you.

Therapy for narcissism would also help reduce how you blame yourself, and it can also help you talk about your feelings to others.

Therapy can also help you in building or rebuilding your watered-down self-esteem.

You can also pick up and develop a new hobby, as this helps you redirect focus.

Volunteering also happens to be a good mechanism that helps distract you.

Keep Calm Always

You can deal with a narcissist by avoiding calling them out for their narcissistic behaviors, which can easily fuel them up.

In circumstances where you have to give them negative feedback, try to provide the feedback positively.

This is because, to them, they are acting normal, and every other person is acting abnormal.

Practicing your words before having to tell them, as this can be beneficial as it helps you remain calm.

Taking deep breaths, practicing yoga, exercising, meditating, listening to music, reading books, and many more can help remain calm and stable in your interactions with narcissistic persons. 


It is easy to forget yourself or lose sight of yourself when you have to deal with, live with or have a relationship with a narcissist.

You can deal with a narcissist by knowing the symptoms of a narcissist and how they affect you, having confidence and healthy self-esteem, setting boundaries and surrounding yourself with positive energy, going for therapy for support for narcissism and avoiding criticizing them, and keeping calm. 


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