5 Ways to Spot a Narcissist

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It is crucial to know someone, but it is more important to understand their personality as this would aid your relationship with them.

Therefore it becomes important to be able to notice a narcissist as this would help in your interactions with and relationship with them and avoid the toxicity that may come from such relationships.

Generally, narcissists are persons with a vain image of themselves, not necessarily because they have self-love.

You can easily see a narcissist when you recognize the high sense of self-importance they have for themselves.

One way to note a narcissist is by recognizing their constant need for praise from others.

Noticing or recognizing that a person always feels entitled is another way to note a narcissist.

When you realize that a person is always ready and quick to gaslight and guilt trip others, it can be said that you have spotted a narcissist.

A person who constantly intimidates and bullies others can also be said to be a narcissist.

Knowing how to spot a narcissist will save you from being subjected to narcissistic abuse, which could be in the form of depression, low self-esteem, and many more.

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Someone Who Has a High Level of Self-Importance

One way to spot a narcissist is by paying attention to how much a person places importance on his or herself.

When you see someone who possesses a high level of grandiosity, it can be said that that person is likely a narcissist, as grandiosity is a defining characteristic of narcissism.

Narcissists happen to have a vain and unrealistic sense of superiority over others because they believe they are unique and far better than others; therefore, they can't relate with people, not at their 'so-called' level.

Narcissists are proud people who believe they can and should only be associated with the high class.

They see others as inferior to themselves, and because of this, they tend to have few friends and lasting relationships.

Their belief that they are superior, irrespective of what facts say or prove, is a defining characteristic.

A Person Who Wants to Be Constantly Applauded

You can spot a narcissist when you recognize a person's constant need for an appraisal.

Narcissists want to be noticed by everyone, even when they have contributed little or, worse, absolutely nothing.

They are persons who do all within their power to be recognized in everything they do.

They thrive on the praises alluded to them by others, and due to this, they are constantly in need of people who can massage their high ego and tend to always look out for such people.

When people around them don't give them the praise they seek, they begin to display their narcissistic tendencies.

When it comes to narcissists, compliments you would generally give to another person which they would appreciate you for, would typically not be valued or recognized by a narcissist.

In relationships, you can spot a narcissist when you notice or realize that such a partner always wants to be praised whilst not reciprocating, and such partners tend to have problems or feel betrayed and disappointed in their relationships when the praises stop or decline.

Sense of Entitlement 

Another way to spot a narcissist is from their sense of entitlement.

Because narcissists consider themselves to be unique, they tend to have high expectations from people and circumstances.

They believe they have a right and are entitled to everything they want.

They also believe they are not entitled to bad faith or Ill luck and then tend to throw tantrums when faced with one.

This sense of entitlement also makes them think and believe that everyone should comply with everything they want and desire.

In situations where they desire a 'yes', they don't expect a 'no', and in cases they want a 'no', they don't expect a 'yes'.

They are opportunists who exploit every opportunity that comes their way.

When you don't do their bidding or meet their expectations, you become irrelevant, and they tend to subject you to narcissistic abuse, which could be in the form of outrage, negative words, or an attitude.

They have fantasies that they expect everyone to conform with

It is as a result of the entitlement spirit that they exploit others and takes advantage of others.

You have been able to spot a narcissist when you see all these and more in a person.

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Guilt-Tripping and Shaming

A narcissist would never identify with, relate to or put themselves in the shoes of others as they are selfish when it comes to emotions and empathy.

When you commit a wrong, a narcissist will come at every opportunity to guilt trip you for that wrong because their lack of empathy tends to make them quick to shame others.

Thus you spot a narcissist when you realize that a person is ready to shame others and not forget occurrences.

So when someone exploits every guilt and shames others easily, you can quickly tell that such a person is a narcissist.

Intimidation and Bullying

When a person intimidates or bullies others for something they can't do or lack, there is a tendency for such a person is a narcissist.

They tend to feel threatened by the achievements of others and try to water down such achievements, so they bully others, trying to make themselves feel better about their lack of such achievements through bullying and intimidation.

They make fun of others, say mean words, water down achievements, call names, and many more all in an attempt to make themselves feel better.

You spot a narcissist when you notice that a person gets envious at every slightest opportunity.

This is usually due to their belief that they should have been the ones with such achievement and because your achievements affect their bragging rights.


You can easily spot a narcissist when you realize and notice that the person intimidates and bullies others, jumps at every opportunity to guilt trip, shame and frustrate others, has a high sense of entitlement, always wants to be praised and feels overly important.

Remember that your relationship with a person gets more manageable if you're able to identify the kind of person they are and their personality early enough.

It is essential that you're able to identify people around you and interact with them accordingly.


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