What Is a Life Coach?

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Lately, you've been hearing more and more about this "life coach" topic.

But what exactly is a life coach?

The history of life coaching has been around since the 60s and 70s when there was an upsurge of self-help, motivation, and productivity celebrities gaining traction in media and books.

A large portion of the population was searching for new and alternative ways of self-help and therapy.

It was in the 80s when life coaching took on a proper role of a profession.

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Winnie Siwa, LPCC

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Abigail Corless, LPCC

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Carrie Nelson, MS, LPCC

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History of the Profession

The term was first used by Thomas Leonard, who was a financial planner and self-help author.

He even developed a program called "Coach U" in 1988.

The program was aimed at creating more professionals working as life coaches.

Today there are many different avenues and niches for coachees to join, such as wellness, leadership, and executive.

With thousands of certified life coaches worldwide, the professional has rapidly grown and is projected to grow steadily throughout the upcoming years.

The most popular governing body for professional life coaches is called the International Coach Federation, or ICF for short.

The ICF was founded in 1995 and has specific standards and ethics to meet if you want to be a part of their organization.

They offer a certification program, to adhere to these ethics and standards. 

The Future of Life Coaching

As we move further into the 21st century, technology advances and we gain more and more access to healthcare professionals at our fingertips, the profession will only continue to grow and evolve.

Applications, right on our phones, are now able to give us access to these professionals and the help that they can give to us professionally, mentally, and financially.

With the coming increased demand for life coaches, the amount will likely increase and the specializations will grow.

With new branches of life coaching emerging, seemingly daily, such as relationship, business, career, entrepreneurial, and even cryptocurrency, the job market for this line of work will continue to blossom.

Life coaches are beginning to integrate with other lines of work and connect with mental health-related fields such as psychologists, therapists, and human resources.

This collaboration of fields is a good thing as it allows clients with a more holistic conglomeration of assistance for nearly all the needs and problems they may have. 

Diversity and Inclusion

A great thing about life coaches as a profession is that people from all walks of life can work in this role. 

Simply by living life, overcoming adversities, flourishing, in whatever way that may mean to you, and continuing to experience life, you can have some of the qualifications of becoming a life coach. 

Along with the certifications that guarantee you have the skills and experience to become a life coach, anyone may work in this field and help others.

Some people may want a life coach from their same walk of life, and others may want someone totally different from who they are. 

This allows a wide assortment of people to qualify for the role.

What's the Role of a Life Coach?

A person that comes to a life coach looking for help will have needs that are a bit different than what you would normally go to a therapist for.

A life coach will focus on the present and future, unlike a therapist who works on the past with clients.

If someone comes to a life coach looking for assistance, the coach will work on a few main areas.

1. Defining the goals of the client. Where do they see themselves in a month? A year? Five years?

2. Developing a plan of action to help guide them in that direction.

3. Holding the client accountable for their actions

4. Giving guidance and support. The life coach is in this role as they have experience in many different categories of life, allowing them to guide clients.

5. Giving feedback as the days go. Honest, genuine feedback without the fluff and sugar coat.

6. A friend to celebrate in the success. As many of the people who look for life coaches may not have a strong friend group or support system, a coach can play this role for them as well.

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Why Are Life Coaches Important Now?

A life coach, if you choose to work with one, can increase your life drastically.

The old saying "teamwork makes the dream work" is as true as ever.

A life coach will help you find clarity and direction in your life. By asking the right questions and guiding productively, a life coach will open new avenues to their client and help them grow.

If you don't have a life coach, who is going to hold you accountable?

More than likely, no one.

This is where a lot of people fail in life, with nobody to hold them accountable, they become stagnant and no longer have goals and ambitions.

A life coach will continue to push you and hold you accountable.

Life coaches will support you when you need someone to talk to or are having tough times. It's in their best interest for you to succeed, so they will do everything, within reason to get you to a better place in life.

With holistic approaches, the coach will add and benefit you in nearly every area of your life. Physical, mental, financial, emotional, and relationship aspects of life are sure to take a turn for the better when you have a guide and coach to push you in the right direction.


While life coaches have been around for less than 50 years, they are quickly becoming a household profession.

The amount of life coaches is growing and the popularity and use of them is leading to great advancements from people that otherwise, may not have been as productive and impactful in life.

By working with a life coach, you can expect your life to take a drastic turn for the better.

Emotional progress, relationship happiness, business and financial gains, and physical health are just a few of the areas where a life coach can help guide you into a better position.

Life coaching is taking the world by storm and as it becomes more and more common, the world will all learn and grow together.

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