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What is Play Therapy for Children?

Play Therapy is a researched-informed model of therapy that provides a developmental approach for the child to express what might be troubling them.


"Research suggests Play Therapy is an effective mental health approach, regardless of age, gender, or the nature of the problem, and works best when a parent, family member, or caretaker is actively involved in the treatment process."

As adults, we express our troubles and issues in life by talking and in return, we can find support, understanding or a new perspective, however, for a child they may lack the ability or words to articulate what they feel or what is bothering them. Instead, the child acts out what is bothering them or behaves in such a way that reflects their surroundings and circumstances.

Play therapy is used as a means of communication so that children can more naturally express what is troubling them and we can more naturally support them as they sort through those difficulties and imitate appropriate ways of coping through the issues the child is dealing with.

Play therapy can help children work through and cope with anxiety, separation anxiety, depression, abandonment, divorce, grief, and behavioral issues. 

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What is Synergetic Play Therapy?

Synergetic Play Therapy honors both the therapeutic powers of play, the science that governs the relationship, and the development of the therapist, recognizing that it is ultimately the interplay between these three systems that support deep transformation for both therapist and child.

The word itself is also reflective of what is happening in the playroom and how integration and healing occurs. As the therapist attunes to their own internal systems and then attunes to the internal systems of the child, a union of systems occurs. In this union, a synergy forms, allowing for co-regulation to emerge. The co-regulation supports both the therapist and the child in their ability to move towards the uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and body sensations that they would not have been able to move towards as easily on their own.

During this "synergy of systems", therapist and child enter something akin to a "Synergetic field' where right hemisphere to left hemisphere communication emerges, allowing for integration and transformation.

Play Therapy FAQ

What is play therapy?

Child play therapy is a way of being with the child that honors their unique developmental level and looks for ways of helping in the “language” of the child – play. 

Do you have availability for evening sessions?

Yes, absolutely!  View the calendar above for the counselor's schedule.

Are the play therapists licensed?

Absolutely!  Our therapists carry licenses governed by the state of Colorado and have designations after their name (LPC, LAC, LCSW, etc.).  Our pastoral counselors are also highly qualified and they are certified by well-known organizations such as LBC (Licensed Biblical Counselor) and CCBC (Certified Christ-based Counselor).

Can you help my child with behavioral issues?

Yes, play therapy can help children with behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, trauma and more. 

Do you take my insurance?

We are in-network with the following insurances:

Medicaid No
Aetna No
Blue Cross No
Kaiser Permanente     No
United Health Yes
Tricare No


We update this list often.  Please give us a call to confirm, (719) 345-2424.

What is the fee for a play therapy session?

Our rates are affordable and common to the industry.  Our fee is $80 for a 1-hour session (45 minutes of face to face time).  Also note, there is a one-time $25 intake fee. 

Where are you located?

We are located at 5585 Erindale Dr. Ste 204 Colorado Springs, CO 80918.  Click here for directions.

Are there any other incentives?

You bet!  Give us a call to discuss all the incentives we offer our clients, (719) 345-2424.

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