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When California psychologist Francine Shapiro invented eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR) in the late 1980s, psychiatrists and patients alike were lured by the promise of a single-session cure for post-traumatic stress disorder, addictions and phobias. While EMDR's initial splash never swelled to a tsunami, some 50,000 therapists in the U.S. currently sing its praises.

In EMDR, the EMDR therapist waves a finger or baton rapidly before the client, who follows it with his eyes. These swift eye movements are said to loosen knots in one's memory and allow negative thoughts and memories to be favorably reprocessed with minimal guidance from the therapist. 

EMDR Therapists in Colorado

Mallory Heise, LPC, LAC

Mallory Heise, LPC, LAC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 602-1342
Barbra Styles, LPC, LAC

Barbra Styles, LPC, LAC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 345-2424
Heather Comensky, LPC

Heather Comensky, LPC

Aurora, Colorado
(720) 449-4121
Emily Murphy, LPC

Emily Murphy, LPC

(719) 345-2424
Donna Janiec, LPC, NCC

Donna Janiec, LPC, NCC

(719) 345-2424
Sara Robbins, LCSW

Sara Robbins, LCSW

Aurora, Colorado
(720) 449-4121

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Overcomers Counseling in Colorado Offers EMDR Counseling and Therapy

Overcomers Counseling is renowned for its effective EMDR counseling services, provided by well-qualified EMDR therapists.

They employ this therapeutic approach to treat a range of conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociative disorders, chronic pain, and psychological trauma resulting from disturbing life experiences.

EMDR therapy works by helping clients process traumatic experiences, thereby reducing their impact.

This begins with the EMDR session where the therapist guides the client through recalling distressing events, focusing on the related physical sensations and emotions.

As the client begins EMDR therapy, they learn to reinterpret these experiences, which can lead to significant reductions in symptoms.

Overcomers Counseling's approach to EMDR has proven to be an effective treatment, particularly for those dealing with complex trauma.

By treating trauma at its core, they help clients move past their traumatic experiences and start on a path to recovery.

So, whether you're dealing with physical trauma, chronic pain, or the aftermath of a distressing event, starting EMDR therapy at Overcomers Counseling could be a key step in your healing journey. 

Understanding EMDR Therapy: Controversies, Benefits, and Potential Impact

Some have thought the process is akin to REM sleep, where eye movements accompany the digestion of daytime memories. Others speculated that the left-right alternation of attention brings brain hemispheres into greater balance. But no one really knows.

Some psychiatrists dismissed EMDR as outright quackery. Many practitioners, like Philadelphia psychologist Arlene Goldman, has stood by the treatment.

She said it works best with immediate, discreet forms of trauma like rape or a car accident.

Controversy aside, Shapiro says more than 2 million people have been helped by the therapy. If you're suffering, EMDR may be worth a shot: You'll probably know after just one session whether it will work for you. 

How Can EMDR Therapy Help?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, a unique form of trauma therapy, has been gaining recognition for its effectiveness in treating a wide range of mental health issues.

A licensed professional counselor in Colorado Springs, CO, can utilize EMDR to help clients uncover and address past traumas, including childhood abuse and traumatic events that may trigger panic attacks or PTSD symptoms.

This therapy uses a technique called bilateral stimulation, where rapid eye movements mimic the brain's normal information processing during sleep, referred to as Rapid Eye Movement (REM). In such a way, EMDR allows the brain to reprocess traumatic memories, reducing their emotional intensity and helping individuals regain control over their lives.

EMDR therapy can be beneficial in various ways:

  • It can help individuals process beliefs related to past trauma, replacing dysfunctional beliefs with healthier ones.
  • It is also used in individual therapy and personal therapy for conditions like eating disorders.
  • In addition to talk therapy, play therapy can incorporate EMDR for younger clients.
  • EMDR can alleviate symptoms of PTSD, boosting self-esteem and overall mental well-being.
  • For new clients seeking a more detailed explanation, our counselors are prepared to delve into how the technique aids in healing relational traumas.

Remember, seeking help is the first step towards recovery. Contact a professional in Colorado Springs, CO, today for a more detailed explanation of how EMDR therapy can assist you on your journey towards healing. 

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