How to Remember Deceased Loved Ones


There is something unique about the bond you share with anyone you cherish.

Dealing with their loss can be hard, but the

right grief support can make a difference.

If you go to great lengths to remember someone who has passed on, it's a sign of the depth of your relationship with them.

Funerals and other memorial services are common practices after the death of a loved one.

But there are many ways that people all over the world remember and celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Some ways you can choose to remember deceased loved ones include sharing their stories and photos.

Honor their lives by telling their stories and displaying their photos.

They serve as reminders that although they have died, they are still with you in spirit.

Another option to consider is supporting the deceased's favorite cause.

If the deceased was participating in a cause that can benefit others, you could try to support it either by making donations or volunteering to help.

Creating living reminders is a new way many people around the world remember deceased loved ones.

Living reminders in the form of trees, flowers, and others are forms these living reminders can take.

Laying eyes on these living reminders, no doubt will create a means to remember deceased loved ones.

Read on to learn more details about how to remember deceased loved ones. 

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Offer Ongoing Support for Their Favorite Cause

During the time we knew them, many of our loved ones devoted themselves wholeheartedly to causes that were important to them.

If you want to do something more permanent to honor your deceased loved one's memory, consider making a donation in their name to a charity.

It's up to you how much money you give to a good cause.

Giving back on behalf of your loved one to a charity that provided them with special care in their final days can be a great source of solace.

Numerous charities and organizations make it simple to establish a recurring donation in someone's honor.

If you want to help but don't feel you can afford to make a financial contribution, volunteering is a great alternative.

Share Their Stories and Photos

Sharing memories of a deceased loved one with others is a powerful way to show that you still care about them.

Expressing your feelings aloud is a healthy way to deal with your emotions, and it will help you heal faster than if you kept them bottled up inside.

Clarity about how best to honor a lost loved one can be gained through seemingly insignificant moments of happiness.

Make a point to sit down and enjoy some time spent with your loved one's old photographs or home movies.

Images captured on film or digitally can serve as a poignant reminder of the times you've spent together.

You could ask those who have been affected to send in any photos or videos they have of the deceased, along with any stories they'd like to tell about them.

Create A Living Reminder

Creating a family tree is one way to honor a deceased person's memory.

This is important because it allows future generations to learn about their ancestry.

Planting a tree or perennial flower that was special to them can be a touching way to honor their memory.

Especially if they had a green thumb, planting a tree or flower garden in their honor can be a life-affirming way to remember them every year.

Rose bushes are frequently chosen as memorial flowers because of their beautiful blooms and fragrance make for a fitting setting in which to reflect.

Additionally, some people like to set up memorial stones around their gardens or memorial trees.

Planting new life has been shown to have fantastic mental health benefits in addition to helping to conserve energy and the environment.

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Carry On A Tradition

Was there anything in particular that you two used to do together?

Family traditions play an essential role in cementing a sense of belonging and perpetuating cherished memories.

Try to carry on a ritual that you and your loved one shared with others.

Perhaps a friend of yours always enjoyed planning a holiday movie night for you and some other friends; why not make it a monthly event?

The fact that a person is no longer physically present need not put an end to these events.

A good way to honor the memory of a friend is to get together with other people who knew and cared about them and watch a good movie together.

This is a unique way to remember the sound of your loved one's laughter or the look of their smile as they did something with genuine happiness.

Make A Memorial

The memorial can be quite elaborate, like a photo collage, or quite simple, like a collection of a few personal items together in one place.

Either way, it is appropriate to honor the deceased in some way.

Making some sort of memorial at home can serve as a daily reminder of their life and legacy.

Gather with close friends and family on the anniversary of the person's birthday that you miss the most and observe the occasion with a toast, a meal, or both.

Do this in honor of the person you lost.

Keeping in touch with others who understand your pain is a healthy way to grieve together and honor your departed friend or family member.

You could also suggest that they look at old photos of the deceased together or watch home videos of the person who has passed away.

As a group project, you could even put together a scrapbook using do-it-yourself techniques.


Having grief support and moments of remembrance will help you through the grieving process, despite the fact that it may be painful to remember them at times.

There are many beautiful ways to remember deceased loved ones beyond a funeral service.

Whether it's to offer ongoing support for their favorite cause, share their stories and photos, create a living reminder, carry on a tradition, or make a memorial, these methods will help you remember them.


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