Reasons to Make Friends as a Depressed Person

Reasons to Make Friends as a Depressed Person

When depression sets in, it's usually challenging to deal with it alone. 

That's why many counselors advise group-based therapy to be able to share thoughts and heal together. 

It's also why it's great to learn how to make friends as a depressed person.

A good friend will be there to help you be the best version of yourself. 

Regardless of your sad or mentally tired state, they will see beyond that and focus on the covered goodness in you. 

Once they identify it, they will encourage you till you become a better version of yourself.

When you feel down or are engrossed in the overwhelming feelings of depression, your friends can help you build your self-confidence to face your fears. 

By giving you lovely reminders of your awesomeness, they can help you get away from the negative thoughts.

Also, you can enjoy the benefit of developing healthy habits from your friends. 

They can motivate you to pick up shared healthy traits or interests, ensuring that you also pursue those habits and become better.

You can consider these reasons to make friends as a depressed person:

Depression Therapists in Colorado

Sara Robbins, LCSW

Sara Robbins, LCSW

Aurora, Colorado
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Alex Wiley, LPC

Alex Wiley, LPC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 452-4374
Jenifer Seas, LCSW

Jenifer Seas, LCSW

Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Vanessa Dewitt, LCSW

Vanessa Dewitt, LCSW

Pueblo, Colorado
(719) 696-3439
Sarah Webster, SWC

Sarah Webster, SWC

(719) 696-3439
Mackenzie Batson, LPCC

Mackenzie Batson, LPCC

(719) 345-2424
Jessica Gutierrez-Gaytan, SWC

Jessica Gutierrez-Gaytan, SWC

(719) 345-2424
Amber Chambless, LPC

Amber Chambless, LPC

(720) 449-4121
Joseph Anders, LPCC

Joseph Anders, LPCC

Colorado Springs, Colorado
(719) 481-3518
Bonna Machlan, Ph.D., LPC, CAS

Bonna Machlan, Ph.D., LPC, CAS

(719) 452-4374

They Can Push You to Your Best 

A good friend will remain by you to push you to your best. 

They generally don't mind saying no to your outlandish ideas from your sad vantage point. 

Thus, they won't be a "yes man" and will make sure you gradually become a better person. 

For this reason, you should try to make friends as a depressed person.

Your friends will teach you all about loyalty. 

You may expect that every friend you make in your depression will surely leave you. 

But when you have one that considers you their friend, understand that they will stick through all your episodes.

Their loyalty will help you become a more loyal person in your relationships.

They can also help you become better by clearly identifying your shortcomings and disapproving of them. 

If you keep getting approvals for everything you do, including unpleasant things, you may lose touch with reality and your good self.

Hence, your friend's ability to give you advice on what you have done wrong can help you realize what you have done.

By pushing you to try harder in framing positive thoughts, they can help you become better. 

Doing this may help you get out of depression because there's a constant flow of loving motivation to become happy and return to regular activities.

They Can Help Build Your Self-Confidence 

With greater self-confidence comes a stronger chance of dealing with depression quickly. 

And if you make friends as a depressed person, you can get friends that can help you build your self-confidence through their compliments and conversations.

By complimenting you unexpectedly, your friends can help you massage your self-confidence. 

They may praise your looks, mental abilities, or mental fortitude, allowing you to see what others think about you. 

Once you discover that they think greatly about you, you will have a bolstered self-confidence.

They can also help you by going out to various activities you enjoy. 

Going alone may not be the same due to a lack of happiness. 

But when they go with you, you can benefit from their infectious joy.

Similarly, they can help by telling you about their insecurities. 

Doing this puts you in a protector position because they are vulnerable to you. 

When you are in this position, you will understand that everyone isn't perfect, allowing you to gain confidence in the face of your problems.

They Can Encourage Healthy Habits in You 

If you have friends that are conscious of good health and how to maintain it, you will also have the opportunity to instill healthy habits in yourself. 

Therefore, safeguarding your health can be one of the reasons for you to make friends as a depressed person.

You and your friends can engage in exercise together, registering at a gym and using a buddy system. 

Once you have them with you at the gym, you will be able to get motivation from them to stick to good workouts.

They can also motivate you to join healthy eating plans with them. 

With their help and encouragement, you will get to shop for healthy foods, learn how to cook healthy meals, and stick to the healthy food timetables.

Since they are particular about your health and mental state, they can also have fun with you while staying active. 

This is different from a full-blown exercise where you have to go to the gym. 

They can keep you active by taking you to volleyball or football matches.

They Can Help You Cope With Stress 

When you make friends as a depressed person, they can help you reduce stress as they will initiate ways to make you happy and forget the things causing you stress.

Having fun with your good friends can ensure that you will get happy and forget all your negative thoughts. 

They may take you on playful adventures or enjoyable activities and help you feel good about yourself.

Similarly, they can listen to your worries and stress-filled stories, helping you calm down and consoling you. 

When you have people that understand and listen to you when stressed, it's a sure way to help alleviate your stress.

Also, they can make you laugh through their private jokes. 

Since laughter is a great medicine that helps reduce stress, you will enjoy your friends' attempts to make you laugh and have your stress stripped off.

They Can Improve Your Mental Health 

Understanding that your mental health can be safeguarded by the efforts of friends in your life should motivate you to make friends as a depressed person.

Your friends can help you improve your mental health by listening to all your talks about your feelings, allowing you to feel heard and cared for.

Similarly, them accepting who you are can help you live a healthier mental life because you have a tribe of people who take you as you are.

With the friends in your life, you can enhance your mental health through their abilities to help you take breaks and do some exciting things. 

Engaging in various activities together can help make you happy and get used to positive moments.


Even though depression hits very hard, if you have friends, you can handle the effects of depression and get back to your usual self quickly.

To motivate yourself to make friends as a depressed person, you can consider the benefits such as your friends pushing you to be your best, building your self-confidence, encouraging healthy habits in you, helping you cope with stress, and improving your mental health.


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