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Have you ever needed to know how to calm anxiety naturally? Medications are not for everyone. Additionally, most drugs don't offer relief right away. The focus of holistic approaches to mental health issues, such as anxiety, has recently receive...
  1.   July 30th, 2022
  2.   Anxiety
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Do you have consummate love in your marriage? Most everyone is in love or has been in love once before. One problem, though, is many of us don't know what true love is. Also, there is no actual set-in-stone definition of what love is. However, one ps...
The task of recovery can seem less daunting if you follow the steps to recovery from alcoholism. If you've considered that you might have an addiction to alcohol that's causing you distress at work or with your family, you've already taken the first ...
  1.   June 13th, 2022
  2.   Addiction
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Can spirituality in addiction recovery be difficult for some people to grasp early on?So often, religion has let people down.It was either because an influential person in the church abused their position or because they prayed to God to remove cance...
  1.   June 11th, 2022
  2.   Addiction
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Do you know that bipolar disorder vs. borderline personality disorder mood swings look interchangeable?Because many mental health disorders share some of the same characteristics, misdiagnosis is common. Unfortunately, some people do not tell their t...
  1.   June 2nd, 2022
  2.   Bipolar Disorder
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