New Name for Sobriety Center in Colorado Springs

New Name for Sobriety Center in Colorado Springs

Serenity Recovery Connection, which trains peer support coaches to help people maintain sobriety from alcohol and drugs, has changed its name from Springs Recovery Connection.

The organization has also moved into a much larger office where a community recovery center is taking shape.

The center will provide services such as mental health counseling, medical guidance, job services, legal assistance, nutrition advice, yoga classes, and other services for clients.

Here's why it's important to support those suffering from addiction. 

Available Addiction Counselors in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Needs Support for Addiction

If you live in Colorado Springs, chances are you or someone you know has been affected by addiction. It's an issue that touches all of us, and one that we need to come together to support those suffering. Here are three reasons why it's important to support those suffering from addiction in Colorado Springs.

1). Addiction is a disease.

Addiction is a disease, plain and simple. It's not something that someone can just "snap out of." It requires professional help and support from loved ones. There are many resources available in Colorado Springs to get help, and we should be supporting those who are trying to get better.

2. Addiction affects us all.

Addiction doesn't discriminate. It doesn't matter how old you are, what race you are, or what socioeconomic group you come from. Addiction can affect anyone, and that's why we need to support those who are suffering.

3. Addiction is preventable.

Addiction is preventable, but only if we work together to support those who are struggling. By coming together as a community, we can provide resources and support to those who need it most. We can make a difference in the fight against addiction in Colorado Springs.

The Consequences of Addiction and What We Can Do

So what can we do to help those suffering from addiction in Colorado Springs?

For starters, we need to continue to support the organizations and programs that are already making a difference. 

These include places like Serenity Recovery Connection which offers treatment for those struggling with addiction.

We also need to do more to raise awareness about addiction and its consequences. 

Too often, addiction is seen as something that only affects people who are "weak" or "moral failures." 

But the reality is that addiction can happen to anyone. 

By destigmatizing addiction and opening up dialogue about it, we can help more people get the help they need. 

How to Get on the Path to Recovering from Addiction

Step 1. Understand that addiction is a disease.

The first step to recovery is understanding that addiction is a disease. Just like any other disease, addiction can be treated and managed. However, it is important to understand that addiction is chronic, which means that it can never be cured. Instead, it must be managed on an ongoing basis.

Step 2. Seek professional help.

If you are struggling with addiction, it is important to seek professional help. Addiction is a complex disease that requires the expertise of a trained professional in order to be effectively treated. There are many different types of treatment available, so it is important to find a program that will meet your unique needs.

Step 3. Join a support group.

Another important step in recovery is joining a support group. Support groups provide an invaluable resource for those in recovery as they offer emotional and practical support. There are many different types of support groups available, so it is important to find one that meets your needs.

Step 4. Make lifestyle changes.

In order to recover from addiction, it is necessary to make lifestyle changes. This may include changes such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding triggers that may cause you to relapse. It is important to make these changes gradually so that you do not become overwhelmed or discouraged.

Step 5. Take medications as prescribed.

If you are taking medication for your addiction, it is important to take it exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Medication can be an effective tool in recovery, but it must be used correctly in order to be safe and effective.

Step 6. Attend therapy sessions regularly.

Therapy can be an integral part of recovery from addiction. In therapy, you will work with a therapist to address the underlying causes of your addiction and develop coping skills for dealing with triggers and cravings.


Addiction is a disease that affects us all. It's important to come together as a community to support those who are suffering from addiction in Colorado Springs.

By providing resources and support, we can make a difference in the fight against addiction.

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