Clinical Supervision

for Mental Health Professionals

Together we can accomplish great things!  Therapy is an inherently private undertaking, with no managers or direct supervisors. Instead, trainee therapists and therapists seeking additional insight from colleagues use clinical supervision to sharpen their skills.


"Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you!"

WOW! I am so excited to be on this journey with you in earning your licensure. I am passionate about my work, helping people and working with a caseload that includes clinical supervisees. Collaborating with another clinician is exciting because one ...
Working toward licensure can feel both exciting and daunting. It would be an honor to help you through that process so you can feel as confident and prepared as possible.  My supervisory style is heavily focused on self-care, countertransference...
Our work as mental health professionals aiding individuals through life struggles and growth is a great honor, both challenging and rewarding. I believe we provide the best services to our clients when we are well-informed on evidence-based practices...
It is a privilege to come alongside clients as they journey towards healing and wholeness and it is an equally unique privilege to come alongside therapists as they transition from learning about therapy to putting into practice the knowledge they've...
Being a therapist comes with a lot of unique opportunities: being trusted with the stories of others, getting invited on journeys of change and growth, and walking alongside our clients as they celebrate achieving their goals.  It also comes wit...
I strongly value collaborative relationships and know what it is like to not always have a supervisor that you jive with on all points. I believe that through my own experiences with both seamless and challenging supervisors, I have grown i...
The life of a therapist: safety and risk, seeing people at their best and at their worst. Knowing what it is to be both human and humane. Most especially, being continually amazed at people's capacity to grow, and the strengths in the challenges they...
I am excited that you are considering taking the next step in your journey toward becoming a licensed professional with me as your supervisor. I have found in my own personal experience that having a supervisor who is invested in my growth, knowledge...


Affordable fees to kickstart your professional career!

Non-Employed Candidates

$120 /hr

  • Candidates not employed by Overcomers Counseling receive supervision at $120/hr.

Therapists have an ethical duty to protect their clients’ best interests and provide quality therapy. Doing so can prove difficult when you’re learning. Clinical supervision allows you to learn by doing, without risking harm to your clients or treating them as guinea pigs.

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