The Basic Needs of a Child For Great Mental Well-Being

The Basic Needs of a Child For Great Mental Well-Being

Children are the beauties of this world, the apples of our eyes.

But, how will these beauties grow without cracks in their mental well-being?

If there is no support for children, how will they become functional adults? 

They will need to be provided with some things, and you need to know these basic needs of a child if you want their mental well-being to turn out great.

Foremost is the love and affection which every family must give every child born into that household.

A child without love in their childhood may likely grow to lack empathy or concern for other people.

They will have stunted mental well-being.

Also, be sure to live in a safe and secure environment to protect your child from terrible environmental factors.

Before starting a family, make sure you highlight places that are filled with violence, drugs, and prostitution.

Stick to great locations.

Furthermore, your child needs to play with others to understand some things.

They can't know everything from your teachings since you will be explaining things to them from a mature perspective.

They also require the childish outlook of their peers to have all-around growth.

Explore the basic needs of a child for great mental well-being:

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Love and Affection 

Birthing a child and leaving them loveless is a terrible punishment for any child.

One of the basic needs of a child is love, and you must provide yours with this if you want them to grow to become a functioning adult with positive mental well-being.

You can show your child affection by complimenting them when they do good deeds.

Be specific with your praises and watch them become eager to do good so they may enjoy more compliments.

The constant praise will also endear your child to you because they will see you as a kind person.

Similarly, you should prioritize quality time with your kid.

Doing so will enable them to understand that despite your busy work and home schedule, you intentionally created time to spend one-on-one with them.

Such a move is an immense declaration of love, one every child would appreciate.

You can also show them love by involving them in activities around the house that they want to join.

For example, they may want to help you cook.

Even though you know they may make things slow or get things messy, allow them to help out.

However, make sure you put them in safe, manageable tasks.

Safe and Secure Environment 

The basic needs of a child include a safe environment to grow up in.

Your responsibility as a parent is to ensure that you raise your child in a safe neighborhood where they don't have to grow up in fear of violence or moral decadence.

Violence and immorality can cause a child's mental well-being to get distorted.

Be sure to teach them to stay away from places that encourage destructive behaviors.

They need to be in mentally safe environments if they want to grow to be mentally healthy people.

If you are in a non-secure environment, you can teach them various ways to stay safe.

Train them to avoid talking to strangers, especially those that intentionally came in your absence.

Also, they must inform you of any stranger who came in your absence so you can make sense of it.

Also, ensure you have your kid around people you trust.

When you are not with them, mandate trusted persons to help you watch them to prevent them from getting involved in the practices in the unsafe environment.

Play With Other Kids 

Children learn a lot through play, especially things they can't easily learn from an organized home.

If you want to satisfy the basic needs of a child, ensure that you include "playing with other kids" in your list.

By playing with their peers, your kid will learn how to build and maintain interpersonal relationships.

Since play is a continuous habit that generally needs other people, your child will need to invite their friends to playful activities, ensuring that they need to learn how to build relationships.

They will equally learn teamwork along the way.

Many children's games involve playing in teams against each other.

To beat the other teams and emerge victorious, there is usually a need to communicate effectively in a group, set goals, and achieve said goals.

Your child will also benefit from the sense of belonging and oneness that socialization with other kids brings.

They will feel accepted and loved by their peers, allowing them to feel happy about themself.

Adequate Nutrition 

Excellent physical health can help improve mental health.

That is why it is vital for you to include adequate nutrition as one of the basic needs of a child.

The nutrition will give them excellent physical health, resulting in improved mental well-being.

When trying to feed your kid, even if they love sugary things, be sure to tone it down.

Limit their intake of sugary things to prevent some health issues.

Instead, use milk and fruit juices in place of sugary drinks.

Similarly, you have to be conscious of their food decisions.

Don't leave their nutrition to chance; do due diligence before buying their food.

Read the nutritional information on their food packs and see if the food will benefit their bodies.

If you are confused about anything, talk to your child's pediatrician.

They have professional experience caring for children, meaning they have a broader and more reliable knowledge base than you do.

Consult them for the best advice concerning your child.

Reasonable Discipline 

Giving discipline to a child should not be considered harsh.

The degree of the discipline will determine if it's harsh or not.

Discipline is one of the basic needs of a child, and even though they don't want it, it's beneficial for their mental well-being.

Raising a child without discipline will lead to a child without morals and values since the proper ones were not instilled in them.

You have to tell your children what you expect from them and show them these values in your way.

You should also provide them with consequences for their bad behavior.

Doing this will show them you frown on such behavior and want them to change quickly.

Your consequences can take any form, but ensure they are reasonable without subjecting your child to abuse.

Furthermore, it's essential that you reward them when they follow your values correctly and do good things.

This is a subset of discipline, which involves reinforcing good behavior so they won't see any gain in bad behavior anymore.


If you want to support your child and help them grow with functional and positive mental well-being, you have to provide them with the basic needs of a child. 

These needs include love and affection, a safe and secure environment, playing with others, adequate nutrition, and discipline.


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