Techniques to Get Your Child Involved in Sports

Techniques to Get Your Child Involved in Sports

Running laps around the field, tackling opponents, celebrating with teammates, and strategizing how to win are not only beneficial for a child's physical health.

They also help with their mental well-being, and you should get your child involved in sports if you want them to have great all-around well-being.

The first step in providing support to your child for sports is helping them move their body early.

It may take about ten months for them to start walking, but from this age, you should begin incorporating movement in their everyday activities.

When they eventually become old enough to coordinate their body parts to a passable degree, you should start building their love for sports through fun.

You can start throwing balls at them and encouraging them to throw back at you without pressure.

Once they start sports, you can make them maintain their love for sports by attending their sporting activities.

Kids value their parents' attention and support, and your child will be excited to have you at their race or match.

Learn the various ways to get your child involved in sports:

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Help Them Move Early 

Building coordination skills is essential before a child begins sports.

You should help them build these skills at home if you want to get your child involved in sports.

The better their body coordination, the easier sports will come to them, and the more they will enjoy them.

Once they start walking, you can help them move better with different movement ideas.

You can put their favorite toy in an observable place away from them.

Seeing their toy from a far distance will prompt them to walk over there and pick it up by themself.

You can also use the staircase idea where you show them something of interest down the stairs.

They will be forced to come down, allowing them to hone their skill better.

Ensure you are always within reach when practicing this method to prevent injury.

Also, you may introduce a balloon game. Inflate the balloon and tie it.

Then have it float and create rules around what body parts to use while making it remain midair.

Your child will develop a better mastery of their body coordination skills by trying to control the movement of the balloon.

Make Sports Fun 

If your child isn't enjoying sports, they will likely stop playing them even if you like them

Thus, to get your child involved in sports, you have to make it fun for them.

That way, your child will have something to look forward to every time they want to go and play.

You can make it fun by focusing only on the activity and the laughter that comes with it.

Avoid making it seem like a replica of their classroom where they are focused on results.

You should focus on the process instead.

Similarly, you can try to make mini-games out of the process.

Instead of just having one outcome, which may be success or failure, you can have multiple results where your child is bound to win some.

This will help them enjoy the game since they also won.

You can even invite your partner to a sporting game alongside you and your child.

This will make it more fun for the child because both parents are involved.

Children love to play with their parents as it reduces the seriousness factor of whatever they are doing.

Be at Their Sporting Activities 

Children generally rely on their parents for emotional and physical support.

This is normal since parents brought them into this world and should care for them.

Such emotional support extends to presence at sporting activities, and parents should fulfill this duty.

If you desire to get your child involved in sports, it's crucial that you create time to attend your child's sporting events.

Be it a race, football match, swimming competition, or badminton match, be sure to be present.

Your presence will invigorate your child immensely and let them go all out because they know you are there to protect them if anything happens.

Also, they will bond more with you over the game because you were there to see it all happen.

Understandably, work conditions may prevent you from attending all their sporting events.

It is vital that you share this with your child, allowing both of you to decide on the most important ones that you can attend.

Introduce Them to Various Sports 

Engaging in various activities is a privilege that allows a child to pick the most suitable option for them.

If you desire to get your child involved in sports, it is vital that you introduce them to various sports as it will allow them to sample them and make their choice.

If you only introduce them to your favorite sport, it may shock you when they tell you they are no more interested in sports.

Your favorite sport may be too bothersome and stressful for them because of the rules or physical requirements.

For example, your child may not like that tennis only permits using hands.

The sound options for a child like that would be soccer and American football, but they wouldn't know this because you only introduced them to tennis.

Furthermore, introducing them to all sports will aid their all-round knowledge, enabling them to know about the different sports.

That way, they can converse with sportspersons across different sports and gain more exposure to the sport.

Be a Shining Example 

When you desire to get your child involved in sports, you need to assume the role of an example.

Your child needs to piggyback on someone's enthusiasm for sports, and that person has to be you till they see a passionate coach or senior team member.

To be a shining example for them, you must be knowledgeable about sports.

You need to be able to stand your own when they ask you questions about various things in sports.

You should also be able to weave beautiful tales about memorable events in sports.

Moreover, you should engage in personal sporting activities that your child can see.

You may practice boxing thrice weekly at the local gym or play soccer every Saturday at the local field.

Seeing your sporting activities will motivate your child also to get involved.

Also, as a role model, you must be able to talk to motivate them with your words.

When they come home sad or hurt because of a game, you should be able to make them calm down before going on to tell them about how things can be better next time.


Sports can help improve your child's mental well-being through the mental resilience, practical communication skills, and positive mindset they offer.
If you desire to get your child involved in sports, you should support them by helping them move early, making sports fun, being at their sporting activities, introducing them to various sports, and being a shining example.


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