5 Ways Your Child is Getting Around Parental Controls and How to Stop Them

5 Ways Your Child is Getting Around Parental Controls and How to Stop Them

Children are usually very tech-savvy.

Even though you only want to protect the mental well-being of your child, your child might still bypass your parental control methods.

Don't relent on giving your child support, there are other ways your child is getting around parental controls and how to stop them.

It is possible your child is getting around parental controls because your child is aware of your password.

Try to ensure you have complex passwords on your devices.

Also, consider using a 2-factor verification authentication security.

Several VPNs can bypass your parental control measures.

If your child is getting around parental controls through VPNs, consider putting your parental control restriction on the app itself.

Another possible solution would be to uninstall or delete any VPN app on your gadget or your child's gadgets.

Restricting the websites and apps on your child's device is an effective parental control mechanism.

Unfortunately, it is still possible that your child is getting around your parental controls.

This might be through the use of other people's WIFI, including neighbors and friends.

Find out how your child is getting around parental controls and how to stop them below:

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Strengthen Your Passwords 

A password is an effective way to control your child's access to tech devices.

It is a vital parental control device.

This is why it is one of the ways your child will try to get around parental access.

Your child might be observant enough to learn your password by carefully watching you.

It is also possible to brute force your password if your child can guess what your password is.

Another common way to access your password is through your phone, your child might go through your phone to change password settings.

Consider if your child is getting around parental controls with access to your password if you notice changes to the device settings.

Some children are clever enough to try to hide their access to your password.

This might include deleting messages that would notify you of a new sign-in.

To prevent your child from getting around parental controls, consider the use of a 2-factor authentication system.

This will require a message to your mobile device and your password to sign into your parental control app, email, or mobile device.

Also, try to use passwords that your child cannot easily guess.

Control VPNs

VPN is essentially the use of an alternative server to connect to the internet.

It is capable of hiding the identity of the user of the VPN.

This can be how your child is getting around parental controls.

All your child would need to bypass your parental control is a connection to a VPN provider.

Several VPN providers offer free services with speed restrictions.

It can be very easy for your child to use VPNs.

Even major tech companies cannot detect the user's identity, which means that even your parental control measures might struggle.

VPN can also encrypt your child's search history, making it difficult to monitor internet use.

You can address your child's VPN use by deleting any strange app you see on your child's device or your device.

You can also restrict the app on your child's device.

This way, even though your child connects to a VPN, there is no way to access the app on the phone without a password.

Restrict Certain Websites 

An efficient parental control measure is to restrict particular websites on your WIFI router.

However, children are so clever when they want to get their way.

It is possible your child is getting around parental controls on your Wi-Fi by using other connections to the internet.

It is possible for your child to use your neighbor's Wi-Fi connection.

This connection is unlikely to have the same restrictions your Wi-Fi has.

The Wi-Fi broadcast might overlap between you and your neighbor's house.

Alternatively, your child could use a friend's mobile device that isn't managed by a parental control app.

There is also the option of using public Wi-Fi.

Essentially, your child might search for other Wi-Fi networks to use.

This method of bypassing your parental control can be blocked by using multiple parental control measures.

For instance, you can combine restricting apps and websites on your child's devices with restrictions on your Wi-Fi router.

Discussing the system risks of connecting to multiple Wi-Fi routers might also deter your child.

Use a Parental Control App

Your child might discover that when you delete and reinstall an app, the parental control on the app will have to be reactivated.

This same trick can be used when a device is restored to the factory setting.

This might be the way your child is getting around parental controls.

By deleting and reinstalling an app or restoring your device to the faculty setting, you will also be unable to check the screen usage statistics.

This might give you the impression that your child is complying with parental control restrictions.

This method of bypassing your parental control might seem foolproof, but you can still address this.

Using a parental control app, you can stop this method of avoiding your parental control.

The app will still reveal your child's phone's actual screen time usage.

Using a parental control app, you can create a user account for your child.

If you are the only person with an admin account, your child will be unable to make changes to the device.

Also, consider creating a different password for the App Store or Google Play store.

This way, your child will be unable to redownload the apps.

Minimize Device Usage

One of the best and easiest ways to restrict your child's use of devices is to take the device.

Without the device, your child has nothing to use to bypass parental control.

This could be a measure of last resort if your child is particularly effective at bypassing your other parental control measures.

However, even this method can be bypassed by a child.

It is possible your child is getting around parental controls by sneaking around to take the seized device or old family device. 

Your child might even ask a friend for an old phone.

Sometimes your child can grow reliant on devices.

This is when it is even more critical to help your child wane off any device.

At this point, it might be better to discuss with your child and try to educate your child.

Alternatively, try to keep track of all the devices in your house.

Regularly check your child's room for any devices.

You can be observant to detect if there is any strange device connected to your Wi-Fi.


Parental controls can help protect the mental well-being of your child. 

However, your child might disagree with this and bypass parental control measures. 

To provide your children with support, you need to find out how your child is getting around parental controls and how you can stop them in the following ways: by getting access to your passwords, using VPNs, using other Wi-Fi Connections, deleting the apps, or resetting the device to factory settings and lastly by using other devices or sneaking around with their device.


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