How to Get Some Rest as an Autistic Child's Parent

One of the challenges related to autism is getting rest as an autistic child's parent. When we haven't gotten enough rest, it's common for us to experience irritability throughout the day. If your aut...

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How Fine Arts Can Help Autistic People in Their Mental Well-Being

For many years, therapy for autism has positively impacted patients, resulting in enhanced abilities and diminished symptoms. Art therapy is an avenue more people are trying out because it provides a ...

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How to Deal with An Angry Autistic Person

The difficulties an autistic person encounters daily may lead to feelings of frustration and anger. While some autistic people express anger in a calm and healthy way, others might struggle to do so a...

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5 Positives of Autism

Many find it easier to overlook the positives of autism and instead recognize the difficulties associated with being on the autism spectrum. Although certain activities that appear to come effortlessl...

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How to Remain a Positive Friend for Your Autistic Buddy

People's social and emotional growth is typically aided by their relationships with others. Even more significantly, positive relationships can improve a person's physical and mental well-being. Showi...

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5 Ways to Know if Your Coworker is Autistic

Many adults with autistic spectrum disorder live successful, productive, and fulfilled life. In fact, many autistic individuals exhibit extraordinary talents, making them highly valuable employees and...

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The Benefits of Free Time for an Autistic Child

By all accounts, children with autism often face difficulty understanding and navigating the world around them. However, providing leisure time makes the difference. Engaging in fun, enjoyable, and in...

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Thoughtful Ways to Support a Grieving Autistic Person

Life is full of hurdles, and unfortunately, a person might experience the death of a loved one, job loss, divorce, long-term illness, and other challenging situations which may cause grief. During thi...

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How To Keep An Autistic Person Safe Online

Internet use has many benefits and risks for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A person with autism spectrum disorder is at a higher risk of internet abuse/addiction and cyberbullying. Howev...

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5 Possible Eating Disorders of Autistic People

Anyone can develop eating disorders after a long period of having an unhealthy relationship with food. However, autistic people are more vulnerable to developing certain eating disorders due to sensor...

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