How to Live Your Best Life Despite Autism

Can you live your best life despite autism? The simple answer is yes. Some persons on the autism spectrum have happy, successful lives, but others struggle and are limited in their potential because t...

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5 Stimming Behaviors of Autistic Persons

Stimming is another word for repetitive self-stimulating behaviors. Stimming is most associated with autistic people as it can be therapy for autism. Therapy, in this sense, means that using stimming ...

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How to Enjoy a Merry Christmas With an Autistic Person

Christmas can be a joyous and fun time with your friends and family. However, it can be difficult to enjoy a merry Christmas with an autistic person due to all the traditional Christmas habits. You ca...

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How to Remain an Optimistic Parent for Your Autistic Child

Raising an autistic child is very challenging for most parents. It is normal to struggle with pessimism at some points. However, it is important to remain an optimistic parent for your autistic child....

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5 Effective Ways to Make Your Autistic Child More Flexible

Autistic children often struggle with matters that involve flexibility. Rather than reacting in a flexible manner, your child might become anxious. Teaching how to make your autistic child more flexib...

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How Gardening Can Aid Autism Management

Autism sometimes makes it challenging for people on the spectrum to maximize the quality of their life.  Autism management focuses on methods to ensure autistic people live their lives to their f...

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How to Embrace the Interests of an Autistic Child

A common trait of autistic people is usually a very strong interest that borders on obsessions. The interests of an autistic child could range from trains, animals, and stars, to computers. Support fo...

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Effective Methods to Ease Your Autistic Child's Transition into Adulthood

Transitions can be challenging for those with autism spectrum disorders and their families. An abrupt schedule or lifestyle change, such as starting school, graduating, or starting a new career, can b...

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How An Autistic Person Can Manage Their Emotions Better

Emotions can be difficult to navigate for all people. For people with autism, it goes from difficult to very challenging. Support for autism should involve how an autistic person can manage their emot...

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5 Calming Strategies to Help with Autism

For people with autism, there are several things that can cause extreme emotional reactions. Although it is possible to manage some of the triggers, there are times when you need calming strategies to...

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