Tools to Survive Emotional Abuse From a Narcissist

Narcissistic abuse is a type of abuse where a narcissistic person uses manipulation to gain control over other people. This often leads to a harmful environment that is characterized by emotional, psy...

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5 Common Lies of Narcissists

In a world where true connections are treasured, there exist peculiar individuals who excel in the art of deception. Generally, people with manipulative personalities often engage in a lot of lying an...

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Benefits of Therapy for Narcissists

Have you come across a person who believes that everything revolves around them, and they consistently crave validation and attention? If yes, chances are, you are dealing with a narcissist. Narcissis...

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Stages of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Undoubtedly, overcoming and recovering from narcissistic abuse is quite difficult and challenging. Narcissists most times tend to be emotionally, verbally, physically, and sexually abusive towards oth...

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Ways to Avoid Raising a Narcissist

In a world that sometimes seems obsessed with selfies, social media fame, and endless self-promotion, it's important for parents to navigate the delicate path of raising empathetic individuals. While ...

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5 Tips for Narcissists to Build Self-Esteem

Self-esteem reflects our self-perception. It is an important part of who we are and how we think other people see us. However, narcissistic people tend to have fragile and easily deflated self-esteem....

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Signs You Have Narcissistic Victim Syndrome

Emotional or verbal abuse is often associated with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). They use tactics, including gaslighting, silent treatment, and passive aggression, to cause confusion, self-...

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How To Survive Narcissistic Parents

Growing up with narcissistic parents can be very overwhelming for anyone. Parents are supposed to be there to nurture and guide their children as they grow older, but with narcissistic parents, there ...

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5 Ways to Set Boundaries With a Narcissist

Dealing with and having relations with a narcissist can be a lot. It is probably easier to avoid narcissists. This may not be possible as they could be your family members like your spouse, parents or...

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Effective Strategies for Disarming a Narcissist

Learning how to shut down a narcissist is necessary if you have one around you. They are typically self-involved and self-absorbed and tend to ignore other people's feelings. Interacting with a narcis...

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