Bible Verses About Loss and Grief

Death is an inevitable part of life. Losing a loved one can be extremely difficult, often causing mental, emotional, and even physical trauma. Grief over the loss of someone close to you can make dail...

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Bible Verses on Forgiveness and Healing

Nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes. And when we do, everybody wants to be forgiven. God is love and forgives all wrongdoing. God wants all people to forgive others, and in doing so be healed....

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Bible Verses About Counseling

Christian counseling is a valuable and rewarding way to seek advice, and begin the healing process. The Bible has much to offer concerning mental, emotional, and spiritual health. A licensed professio...

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What the Bible Says About Anger

Understanding what the Bible says about anger is an essential first step to dealing with anger issues. Unchecked anger is often a destructive influence in your life. Anger issues can poison your perso...

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5 Tenets of Professional Christian Counseling

Are you wondering if professional Christian counseling services require professional training?

Yes, you require some training to become a professional Christian counselor.

Nonetheless, Christian counseling is not just an occupation; it is a calling.

The Lord wants to use trained professionals to speak the truth to His people.

Having the knowledge and the understanding of the world we live in can be done perfectly by only a professional Christian counselor because they are confident in being the voice of the saving message of Christ.
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How To Find Affordable Christian Counseling Near Me

Challenges are part of life's baggage. No one is immune and everyone needs help. But how can I get an affordable Christian counseling service when I need one? When faced with challenges, seek help fro...

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Christian Counseling Services: Difference Between Biblical Counseling And Christian Counseling

Are you curious about Christian counseling services and what it entails?  Here is what you should expect when signing up for any counseling. If you're looking for Christian counseling services, y...

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What Are the Basic Principles of Christian Counseling at Christian Counseling Centers?

Pondering the basic principles of Christian counseling at Christian Counselling Centers? This article answers all the questions you may have. Amidst deep life troubling events ranging from personal li...

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Can Christians Have Depression? 5 Steps To Decrease Depression

Can Christians have depression?  Christians can experience depression just as easily as someone who does not proclaim to be a Christian.  The complexity of depression can overwhelm and even ...

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Laughter, Is It All That It Is Cracked Up To Be?

Laughter, Is it all that it is cracked up to be?  People always hear, Laughter is the best medicine, yet did one ever wonder, is it really?  Well, It is true, laughter arouses your body to r...

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